2013 Ford Fusion Will Feature Available Fuel-Saving Auto Start-Stop System

By Cole Q.

Not only will the 2013 Ford Fusion be available with an Auto Start-Stop System, but it will be priced at only $295, making it easier for more buyers to opt for the fuel-saving technology. The new Fusion will be the first non-hybrid midsize sedan available with Auto Start-Stop.

Auto Start-Stop will be available with the new 1.6-liter EcoBoost® in the non-hybrid Fusion. When the Fusion comes to a stop, the engine can automatically switch off, consuming no gasoline and emitting no exhaust gases. As soon as the driver releases the brake pedal, the engine seamlessly re-starts and the car is ready to go by the time the driver presses the accelerator pedal.

“We expect the average Fusion driver with the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine and Auto Start-Stop will save about $1,100 more than other midsize sedan owners during five years of driving,” said Samantha Hoyt, Ford Fusion Marketing Manager. “That’s cash in their pocket and time saved with fewer trips to the pump.”

Auto Start-Stop saves fuel use when the car is standing and running at idle. Savings vary depending on driving patterns, but owners who spend most time in heavy urban areas and city traffic will benefit the most – up to 10 percent. On average, Auto Start-Stop improves fuel efficiency by about 3.5 percent.

A study by the United States Department of the Treasury estimates that congestion consumed an extra 1.9 billion gallons of fuel in 2011, approximately 5 percent of all the gasoline used. View the study at treasury.gov.


Auto Start-Stop is the latest addition to the industry leading suite of affordable, fuel saving technologies available in the new Ford Fusion, including:
  • EcoBoost engines, which combine turbocharging, direct injection and twin independent variable camshaft timing or Ti-VCT, with downsizing to deliver outstanding fuel economy without sacrificing performance.

  • Electric power steering eliminating the engine-driven hydraulic pump, lines and fluid.

  • Six-speed transmissions, which enable engines to run more efficiently by always selecting the best gear for top fuel economy.

On sale this fall, Fusion offers customers the Power of Choice with the broadest selection of fuel-efficient powertrains in the midsize car segment – two EcoBoost-powered gasoline engines, a normally aspirated four-cylinder engine, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. Fuel-economy includes:
  • 2013 Fusion 1.6-liter EcoBoost: Delivering a projected EPA-estimated 37 mpg highway

  • 2013 Fusion Hybrid: Delivering at least a projected EPA-estimated 47 mpg – 4 mpg  better than the Toyota Camry Hybrid

  • 2013 Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid: Delivering at least a projected EPA-estimated 100 MPGe-plus rating – making it the world’s most fuel-efficient midsize sedan

Visit ford.com for more information about the 2013 Ford Fusion.
Paul O 09/24/2012
How about a hatch back at least?
Gary C 08/23/2012
A Question to Ford....Why can't I order the Auto Start-Stop System with the SE Appearance Package? I like the items in the Appearance Package, but I want to maximize my gas mileage also. Why do you have to be bland to get better mileage?
Scott j 08/19/2012
It's about time Ford makes a better-styled car for the family! I was getting tired of the ugly square bodies and that gross front grill-work! European-styled cars have always looked so much better, Hyundai figured that out already....I may take a look at the Fusion....
Billy S 06/11/2012
Its going to be hard to work on with that start stop thing
Bob Grijalva 04/12/2012
When do we get to see the return of American wagons? The Mondeo wagon, found in Europe, is a beautiful vehicle. This of us who don't care for SUVs would love to see the return of wagons in this country.
Justin 04/05/2012
i want to drive one!
Jed D 04/04/2012
i really dont see this saving a noticeable amount, kinda of an annoyance IMO. Our loaner 2012 BMW 528i has this feature and honestly i hate it i always turn it off
John 04/04/2012
Is there more wear & tear on the starter/flex plate? These items not only have a life expectancy but do wear out. Will you save enough money on gas to replace a $300 starter and a $200 flex plate more often? Also, doesn't it require more gas to start an engine that it does to run for a short period of time? It's an awesome idea but I'm not sure it's really that economical.
Rob 04/03/2012
Coby if you think about it, I car stopped at a redlight and is running is getting ZERO miles to the gallon, Having a car sit at idle may seem like its using the least amount of gas, the fact is a car running that is not moving is geting ZERO MPG. Having the engine shut off with eliminate the gas WASTED by sitting there running and not moving making the gas used worth the price. THIS WILL SAVE MONEY - FACT -
Roger Bond 04/03/2012
Mr Mulally it is shameful that you have not extended the same wishes to many others like who ALSO dedicated 30+ years to FORD MOTOR COMPANY and have now lost 40% + of their pensions - for which your company now says it has NO responsibility! They will NOT enjoy happy retirements!
Rob 04/02/2012
Good move Ford !
Miguel A. Alarcon 04/02/2012
Let me tell you one thing about this car on Mazda's alternative to keep the Mazda 6 producing in North America.



