The 2012 Ford Focus as a Safety Training Tool

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With new technology comes the need for new training. To aid in training first responders how to best use their extrication equipment in rescue situations, Ford Motor Company donated 12 vehicles to the Dearborn, Michigan, Fire Department and provided a sneak peek at the 2012 Ford Focus. The new Focus features a suite of advanced new airbags and extensive use of high-strength steel – including boron – as part of its improved structural designs to enhance occupant protection. Click here to read more about the safety features of the 2012 Ford Focus.

Ford is committed to educating first responders on new vehicle technologies to aid post-crash emergency rescues. Since 1990, the company has provided more than 2,000 vehicles to give first responders the opportunity to train on modern vehicles. Ford is also supporting PennWell Publishing, publisher of Fire Engineering Magazine , which is developing an extrication training video series that will be available to fire professionals nationwide in 2011.

In 2009, Ford training efforts included helping to stage the first-known emergency responder training event specifically focused on hybrid vehicles. Following the introduction of its first hybrid model, the 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV, Ford began publishing emergency responder hybrid vehicle guides with instructions on how to quickly and safely disable the vehicle’s electrical and battery systems before attempting to rescue occupants.

“It’s important that our personnel have real-world experience using extraction methods on vehicles made with modern materials so they are best prepared to save lives at the scene of an accident,” said Richard Miller, chief of the Dearborn Fire Department. “Knowing their commitment to first responder training, we reached out to Ford and asked them to supply cars for this exercise so that Dearborn firefighters could train and test our new equipment on a broad range of vehicles.”

More than 100 Dearborn firefighters received training in December 2010 with new extrication equipment, commonly known as “the jaws of life,” that the Dearborn Fire Department obtained through the Assistance for Firefighters Grant Program. With roughly twice the cutting strength as the department’s old equipment, the new tools are more effective cutting through higher-strength steel, such as the boron steel used in the 2012 Ford Focus and other models.

Boron steel is one of the strongest weldable materials, allowing engineers to design parts that are lighter and stronger than ordinary steel, which means they help protect vehicle occupants while enabling fuel economy improvements. You can read more about boron steel in Ford vehicles by clicking here.
Tony Abu Al-zalaf 12/10/2010
Penny 12/10/2010
We are a three generation family of Ford employees. I have NEVER owned a non-Ford car. Thank God for that. Had I owned another brand, I probably wouldn't have my daughter. Ford Motor Co in my opinion, puts quality first. My daughter was involved in a horrible accident. She was driving a Focus. They have made such a safe car, the car was destroyed, but my daughter walked away with just a few bumps and scratches. So a big THANK YOU to FORD MOTOR COMPANY for putting quality and safety first when it comes to their vehicles. and REMEMBER---IF YOU BUY AMERICAN, AMERICANS WORK, if Americans don't work you may just find yourself not working as well.
Sean 12/10/2010
Plus a bigger battery in the future with a range like 250 or 300 miles for your Focus or one of your future models would be a great Idea for those who have range anxiety just to say.
Sean 12/10/2010
Maybe they should use this super strong light metal on there future hybrids, plug-in hybrids and as well of course more future electric vehicles too and last but not least. Ford should make there cars more aerodynamic but by not sacrificing the appearance of the car and also making it more fuel efficient or increasing the range on the electric cars by reducing drag now that would be great! If any of you workers of Ford are reading my comment I do hope you take this comment seriously! Thanks for reading my comment.
Brian Desiderio 12/09/2010
Ford rules!
Andrew Stewart 12/09/2010
Thank you for the BA XR6 Turbo Falcon. Go Australia!!
Anonymous User 12/09/2010
Good to see that Ford is supporting emergency response crew training on the more current materials and safety features, especially with all the technological advances being engineered into current vehicles. Keep it up Ford!!! :)
Benjamin Abeyta 12/09/2010
They're used as training tools because Fords are the vehicles they'll be responding to most. Just like with the Pinto, and the Explorer.
Kent Davis 12/09/2010
Wish FORD could donate me a focus as I am a VERY PROUND FORD OWNER WITH 2 FORDS WITH OVER 308,000 COMBINED MILES
Schelain Dawn Franklin 12/09/2010
i love the ford focus. i have an 2002 focus. i think its the best car i have had. i love it!
John Skidmore 12/09/2010
how about you donating a new ford for they michigan magazine museum in comins michigan.they will thank you each week on tv for free for your donation.
Ryan Hawn 12/09/2010
Patty Dailey-Evener 12/09/2010
I have a new Ford Fusion and I love it..
H-one H-Saint 12/09/2010
Gary Perkins 12/09/2010
it should be fukus
Nathan Ensing 12/09/2010
We don't care about the focus. Show us the muscle.
Michael Weinberg 12/09/2010
Proof that Ford, once again, will do whatever it takes to lead the world in safety, and high quality performance vehicles. FORD ROCKS...and I will always be a supporter of the Blue Oval brand.
The 2012 Ford Focus as a Safety Training Tool
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