Detroit Techno Artists and Ford Fusion Lay Down Some Beats

By Ryan M.

In today’s realm of popular music, we know that it’s commonplace for artists to sample sounds from a variety of different sources. Be it other current musicians, mega-hits from the ‘80s or even pulling sound bytes from famous YouTube videos.

But Detroit-area techno artists Joshua Harrison, Keith Kemp and Tom Newman, worked with Ford to get the opportunity to do something special. They were given free reign to sample sounds from the all-new 2013 Ford Fusion in order to lay down some original electronic music, just in time for Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF), which was held in Hart Plaza over the 2012 Memorial Day weekend on downtown Detroit’s riverfront.

The guys recorded samples of everything they could, including doors slamming, windshield wipers swishing, wheels spinning and everything in between. Once they were sure they had everything that they needed, they took the sounds back to their studios and started leveraging them to create unique tracks with the Fusion starring as a lead instrument.

What came out of the project were three powerful recordings that turned everyday, seemingly ubiquitous car sounds into something beautiful, aurally pleasing and wholly Detroit techno.

The level and detail of sound quality, as well as time spent engineering everything from the definitive thumps of closing doors, to the simple yet attention-yielding chimes of the 2013 Ford Fusion, no doubt lent themselves to the ease of synergy with the talent of these three Detroit-bred musicians.

It is truly another remarkable way that man and machine together can produce unexpected harmonies in ways never of thought of before.

To hear all of the tracks and see the behind-the-scenes photos and video, visit the Ford Fusion Facebook page .
Zuher Abas 06/04/2012
i has 3 fords trak 2006 i cann't trust to used them on the rwod as son i using the regnsy sper parts and engen's oil
John Hajder 06/03/2012
The hands free tire coming off while your driving!!!!
Kike Villa 06/01/2012
The hands-free liftgate
Matthew Coon 06/01/2012
i dont produce techno but we should throw down some beats...Detroit local
Gray Paholke 06/01/2012
Jo Rice 06/01/2012
You betcha, anytime, Carl.