Can You Spot the Ford Employees in this Art?

By Tori T.

You can tell that employees are proud of their work – and a company is proud of its employees –when their faces are what makes up the face of a new product. How often does that happen!? At Ford, the faces of Fusion have been translated into a massive mosaic created entirely from photos of the 2,700 employees who worked on the Fusion, each posing with the car to celebrate its official launch. The mosaic was then turned into a building wrap on the side of the Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn. So who are the faces of Fusion? Meet a few:

Gary Braddock, Interior Designer, Ford Fusion: How do you make an interior look expensive but not give customers sticker shock? Gary and his team knew the interior materials and surface finishes needed to be comforting and bright, and did things like use metallic finishes on the door, center console and instrument panel.

Judy Curran, Vehicle Line Director: Judy is well aware that after a home, a customer’s other most pricey purchase is a vehicle. She helps ensure that when you’re spending this kind of money, the process is satisfying.

Mahendra Dassanayake, Lighting Technical Specialist: Mahendra mixes lighting and technology; you might just say he sees the light. This includes how light may affect a vehicle’s interior, what materials cause reflection and how light may change textures.

Chris Hamilton, Chief Exterior Designer, Ford Fusion: Chris and crew knew they had to make the new Fusion an eye-catcher, but they also wanted customers to have an emotional connection and know the car was a sensible choice for them.

Greg Johnson, Powertrain Engineering Manager, Ford Fusion: Ask Greg his favorite part of the new Fusion and, no surprise, it's the powertrain! But that's because it's a huge accomplishment he and his team executed, engineering a car that's spirited while maintaining awesome fuel economy.

John Jraiche, Chief Program Manager, Ford Fusion: John and his team tuned the Fusion to be a driver’s car, while remaining the fun-to-drive sedan every customer expects. Ride and handling coupled with vehicle dynamics are key to the Fusion's driving attributes.

Scott Makowski, Ford Global I-4 Programs Manager: No V-6? There's some pressure when you’re taking away an engine associated with power, but Scott and his engineers created a potent, fuel-efficient four-cylinder that is worthy of stepping into those shoes.

Gil Portalatin, Hybrid Systems Application Manager: Among Gil’s responsibilities? Ensuring that the great package that is the Fusion remains just that as a hybrid model, merging advanced technology with luxury – seamlessly.

Barb Whalen, Color & Materials Designer: Barb lives for customer feedback, and you can't do that unless you're confident in your product. She and her team deal with interior and exterior designs and how color and materials speak to customers.

Adrian Whittle, Chief Engineer, Ford Fusion: Adrian says his engineering team's goal with the Fusion was holistic – it needed to not only look good but to feel good. This also meant augmenting the driver's senses with sensing technologies, assisting driver's with the most advanced systems possible.
Richard F 12/27/2012
Picture is like a blanket that was crochet from a ball of yarn forming the blanket. Each link that is woven of yarn is what makes the blanket strong and durable. When I look at this picture I don't see yarn I see people who are woven and linked to gather forming a pure fact Ford Fusion. It just takes one weak leank. I showed you the Ford employees you show me the weak leank.
Doug S 12/27/2012
Never cared for wagons, Not even Fords.
how about a fusion wagon?ford was always famous for its wagons!
Can You Spot the Ford Employees in this Art?
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