What Flavor Would You Like: Gas-Powered, Electric, Hybrid or Plug-in Electric?

By Ford Social Member

The retooled Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan, will be the world’s first plant to build not only fuel-efficient gas-powered vehicles, but three production versions of electrified vehicles – battery electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The plant will be home to the all-new global Ford Focus, which has started production and goes on sale early next year. The Focus Electric zero-emission battery electric vehicle goes into production late next year followed by production of a new hybrid and a plug-in hybrid in 2012.

“We’ve modernized just about every square foot of this facility to establish a new standard for a high-tech, green, flexible and efficient auto factory,” said Jim Tetreault, Ford vice president of North America Manufacturing. “The transformation of Michigan Assembly Plant stands as a symbol for the transformation of Ford.”

A new 500-kilowatt solar panel system will be installed to help generate renewal energy for production of the all-new Ford Focus and Focus Electric cars. Ford is teaming with Detroit Edison and Xtreme Power to install system. The system will be integrated with a 750-kilowatt energy storage facility that can store 2 million watt-hours of energy using batteries – enough to power 100 average Michigan homes for a year. A secondary, smaller solar energy system will be added at a later date to power lighting systems at Michigan Assembly. The combined systems are expected to result in projected energy cost savings of about $160,000 per year.

Ten new electric vehicle charging stations on the property will be used to recharge the electric trucks that will transport parts between adjacent facilities.

Inside the facility, new cars making the three-mile trip down the assembly line must pass dozens of rigorous quality inspections. A new three-wet paint booth utilizes 66 paint robots with seven axis of movement to precisely apply paint to the cars. In the body shop, 500 new robots capable of 4,000 welds per vehicle add to the plant’s flexibility. And a new internal communications system flashes updates and information to the plant’s 3,200 employees via 163 monitor screens distributed throughout the plant.

Michigan Assembly Plant is the company’s new benchmark for flexible manufacturing. At 1.2 million square feet – about the size of 22 football fields – the plant becomes Ford’s most flexible, high-volume and modern manufacturing facility in its global operations.  Ford will continue to evolve its manufacturing flexibility as the company’s facilities are rapidly being transformed into more nimble, flexible, and technologically advanced operations.

The changes at the plant will allow the company to run multiple models down the same production line without requiring considerable downtime for changeover of tooling. Two different models of the Focus can be adjusted between builds without restrictions.

Adding to the physical transformation of the plant, Ford and the United Auto Workers have developed a framework to establish a strong, progressive culture that encourages joint problem solving and continuous improvement of the production process.

“This plant is an inspirational example of how a modern manufacturing facility should look and work,” said Tetreault. “It’s bright, high-tech and efficient, while also being environmentally and ergonomically friendly.”
John McLuckie 02/25/2011
I want a two-seat sports car with electric drive from batteries and a backup EEStor power system. The EEStor company is in Texas.
John McLuckie, Ph.D.
lee gardoski 01/03/2011
DIESEL!! It's truly renewable (algae based fuel) coal gasification synthetic fuel. 30-40% improved mileage over traditional gas vehicles. Electric, your burning fossil fuel anyway approximately 70% of power in US is from fossil fuels! Lithium to make Lithium Ion batteries is not infinite. Fords Fiesta with the Econetic Diesel available in Europe pollutes less than a Prius!
Electric Nut 12/21/2010
I would love to have an Electric. Too bad you won\\'t ALLOW any sales of electrics to most states for several years. Why bother asking aboutwhat I would like if you aren\\'t really planning on providing a choice in the near future?
Mitch Cierniewski 12/14/2010
Does it really matter? All I care is about 4 things:
- is it fun to drive?
- do I feel good (am I proud) being seen in it?
- does the mile per dollar make financial sense for the performance I'm getting?
- is it a good value & reliable?
The rest is irrelevant...
Susan Sannar 12/14/2010
Dark Green with gold and red sparkles for the color of the new Ford.Is that what the flavor means (color of the car)
Happy Holidays
Jon Clark 12/14/2010
What's the difference between electric and plug-in electric??
Richard I. Cunningham 12/14/2010
Blown V8 drinking fuel !
Joseph Weiss 12/14/2010
what's the difference between 'electric' and 'plug-in electric' ?
Douglas McKee 12/14/2010
Diesel in all car lines and F-150!!! Ford needs this like you have in Europe!!! They would sell like crazy, you could not make produce them fast enough!!
Michael Kirkby 12/14/2010
Corey Monk 12/14/2010
Radu Dragan 12/14/2010
Kevin Barry 12/14/2010
Turbo Diesel Hybrid forget the gas, forget plugging it in.
Israel Campbell 12/14/2010
Gas - Carbuerator
Heath Grable 12/14/2010
Hydrogen !
Sean 12/14/2010
Though if we get more renewable energy like wind and solar we won't have to worry about pollutants of CO2 being emitted in the air the more wind turbines, solar panels and other sources of alternative energy we install the better to eliminate coal power plants for the good and I do hope the people who are working on these projects can do just that.
Martin Hoemke 12/14/2010
Stephen Hart 12/14/2010
Ron Layne Smith 12/14/2010
Electric, Hybrid or Plug-in Electric
Nina Dominique Hizli 12/14/2010
AIR and light (solar) ! i am pretty sure you can easily use air for power too, but you wont earn too much money with it LOL
Cynthia Maiorana 12/14/2010
anything dont matter to me as long as its a Ford!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skyler Quade 12/14/2010
Hybrid if they didn't cost so much.
Chuck Lowery 12/14/2010
Gas powered or diesel please. I'm still not sold on hybrids and I won't do plug ins.
Brenda Wallot 12/14/2010
Keith Adams 12/14/2010
Douglas White 12/14/2010
Ross Hadyniak 12/14/2010
Wait take that back diesel too
Andrew Millspaugh 12/14/2010
Where's the diesel?
Ross Hadyniak 12/14/2010
Gas powered. I like horse power
Joel Arellano 12/14/2010
All four, depending on purpose.
Brian Nemec 12/14/2010
J Daniels 12/14/2010
What a dream come true, and for many reasons.
I think Bill has a little Ford blood in him after all.
I wonder if the forces of nature had been held in reverse, what Henry would of thought about Ford's new face of manufacturing and units they produce. Merry x-mas.
Spencer 12/14/2010
I would love to see Ford produce a hydrogen fuel cell car! Sure electric is good, and it's trendy right now but it doesn't solve our problem in the long run. Batteries eventually pollute more than a gasoline car would in it's entire working life, plus the electricity needed to charge these batteries is generated by burning fossil fuels. Hydrogen can be efficiently produced from water, not to mention it's already the most abundant element in the universe that we know of. It just makes sense, so why aren't we using it? We need to incorporate hydrogen fuel into our infrastructure because oil is on the way out, what better way to start than with something people use on a daily basis? Granted the technology needs perfecting, but once this has been accomplished it has near endless possibilities!