Be Among the First to See the New 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion Race Car

By Cole Q.

Ford is bringing the "stock car" back to NASCAR with the launch of the 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion race car.

This is a very special unveil since it will be the first of the 2013 NASCAR race cars that will bring auto maker brand identity back to the sport. The 2013 NASCAR Fusion race car will be based on the 2013 Ford Fusion production car that was revealed at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

You can be among the first to see the 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion race car by coming back to this webpage to watch the unveiling at 2:15 p.m. EST on Tuesday, January 24, 2012. We’ll host the Livesteam video from a special program that will take place at the Charlotte Motor Speedway as part of the Charlotte NASCAR media tour.

We are excited about this reveal, and what it means to the return of manufacturer identity to the sport, especially with an exciting new product like the new 2013 Ford Fusion. The 2013 NASCAR Fusion race car was worked on extensively by designers in the Ford Design Center, the first time there has been major involvement directly from the Ford design team on a NASCAR stock car since 1970. The design team helped sculpt this car with the same processes that they use to create production vehicles.

Ford Racing Director Jamie Allison will host the reveal of the 2013 NASCAR Fusion race car. Lead Ford project designer Garen Nicoghosian and NASCAR senior management, including chairman Brian France, will also be part of the program.

Ford Racing NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers and team owners will be on hand at the event to help reveal the car.
Brad Barefoot 02/22/2012
Hey Ford ! Only (1) thing is missing for the 2013 Fusion, a Sterling Grey SEL Wagon. I'm hooked on the C-Max, but still would love to see a Fusion Wagon like the British and French have.
Cheryl Headlee 01/28/2012
Looks great but I have to agree with other's comment: Don't ruin our Escape! Ben driving Escapes since 2003-Love 'em!!! Perfect size for me!
Anthony Spencer 01/25/2012
Oh look, another spec chassis race car with a Ford sticker on it.
Krzysztof Czarnecki 01/25/2012
I have been blessed to already driven the new fusion. And it a great car. The style is hidden from view. so here i got to see it for the very first time. But i already have a ton a miles on it.
Stephen Morgan 01/24/2012
Love the new look. Aggressive as a race car should be. NIce.
PLEASE do not ruin the SUV Escape!! You have the EDGE, why are you making the Escape a car?? I want my Truck Look!! I have dogs, I want the head room, I want the truck. PLEASE, I was going to purchase a 2013 Escape, but NOT now!! Please give me back my truck look!! I speak for many!!
Time to say "Fusion" name can be used for race track needs!
Dennis Costantino Jr. 01/23/2012
Rolling boring billboards guised as race cars.
Mark Sayers 01/23/2012
Yes Brent you half right the other reason was due to insurance prices
Brent Henry 01/23/2012
You can Thank the EPA for no more Boss 429s............
Mark Sayers 01/23/2012
What ever happened you race what you build ? That's how we got the Boss 429 and the talladega .
Marjorie Dalsing 01/23/2012
I have a 2012 Fusion & I love it..
Mustang vs Camaro 01/23/2012
Cant wait to see it!!
Kathleen M McCall 01/23/2012
FORD won it last year....Yah to the AMERICAN car makers!!! Bring on this years winner!
Brad Ramm Sr. 01/23/2012
Untill they go back to raceing the cars i can buy again, nascar and all the idiot fans and sponsors of can KMA!
Carl Giudici 01/23/2012
It's the "car of tomorrow". They are all the same with different stickers on em! It's nothing like the production econo box you guys sell at all!
Sean Burke 01/23/2012
T-Bird or bust
Dave Evans 01/23/2012
The only thing 'stock' about a NASCAR are the tools used to keep it running.
Franklin Field Jr. 01/23/2012
I have a 2010 Fusion/Sport AWD with the 3.5 LT .... a rocket ship by all standards .... heard something about a "TURBO" in it's future ???
Mark Sayers 01/23/2012
Does the Fusion come with a V8 ? Is it a two door ? And is it rear wheel drive ?
Mark Sayers 01/23/2012
NASCAR = national association stock car auto racing . What's stock anymore ?
Justin Serda 01/23/2012
Sounds awesome! I wish I wasn't going to be in class at this time tomorrow. Hopefully you guys will make this video available via YouTube or something similar for those of us who can't watch it live but want to see all the fanfare. Of course there will be countless articles and photos but we, Ford guys, want to see it the unveil the way it was meant to be unveiled.
Stan Stanford 01/23/2012
The 2013 fusion the only engines available for it are 4 cylinders! The new race car does from what I can see have a lot of ford lines in it.
Clayton Joscelyn 01/23/2012
They're switching to FI
Dadene Burke 01/23/2012
Can u get a fusion in light blue like in the commercial? I've never seen one .. I love it!
Clayton Joscelyn 01/23/2012
Its about time cars get back to their roots
Tom Porterfield 01/23/2012
Pretty car, but I don't care if its a Ford, a Dolt, a Prius or a Leaf. I'm not buying an electric car. Not now, not ever.
Joe Baird 01/23/2012
gotta love ford
Dave Evans 01/23/2012
Oh, you mean the race-purpose vehicle with decals on the front end where headlights and a grille would appear on a real car? How exciting. Let me know when I can order my rear-wheel drive Fusion with a carbonated V8.
Be Among the First to See the New 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion Race Car
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