Since a Ford plant has closed in Canada that plant has won plenty of quality awards in its belt and if Mazda sees a decision of what the stronger Japanese yen then.



HEVsource . 04/02/2012
At only $295, we're not sure why anyone would opt out of the Start-Stop option. It could potentially pay for itself 3 times over within the first year of ownership.
Coby Hunt 04/02/2012
Don't see how this helps with gas figured it take more gas to restart the car than just let it run a few moments at a stoplight
Jerry Fisk 04/02/2012
Bring hot dogs to cook when your volt catches on fire garry lol
Lucas R 04/02/2012
I would love to see a V6 as well. I have a 2011 Lincoln MKZ with the 3.5 and had a 2008 MKZ as well and I was a little disappointed that Ford didn't put the 3.7 in the 2011 MKZ as an upgrade from the old body style or even the 3.5 Ecoboost. Not all of us want the best fuel economy. We want a combination of both power and decent economy which either motor, whether it be the 3.7 or the 3.5 Ecoboost could deliver.
Eugene C 04/02/2012
Love my 6 yr. old fusion-cant wait til the 13 comes out.
Sunny Singhi 04/02/2012
Please bring this ftw car in India as d mondeo asap pleaseeeeeeeeee
Dan Marquardt 04/02/2012
Nick Fischer 04/02/2012
As long as the starter is easy to replace I'm down for this
Natasha At Ford 04/02/2012
Hey Mat!

The Fusion makes for an amazingly sweet ride. :) If you would like to set up a test drive, just shoot me a private message with your address, phone number, email, & your preferred time/date to test drive and I’ll set it up. :)

@ Garry - We appreciate your long-term support and hope you stay with the Ford family! Please share any suggestions and ideas on http://Social.Ford.com. As other fans like it, maybe we’ll see it in production one day.

@ Sean & Dustin – While the Fusion isn’t available in a V6, the Taurus SHO has an available 3.5L EcoBoost V6. It generates 365 hp and 350 lb.-ft. of torque, which may be more your speed. ;) Check it out: http://www.Ford.com/cars/Taurus/features/#page=Feature9.

Ford Service
Jürgen Von Der Küste 04/02/2012
Wir haben schon immer sehr gute Autos gebaut.
Osman C 04/02/2012
Clearly peope aren't reading the article right. It says it will be AVAILABLE with the 1.6 EcoBoost. Not Standard. Meaning if you don't trust the Auto-Stop tech then you simply save yourself the $295
Shawn Kalles 04/02/2012
Only one thang, someone want are 2011 fusion sport so we can have the 13,
Dustin Little 04/02/2012
I like the design but am horribly dissapointed with the engine selection there is no available v6 at least so far. But if i want a 4 door 4 cylinder i'd just get a focus. Anyone who has driven the fusion with a 6 will agree, so unless there is going to be a sport model again with a v6 option such as the 3.7 or the 3.5 ecoboost im out
Tanyss Staska 04/02/2012
Front end grill and lights I don't like. Rims are nice though.
Tanyss Staska 04/02/2012
I have a 2011 ford fusion and Iove it but think the 2013 look isn't as nice I'm not impressed with the new look and wouldn't buy it. I think it looks ugly.
Michael W 04/02/2012
It will not cut the starter time in half either. It probably uses a different type of starter. One that is built into alternator. The alternator is a big generator and when the polarity is reversed it can act as a starter.
Ken Nagy 04/02/2012
My wife usually leases BMWs, until this year, when they made this "fuel saving" feature standard in the 3 and 5 series. She couldn't get used to the fact that the engine would be behaving this way. You can disable the feature, but every time you drive. Sooo, she did a 180 and leased a '12 Mustang, Yellow Blaze with the glass roof - I love this car!
Sean Ginnetty 04/02/2012
I'd love to see a 3rd party study on just how much fuel this feature will save. I'm not buying that shutting the engine down for several seconds here and there will save much fuel.

