A VIP Race Weekend Surprise

By Ford Social Member

Sometimes, the Ford Social Team surprises its members with a treat. So far, we’ve sent out Ford Social T-shirts for a particularly good story submission, car wash kits for sending in a picture of a particularly dirty car , and even access to industry-only trade show so they could become citizen journalists on the spot. Not a Ford Social member yet? Sign up and get involved!

The weekend of Nov. 16-18, 2012, race cars will be zooming around the track for the Ford EcoBoost® 400 at the Homestead Miami Speedway. And you might notice some very happy-looking attendees in the background: We’ll be sending a few of our Ford Social members to the race for a VIP experience that includes meet and greets with the drivers, a tour of the pits and more. It’s our way of thanking a few of our fans for their submissions to Ford Social, whether it was a picture, a story or two or just grabbing one of our racing badges .

And even for those who didn’t get surprised with the VIP weekend, Ford Social will be giving away T-shirts and stickers. QR codes on our signs at the race will help visitors learn about more of the cool things we offer on our website, including our fun racing badges. If you’re not at the race, you can still download our racing badges: We’ve got badges for Greg Biffle , Trevor Bayne , Carl Edwards and Team #43 . There's also a Ford Racing badge if you can’t decide!

Why would we bother with T-shirts or sending our fans to a VIP weekend? We just want to thank everyone for being such an important part of the family. So, stay tuned to see what happened during our VIP adventure.
mowete v 11/19/2012
i love ford auto.........
please bring back the ford ranger to America, we need it.
Lyn S 11/19/2012
I should have every badge FORD HAS. MY Father started
racing in a 32 deuce coupe. Won every race he ever entered
andpassed that thrill to me after he bought my 69 coupe with
a 390 in it. Then an 89 5.0 CV which still looks & runs like it came
off Victory Lane.Last week got 2012 Gt that is just as fast

and just as hot as the Lava Red metallic Paint job on it.
i think it would be awesome to go to a race and meet the people that race and work on and build the fusion,but i have a story and ill try to make it short.i wouldnt be able to go if i did win because i have a sickness called (panic attack disorder/with agoraphobia,which means i am limited to areas that i feel safe in without going into a panic attack,and railroads also bother me).i am the PROUD owner of a ford focus titanium 2013,thanks to our local dealer in lavalette,wv,rivercity ford.for my birthday in 2010 my husband bought me a focus se,and i loved it,later we had some very serious financial issues and although we kept the car we learned some things we didnt know.we were driving by the dealer on a saturday and a voice told me to turn into the lot,so i did.my husband asked me what i was doing and i said ,just going to look around,doesnt hurt to look,so we did.a salesperson came out and i explained out financial issues and he still wanted us to go in and apply.this during us finding the only titanium in this tri-state area,had just came in the night before.so we went in,gave our info and they wanted to know the pay-off on the 2010,i told them.the salesperson said if we wanted to wait outside we could so we did,a few minutes later the titanium came up beside us and the salesperson said for us to take it for a drive,we did,came back.he went in came back out and told us to come in and go to jeremeys office(the finiancial dealer)before all this happened though i want the world to know that i went into the bathroom and told GOD that if this was what he wanted for us in our lives right now and that we could handle it he would let it happen.well with GOD and Jeremy working for us we got the car.i started crying,jeremy wanted to know why and i told him that it was because of our financial issues that i NEVER wouldve thought that we could get the car,especially this soon.i want to thank GOD,Jeremy,Wellsfargo,and The Ford Motor Co.for allowing us to have this wonderful car and a second chance.thank you,sincerely,rebekah robinson,huntington,wv.i hope that whoever does win the trip that they have the time of their lives and appreciate what Ford has done for America and still does.
Olivia T 11/16/2012
Nice colors...racing is always better than heavy duty hunting...no freight trains. I love all the colors....that blue is definitely so you...lighten up..
How many does it take to change atire? lol GO FORD!!!
A VIP Race Weekend Surprise
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