The New Ford Focus ST

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The first global high-performance Ford model – the powerful new Ford Focus ST – was revealed by Alan Mulally, Ford President and CEO, and Stephen Odell, Ford of Europe Chairman and CEO, at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. This range-topping Focus will be true to the Ford ST model heritage, offering driving performance and handling and muscular sports design.

One common Focus ST model is being developed for all global markets, with the vehicle targeted for launch during 2012. This will be the first time that Ford has produced one of its highly regarded high-performance models for a global audience.

The Focus ST development program is being undertaken by the global Ford Performance Vehicles group, which comprises Team RS (Europe) and SVT (USA) engineers. The global group is responsible for developing and tuning products like the formidable Focus RS, Shelby GT500 and F-150 SVT Raptor.

For new Focus ST the development is being led by Team RS performance specialists based in Europe, building on their extensive experience in engineering sought-after cars like the previous ST models and legendary RS series.

At the heart of the appeal of the next-generation Focus ST is a high-output derivative of the efficient and advanced new 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost™ four-cylinder engine that is projected to produce more than 240 horsepower. Compared to the 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost engine used in other Ford vehicles, the version for the ST will feature re-designed intake and exhaust systems and a unique engine calibration to deliver the desired level of power and responsiveness. The engine will retain the strong torque delivery which is a feature of Ford EcoBoost designs, with a broad, flat torque curve.

The transmission for the Focus ST is a 6-speed manual gearbox, optimized with sporting ratios, carefully matched to the performance characteristics of the engine.

Compared to the standard Focus, the ST model will feature a comprehensive range of enhancements including a lowered chassis, a different variable ratio steering system, high performance brakes and unique suspension tuning that will enable the vehicle to deliver the acclaimed ST handling agility and poise.

Focus ST drivers will also be able to take advantage of the unprecedented level of smart new technologies incorporated in the latest Ford global C-car platform, including advanced new driver assistance, powertrain, chassis and active safety features.

Many of these features, such as the advanced new Torque Vectoring Control system – which acts like a torque vectoring differential to enhance cornering stability and agility – have a direct impact on improving driving quality to an even higher level.

The new Focus ST features a highly distinctive sports exterior, providing significant functional and aerodynamic benefits and clearly differentiating the ST derivative from other models in the new Focus family.

While sharing the already sleek and dynamic profile of the new Focus five-door, the ST features unique front- and rear-end designs, together with muscular extended rocker panels and striking new alloy wheels based on the classic Y-spoke ST pattern.

The performance theme from the exterior is echoed inside the car, with a very bold high-contrast sports cockpit featuring Recaro seats, unique instrumentation and modern, highly technical finishes.

Throughout the cabin, unique details ensure that the Focus ST clearly signals its sporting intent. Three additional gauges for turbo boost, oil pressure and oil temperature are housed in a dedicated binnacle on the upper instrument panel; the instrument cluster features unique ST sports graphics with red needle pointers; and the center console has a technical carbon-effect finish.

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mo 03/31/2012
where is the license plate going to be? I think they should put it to the side like the evo 10's
WRXLR8 11/16/2011
I so hoped to be able to replace my aging WRX with an American car - but I guess I'll have to wait as my car (w/Cobb Stage II kit) is 300HP and AWD, and I just don't want to go backward (love my AWD).
Joe Gruce 03/20/2011
I'll believe it when I see it. Then I might buy it and get rid of my Subaru Outback!!
Eric Beckman 01/22/2011
Still watering the cars down for the US market I see. Where's our RS? We don't all want to drive a rehash of a car from the 60s to get our kicks.
Brian 01/13/2011
Dont give the USA some watered down version of a performance Focus. Bring us the 300hp Focus RS offered in Europe. Its the only way that Ford can compete with imports like Subaru, Mitsubishi and Hyundai. If your going to bash them in commercials, you need to back it up.
PlusChap 11/18/2010
I'm an Escort fan. I hate that Ford did in the Escort badge, after almost half a century of sterling service. Could the Focus stand a chance in the US market, even with this ST version? Probaly not. By the timethey've upped the weight to meet US safety requirements, and emascualted the motor to meet CAFE standards, it will be one more boring econobox that fails to deliver on its advertising hype.

