What Car Company Helps You Save Fuel?

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While more and more people are feeling the pinch at the gas pump, Ford is doing more to help drivers get the best fuel economy they can, and the company is continuing to introduce more fuel saving technology. Driving tools that coach people on reducing fuel consumption are available across several Ford gas-powered, hybrid-electric and all-electric vehicles and include EcoMode, MyFord Touch™ with EcoRoute, SmartGauge™ with EcoGuide and MyFord Mobile.

The suite of Ford green driving technologies enable consumers to modify their driving habits through coaching methods and rewards that encourage eco-friendly driving behaviors. By making simple adjustments in everyday driving habits – from rolling up windows when traveling more than 50 mph to staying on top of vehicle maintenance – consumers can increase their fuel efficiency while decreasing their impact on the environment and the cost of vehicle ownership. Additionally, safety features like Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems further enhance fuel savings, reducing the average amount of fuel use 3 to 4 percent.

You can learn more about some of the Ford green driving technologies below.


EcoMode coaches consumers in the art of eco-driving using real-time feedback, while scoring and rewards are displayed on the instrument cluster. The software application generates a personalized driver operation scorecard by rating driver behavior that impacts fuel efficiency. Scores are displayed using an easy-to-follow five-leaf icon, with two leaves set as the default and five leaves being the maximum achievable score. Throughout a drive, the scoring system generates hints on how to gain more leaves by implementing eco-driving methods. It also allows drivers to review their generated score against the software’s optimized eco-driving patterns. Testing has shown a 24 percent fuel economy increase, on average.

MyFord Touch with EcoRoute

MyFord Touch provides drivers with real-time feedback on vehicle fuel efficiency and performance, helping coach drivers to maximize their miles per gallon. With the addition of EcoRoute, a map-based navigation system that instantly calculates the most fuel-efficient driving route, consumers are further empowered to control their fuel efficiency, with testing demonstrating fuel economy gains of up to 15 percent.

SmartGauge with EcoGuide

SmartGauge with EcoGuide is a unique instrument cluster specifically designed for hybrid vehicle owners. The technology creates a more connected driving experience, by coaching drivers to further maximize the fuel efficiency of their hybrid vehicle through real-time feedback and rewards. SmartGauge with EcoGuide features full-color LCD screens that can be configured to show different levels of information, including fuel and battery power levels, average and instant miles per gallon, and growing leaves and vines that track and reward the driver’s efficiency – more leaves and vines denote better driving habits.