I'm sure whatever fuel savings are found will be cancelled out and them some when the starter motor needs to be replaced much sooner than a non-start/stop featured engine. Not to mention, it's just another feature to fail and cause issues at some point. I think it's just a "feel-good" thing. If it helps Ford sell cars, I'm all for it...it's just not a feature I want.

I think the upcoming Fusion is a stunning car. I just don't see how it's going to compete, performance-wise. With only 237HP from the top engine, it's WAY behind the V6s and turbo-4's of the competition. I admit 90-95% of buyers in this segment aren't interested in the top engines anyhow, but If I were buying a family sedan, I'm in the 5-10% of people who would be.
John H. Seydak Jr. 04/02/2012
It is nicely designed on the exterior, yes the front grille does resemble an Aston Martins but who cares. Ford has come a long way in the last decade. I would almost take this over a Camry. Almost. If Ford starts making better automatic transmissions, i'd probably but one. I still haven't forgotten the 4-axe from Ford.
Rick Trone 04/02/2012
Interested to know how the system will hold up long term.
Garry Luke 04/02/2012
Pompous engineers = me switching to Chevy Volt! Keep your minds closed and ignore ideas of your customers. VERY frustrating to a former dedicated Ford customer. ~~~~~~~~
Dale Myrum 04/02/2012
I don't see that. Stop start is a good idea while I wait for a train ,or warm up the car in winter
Richard Calvin Merritt 04/02/2012
This car is perfect for me.
Bill Wise 04/02/2012
I don't see value in stop/start. I know how it works, so it's not that I'm not educated on it. I just don't like it. Wish a V6 were still available on the good looking new Fusion.
Klaus Glahn 04/02/2012
...this is great design by ford! AM was a family member of FOMOCO in the past.
Adam W. Lawson 04/02/2012
glad start/stop is optional...
Philippe Gauthier 04/02/2012
Its sad, the other one was better....its sad to see ford changing to buil futuristic view as the japanese do....come back with great cars ford :o
Bruce Solomon 04/02/2012
A Ford's a good car. I ran my ex over with one and it didn't dent.
Gregg Dunn 04/02/2012
Great looking vehicle.
Andy Januse 04/02/2012
It is not an Aston Martin it is the 2013 Ford Fusion!!! Makes people that own a Camry think one thing........,.TRADE-IN!!!!
Jason Mock 04/02/2012
nothing like pressing the gas pedal to go....and nothing for 1-2 seconds
Mat Kittle 04/02/2012
I know what my next car's gonna be...
Radek Štajner 04/02/2012
yes it's very nice ... Aston Martin ... :-D
Jason Winkler 04/02/2012
Love my current fusion! Can't wait to get a new one!
Mel Walters 04/02/2012
Have been doing same for years when in a line that looks like it will take more time then a change of a traffic light.
Sam Chen 04/02/2012
It's new mondeo . . . .
Robert Gutierrez 04/02/2012
Beautiful car!!
Richard Miller 04/02/2012
Great, just one more thing to go wrong. It will probably cut your starter life in half if not worse.
Markus Hahn 04/02/2012
its a wunder ...very beauthiful car
Loretta Welch 04/02/2012
love it !
Evaldas Bagdanavicius 04/02/2012
This is Aston Martin not Ford...