Look, folks, I come from Fordtown, UK (better known as Dagenham, Essex). I grew up with kids who hot-rodded 105e's for fun. Small, light, fast cars are where it's at, if you want a lasting, loyal customer base, even here in GM's backyard. Give us a Focus, a Fiesta with rally proven bolt-on goodies that the teens can afford, and you've got fans for life.
PlusChap 11/18/2010
240 BHP? Recaro seats? In the North American market? I'll believe it when I'm sitting in one in my local Ford dealer showroom!

Oh, and where did they dig up that 1950's UK license plate?
Ian 11/17/2010
To Eric : This is not the Focus ST we have in the UK and Europe.
Looking forward to the 2012 ST. WIll be interesting to see how it measures up and how tuneable it is compared with my current 320hp ST. I know there is excitement amongst a number of Focus car clubs here in the UK...come on Ford, get involved with the ST brand clubs ;-)
Zack 11/02/2010
I currently drive a zx3 and its a bunch of fun but ive been waiting for ford to make a hatchback thats got power.since i bought my focus ive been searching for a more sporty model but everything was in europe like the RS or RS500 im excited to be getting the ST model in america and ill be driving one
Matt 10/27/2010
Great info, now if they would take the 2500 pound Fiesta and do some SVT work on it....240+ HP and some SVT suspension tuning would make a phenomenal small car. The Focus probably needs 300 HP and AWD.
scooter 10/25/2010
you mean without the Volvo powertrain?
Jason 10/17/2010
Mark 10/16/2010
"The transmission for the Focus ST is a 6-speed manual gearbox"

Does this mean no PowerShift DSG option like on other trims?
Dave 10/14/2010
Great looking car, great looking interior, it'll handle great, be reliable, quick and won't use too much fuel. But I don't want one. Without that fantastic inline-5, it has lost its unique selling point. Those pops and bangs on the overrun, the whoosh of the turbo and that glorious growl as it howls up the rev range. Now it's just another hot hatch with just another turbo-4. Excuse me while I drive past the Ford dealership next time round.
Thomas C 10/08/2010
The new Taurus SHO have an AWD (all-wheel drive system), it's not a FWD (front wheel drive system).
David 10/07/2010
This looks great so far. My 2000 Contour SVT is about due for a replacement and this looks like a nice option. I'm ready to order one already.
Thomas C 10/07/2010
I agree with you, I want it with a full time 4WD! I will the sport compact Ford AWD car with the same or better quality than as have the Japanese sport compact AWD cars.
Robert 10/07/2010
Thankful to finally see the ST landing on American soil. It'll probably be out of my price range so I'm hoping for a hot Fiesta in the future. Have to see one in the flesh before I could really give an opion on it but so far so good.
art 10/07/2010
I have driven the Taurus SHO and it's four wheel(FWD) drive is just superb. If the new Focus ST were to have FWD, it would be a world beater! Keep up the great work Mr. Mullally and team.
jordan 10/06/2010
great car great company yea ford i love you
Casey 10/06/2010
Please have all wheel drive option.
eric 10/05/2010
This car debuted in england a few years ago. I prefer the new focus rs that pushes 300hp. Check out topgear
Spencer 10/05/2010
I would get this if it came in all wheel drive as an option. I want a car that is small, lots of power, all wheel drive, and a FORD!!! PLEASE!?
bEANBAG48162 10/02/2010
Quite frankly I've been waiten for one of the Big 3 too produce these Euro cars here in North America. I live 20 minutes from Dearborn Michigan, Dad is retired from Ford and have friends that build Focus at the Michigan Assembly. I myself drive a 09 SES just turning 30'000 miles. HOPEFULLY I will be BUYING one of these, DID YOU HERE ME F O R D BUYING one, can you say profit$$$$. Get this car GOING
Steve 10/01/2010
Sign me up. Love my Zx3, but I will have to have the new ST....Steve
Mark 10/01/2010
Interior looks great, first impression on exterior is dissappointing, odd at the back and peugeot at the front, guess I'd need to see it in the flesh, being a ford fan....I think the new new astra looks better.......ekk
The New Ford Focus ST
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