MyFord Mobile

While electric cars are eco-friendly in their own right, the all-new MyFord Mobile app, exclusively for Focus Electric, helps extend eco-friendly driving behaviors by allowing consumers to make smart trip planning decisions that will extend the range of their vehicle, while also delivering driving behavior ratings ranging from Zen to zippy. Similar to SmartGauge with EcoGuide, Focus Electric also comes equipped with an instrument cluster display that uses blue butterflies to represent the surplus range beyond a charge point destination – the more butterflies there are, the greater the range and the better the driving habits.
Jack Watson 03/31/2011
When is Ford going to let USA buy the Turbo Diesels that they sell in Europe. My TD Mercedes R class is just as big and heavy as my wifes Lincoln MKT but I get 35% more mpg than she does.
Thomas Artman 03/16/2011
My 2010 Mercury Mariner hybrid beats the EPA estimates at 37 mpg - that's exactly a year from when I bought it - total miles driven divided by total gallons pumped.
Paula Maggio 03/16/2011
I am outing Ford Motor Co. today. My husband's 2004 Lincoln LS, a so-called luxury car with only 55,000 miles on it, needs a new transmission! Yes, a new transmission! And after hours on the phone with a customer service rep, Ford claims that the warranty for this vehicle ended March 1 and this car wasn't taken in for service until March 4, so Ford won't do anything to make it good.
Peter Marshall 03/14/2011
I have a 2008 Mercury Gran Marquis and if I keep my foot out of it, I can hit 28 MPG easily, I have touched 30 with a tailwind...
Dorothy-Ann Linehan Kaffl 03/12/2011
FORD Motor Company!
Jim Stano 03/12/2011
My 2009 Ford Escape 4WD consistently beats its EPA-rating with 27 mpg + tank after tank.
Bart 03/12/2011
my 1996 Bronco 5.8 V8 i get 19 mpg on the highway 32 gallon tank not bad for a big v8 my 2000 mustang V6 gets 28 highway and my 2008 ranger 3.0 V6 gets 26 highway.
Rose M. Jones 03/12/2011
Ford and on all there cars. My suv still gets pretty good mileage and it is a 2001
Aaron McCarthy 03/12/2011
Oops, forgot the Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, and Nissan Rogue for non-hybrids.
John Fusco 03/12/2011
Pat Sullivan 03/12/2011
07 Ranger about 21 highway 3.0
Pranav Joshi 03/12/2011
ford rocksssss.....
Michael Franks 03/12/2011
The only reason why the Jeep's get that gas mileage is because they put a small 2.5L engines in them...No point in having 4x4 in them when you have no power with it....
Matt Hicks 03/12/2011
My 01 cobra gets 18 city when i keep my foot out of the gas haha
Aaron McCarthy 03/11/2011
Currently, the Honda CR-V, Jeep Compass, and Jeep Patriot get the best non-hybrid fuel economy for crossovers. However, the Ford Escape Hybrid is the best hybrid CUV.
Lizz Dumka-Holzwarth 03/11/2011
Jim Hamilton 03/11/2011
My 96 Explorer gets 14mpg, my 98 Expedition gets 13 mpg, and my 64 Continental convertible gets 9 mpg. Which one to drive??
Gerald Riedel 03/11/2011
Duh!..........The same car company that didn't need a bailout!
Nathaniel Dudley 03/11/2011
Aaron D'souza 03/11/2011
Till date ford Fiesta Diesel had given mileage of 19mpg on highway and 14 mpg in city ...............
Dennis Randolph 03/11/2011
general motors because i will walk before i will drive a gm! think of all the fuel i will save......until then i will stick to my 99 ford escort it gets 33mpg even with 275,000 miles on it!!
Eric Gilbertson 03/11/2011
1995 F250 diesel 18 mpg. The problem is not mpg its ppg.
David Matthews 03/11/2011
well i guess ford does. i dont have an alternative
Alex Perlin 03/11/2011
Who cares about the price of fuel! Ford 5.0 V8 or nothing!
Lisa Weishaupt Peters 03/11/2011
With the price of gas as it is, my suggestion is to limit your driving - regardless of "what" car you drive!
kevin 03/11/2011
my 02 explorer with a 4.6 v8 gets 28 mpg at 70 mph. that is here in canada. converted to us it would be around 24. love my explorer!
Doug Beck 03/11/2011
I loved my Cobra. I could get 26ish on the highway, but for maximum economy diesel baby!
Doug Beck 03/11/2011
According to Fuel economy .gov Volkswagen Golf diesel, 30mpg city and 42mpg hwy.
Nick Galo 03/11/2011
I like buy the new Ford Ranger in Toronto
Shaun Northcott 03/11/2011
2009 Ford XR6 10km/litre
Michael Regan Jr 03/11/2011
Then why is my 2010 f150 only getting 12 mpg and the dealer can't figure out why, it only started happening after they TRIED to fix my trans, again.....
Keith Irlbacher 03/11/2011
I am guessing Toyota! Most people wont drive them because they aren't safe.............
John MacSéarraig 03/11/2011
My 1999 Crown Victoria might not be amazing on gas but well worth the price of having a full sized sedan.
Kim Graham 03/11/2011
Ford of course, but the "miles to empty" stays on my dash daily, and when my lead foot kicks in "miles per gal" keeps me in check! but knowing every 1/4 tick mark is over 100mpg on the fuel gauge makes me smile in my Fusion SE :)
Patrick Henry 03/11/2011
Wife's Jaguar ( 2007 was owned by Ford)gets 26mpg hwy...
my ''65 Mustang gets 15 mpg...oh well
Taryn Tronina 03/11/2011
I love my 04 f150 fx4 but I feel like I fill up pull out of the gas station and pull back in.
Tavo Santiago Collazo 03/11/2011
My 2011 FORD Fiesta !!!!
Bradley Blizzard 03/11/2011
@Mick you get 13 MPG??? Lucky!! im lucky if it hits 12MPG....mine stays around 11.xMPG...
Diana Lohr Fike 03/11/2011
ford of course but i wouldnt know that i dont have a car my son has an older ford explorer that eats up the gas so sad
Mick Baker 03/11/2011
It's surely not my 05 Ford Explorer that get 13 MPG.
Ja'net Blanchard 03/11/2011
Tommy Knapp 03/11/2011
Its me unwillingly pulling my foot off the gas peddle... ROCK ON FORD MOTOR COMPANY !!!!
Maverick Roland Maximilliano 03/11/2011
My 09' Mustang GT500
Brandon 'RicansdoitBest' Cleary 03/11/2011
My 98 turbo 2.5 ranger
Mary McCabe 03/11/2011
My taurus
Eric Rodriguez 03/11/2011
My 85` Mustang
Mirinda Anderson White 03/11/2011
My 2010 Ford Escape.
Justin Deemer 03/11/2011
My 2008 Mercury Milan! 32 mpg on the hiway at 70 mph! Love my Fords/Mercury just the best vehicles in America!
Joseph Steele 03/11/2011
I'd have to say,my FORD MUSTANG!
Charlie Hernandez 03/11/2011
04 turbo lightning !!!!
Tyrone Cleary 03/11/2011
Ford gt
Sebastian Gutierrez 03/11/2011
1998 ford raanger ohh yeaa
Janine Corbett-Hill 03/11/2011
What about these Ford trucks?
Tim Brookshire 03/11/2011
Yeah but does your wheelchair have an LCD readout that let's you know how "green" you're driving habits are? Didn't think so!!!
Clifford Keith Remelts 03/11/2011
Currently... Saturn. I'd LOVE an electric focus!! I used to have an 02 Mach audio focus but had to get rid of it for school...
Diwakar Jangir 03/11/2011
My dream car....
Bradley Blizzard 03/11/2011
not my 05 V8 Explorer LOL
Rodney Jackson 03/11/2011
None !
I use my Electric Wheelchair
Sherry Thigpen Chalfant 03/11/2011
FORD is the only way
What Car Company Helps You Save Fuel?
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