What Do Ford and Video Games Have in Common?

By Ford Social Member

You may have noticed several announcements over the past few months pertaining to Ford and gaming. The two have more in common than most people think, and the relationships are growing. In fact, Brian McClary, Ford Social and Emerging Media Specialist, recently attended the E3 Expo where Ford has a sizeable presence. In the video above, Brian shares what he experienced at E3, and how Ford is working with the gaming community.

If you’re a gamer, you know that the E3 Expo is not only an international gaming conference, but it is regarded as the world's premier trade show for computer and video games and related products. If there’s news in the gaming industry to be made, it will be announced here. It’s also where all of the players within the industry come together.

Brian noted that this year, hardware announcements dominated E3, and that connectivity between devices is becoming more prevalent. In addition to keeping his thumb on the pulse of the gaming industry, Brian believes that the generation that grew up playing games is a market that Ford can connect with.

Both are very real examples of how Ford is connecting to gamers are in the part that the Ford Focus plays in The Sims 3, the world’s most popular life simulation video game, and the introduction of a virtual showroom in PlayStation® Home.

Players of The Sims 3 are now able to download the all-new 2012 Focus sedan as part of the new Focus Neon Nights package. It’s the second time Focus has been a part of The Sims line of games – the first was in The Sims 2. Electronic Arts is creator of The Sims, a title that has sold more than 145 million copies.

Ford has given millions of PlayStation Home users the chance to experience the new Fiesta and Edge from the comfort of their own home with the launch of the new virtual Ford Showroom. Users who visit the Ford Showroom will be able to view the interior and exterior of the Fiesta and Edge, experience Ford SYNC®, Ford’s in-car connectivity system, and play a game with digital rewards that include a T-shirt with the Ford logo.
Jesse Brown 06/23/2011
Some are fun and others are heaps of garbage?
Seth Cunningham 06/23/2011
I love when people complain about Sync. Go pay $200 a year for OnStar, I'll keep paying $65 for Sync.
Alex Rosado 06/23/2011
beating chevy and dodge both stock and modified.
Mark Urquidez 06/23/2011
Roush mustangs/fusions
Peter Fin 06/23/2011
both are thrilling !
Mark Urquidez 06/23/2011
Lincoln navigator
Eric Rodriguez 06/23/2011
i dominate NASCAR games with the taurus or the fusion
Raul Murillo 06/23/2011
police cars
Jacob A. Weinstein 06/23/2011
1990's Digital Lincoln Town Car Gauges
John Sheldon 06/23/2011
1 out of every 20 is actually worth the money
Mike Dunn 06/23/2011
They both eventually get too worn out to play with
Zachary Mowel 06/23/2011
FORD RACING 4?¿Where was I when 3 came out aaahhhhhhhh
Christopher Macaroni 06/23/2011
Ford Racing 4 for Xbox 360 PLEASE!! No iPhone release though. Racing games are TERRIBLE on handhelds!
Doug Sprague 06/23/2011
Harley davidisen fords are awsome and old 90 up lightnens rock 454 chevey eaters
Mark Urquidez 06/23/2011
2003 was the last year for the escorts
Mark Urquidez 06/23/2011
Oh yeah I have a fusion sport an 08 model
Rebecca Grady 06/23/2011
They are too expensive!
Zachary Mowel 06/23/2011
When did they get rid of it
Andrew Mitchell 06/23/2011
ford escort cosworth was legendary
Mark Urquidez 06/23/2011
True same chassi but different body
Chuck Day 06/23/2011
The escort never left. They call it a focus now
Zachary Mowel 06/23/2011
It was awesome till I beat it couple hundred times never got old when bro came along~ford racing
Marty Spivey 06/23/2011
Japan controls their supplies...
Mark Urquidez 06/23/2011
I have the escort zx2
Jared Kail 06/23/2011
Neither took bail out money from the government?
John Ramsey 06/23/2011
Cost about 30 4 a good one and then u get bout a fiver when u trade them in
Jack Squadrito 06/23/2011
Gotta love that taurus sho in nfs hp.
Mark Urquidez 06/23/2011
Jordan Cuccio 06/23/2011
they both are amazing haha
Mark Urquidez 06/23/2011
Bring back the escorts
Ricardo Batres 06/23/2011
How about an android app
Adrien Tillet 06/23/2011
We need another Ford Racing game!
Zachary Mowel 06/23/2011
Make ford racing 3?
Mark Urquidez 06/23/2011
Sync and Bluetooth?
What Do Ford and Video Games Have in Common?
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