Bipartisan Endorsement of Ford Hybrid Vehicles

By Ford Social Member

While Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on much, President Barack Obama and Arizona Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain have both acknowledged Ford hybrid technology in recent weeks.

According to USA Today , Sen. McCain took delivery of a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid on June 16. The silver sedan replaces McCain’s 2004 Cadillac CTS. Just a few days before McCain purchased the car through Ourisman Ford Lincoln Mercury in Alexandria, Va., he tweeted, “Time to get a new car – decided on the Ford Fusion Hybrid.” You can read the full article in USA Today by clicking here.

From left to right in the photo are Ms. Lou King, general manager of Ourisman; Daniel Korengold, owner of Ourisman; Sen. McCain and Republican South Carolina U.S. Sen. Lindsay Graham.

Fuel economy of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is an EPA-estimated 41 city/36 hwy mpg. Actual mileage will vary.

Last month, the political nod to Ford came from President Obama. At the end of a speech announcing the signing of a bill that effectively raises the gas-mileage standard, President Obama came back to the microphone to tell the crowd that he has a Ford Hybrid Escape back in Chicago, and it runs great.

The 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid achieves an EPA-estimated 34 city/31 hwy mpg. Actual mileage will vary.
fbeen 08/06/2009
You folks need to get your heads out of your XXXXX. Chrysler, GM as well as Ford form the only large, American owned manufacturing base this country has left. The bailout was about preserving this. Our country's security does not rely on pure capitalism (whicn doesn't exist) and blind market forces.

Keep in mind that to supply our troops in Iraq with sufficient ammo, the U.S. has to rely not only on American companies but also a Canadian company.
Paul 07/01/2009
Ford makes an outstanding car, went Ford exclusive about 20 years ago, have owned many, my current 2006 Ford 500 is the best yet, have over 114,000 miles and going strong......keep up the good work!! Thank you for NOT Taking Taxpayer Money to run your business...... I say buy a Ford you'll love the experience, buy Ford Stock and be a part of a winning attitude.
Jorge 06/26/2009
I am very proud to be a FORD owner. At 27, I am driving my 3rd FORD (05 F150 LARIAT). In HS i dove a 94 Mustang (GREAT CAR) and then moved to a roomier 2000 TAURUS (sold it with 100k miles withouth one mechanical problem to get my F150). When people start talking about cars, I ALWAYS get the to look at the different FORD products and they are ALWAYS blown away by the new vehicles. Most recently i took my friend to look at the 09 FUSION, it was love at first sight. She has had her car for a month and cannot stop telling me how much she loves it. Cant wait for the NEW TAURUS to come out, will be doing some car shoping again, but I will be keeping my F150 for a LONG time, after all its BUILT FORD TOUGH.
Mike Daniels 06/26/2009

Thanks for not taking bailout money. it sends a message that you are serious about your future. I was looking at the web site and wonder when you will offer Ford version of the V6 TDI in the explorer and F150. this could offer real world towing and hauling and better everyday fuel economy.
Robert Powell 06/25/2009
Hey Ford What About CNG?
America has an abundent supply of Natural Gas here in the US. Why don't you support our efforts to get off forign oil by building some CNG vehicles.
By the way I am a Multi Ford/Lincoln owner past, Present, and ?Future?
Frank Mancuso 06/23/2009
Do we really want to fuel our cars from our mountain tops?
sharon 06/23/2009
I completed my first Toyota to Ford to conversion yesterday. A friend who is a long time Cambry owner bought a 2010 Ford Fusion. One down, 2 million to go.
Bruce 06/21/2009
Way to go FORD!!! You can't imagine how many times I have 'sold' Ford vehicles to others, and I don't sell cars for a living. I for one will not... I repeat NOT purchase any foreign nameplate vehicle, that eliminates Fiat/Chrysler right away. And I don't like the way GM has abandoned so many 3rd,4th and even 5th generation family owned Dealerships, so I won't be darkening their doors either.

Saving up for a downpayment on a 2010 F150 4x4 right now!

Roonie 06/21/2009
We have two Mercury Grand Marquis mine is a 2007 (used for work - 1000 miles last week!) my wife has a 1995 which is her baby. Thanks for being creative and not needing bailout $$$. We're Ford (Mercury) all the way ....Henry would be PROUD of you guys & gals. Job 1.
Joe Friedman 06/21/2009
Just want to say I"ve been driving Mercurys for about 11 years and really like them. We have a Grand Marquis and can't say I've owned a better car. I have a Ford F-150 an really like it also. I'm only going to buy Ford products from now on especially since you didn't take "bail-out" money. Keep up the great work Ford. I hope you become the No.1 car company in the WORLD!!!!
Patrick Rosshirt 06/20/2009
Why can't someone produce a list of all vechiles and the true gas mileage for each vechile.
David 06/19/2009
I Love Ford right now, strong. plus FOX news bringing it to the people
Bipartisan Endorsement of Ford Hybrid Vehicles
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