Say Goodbye to Oil Changes and Tuneups

By Ford Social Member

If you’re reading this on your mobile device while waiting for an oil change, you can closely associate with the type of savings the all-new Ford Focus Electric offers. Simply stated, the Ford Focus Electric will be the easiest car to own that Ford has ever built. No oil changes, no transmission service and no air filter to replace. Ever.

The Focus Electric does not have a conventional piston engine or an automatic or manual transmission. That means no regular maintenance for things such as oil changes and tuneups – a scenario most other motorists can only dream of.

“About all the driver will have to do is charge up the battery pack and go,” said Sherif Marakby, Ford Director of Electrification Programs and Engineering.

Focus Electric eliminates more than two dozen mechanical components that would normally require attention over the life of the vehicle. The dramatic reduction in moving mechanical parts is the key reason why consumers won’t have much to do to maintain the Focus Electric.

“When you have moving parts, such as the gears in a transmission or the pistons in an engine, you have maintenance,” Sherif said. “With an electric drive, there are very few moving parts.”

The minimal maintenance requirements of the Focus Electric saves drivers time and money. Oil changes demonstrate how. For the gas-powered 2012 Focus, Ford recommends oil and filter changes every 10,000 miles. That’s a $29.95 job at a Ford Quick Lane service center. And it usually takes about 30 minutes. Over the 10-year, 150,000-mile life of the vehicle, those 15 oil changes cost $449.25 and 7.5 hours.

Over the life of the car, Focus Electric drivers also won’t need to spend time and money to:
  • Replace five air filters at a cost of $24.95 each

  • Have two cooling system flushes at a cost of $109 each

  • Get one transmission service, $179

  • Replace one drive belt for $130

  • Buy and install one new set of spark plugs for $69.95

Electrification is an important piece of the Ford overall product sustainability strategy. The aggressive strategy includes the launch of five new electrified vehicles in North America by 2012 and Europe by 2013. In addition to Focus Electric , Ford launched the Transit Connect Electric small commercial van in 2010 and will introduce C-MAX Hybrid, a second next-generation lithium-ion battery hybrid and the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid in 2012. The range of electrified vehicles allows Ford to meet a variety of consumer driving needs.

You can get the latest updates on the Ford Focus Electric on the Ford Electric Facebook Page.
d troiani 04/08/2011
Why not offer a 200 and 300 mile battery like Tesla or a replacement battery exchange program a few years down the line to keep up with changing technology?
hector fordtestington 03/15/2011
i had oil changes and cant wait to say goodbye to them!
craig 02/15/2011
i'm ready to sign up. 100 miles a day??? I'll keep my old pickup for haulin lumber and driving to the coast, and roll electric 90 percent of the time. Not to mention, the electricity is produced here, the car is produced here. seems win win to me.
Daniel Pierce - Ford Communications 02/09/2011
We have seen some questions about charging times and cost. The charging time for a Focus Electric will be between 3-4 hours on a standard 240V Home charging station. The cost for a full charge using the national average is about $2. By using Value Charging Powered by Microsoft will allow Focus Electric rates to charge at the lowest rates possible.

Dan Pierce
Ford Communications
Daniel Pierce - Ford Communications 02/09/2011
To answer your questions about battery life...Ford designs our batteries to last the life of the vehicle. We have seen some Ford Hybrids being used as taxis reach the 400,000 mile milestone without needing to replace the battery.

Dan Pierce
Ford Communications
J Ramirez 02/09/2011
Fords answer to the range issue is the plug in hybrid. Runs on electricity for up to 100 miles than the it starts using gas. So if you are a city driver you will rarely if ever use gas, but if you wanna take a hr drive you still can without having to stop and charge for 2 hrs.
Jason 02/09/2011
I agree, plus how much is this thing going to cost. I heard that the Transit will cost $60K+!! At 4.50 a gallon you would have to keep a Prius for 15 years to maby break even. Not to mention the lithium for these batteries comes from the middle east so how does this help the US. Drill here and NOW!
Richard 02/09/2011
How much will it cost you in increased electricity rates as opposed to filling a tank with gas? The major stumbling block has always been range. As a long distance commuter( I travel from NY to SC twice monthly) there doesn't seem to be any electric vehicle with a range of 800+ miles a charge. A solution would be to have quick charging stations along the interstates that will recharge in say less than an hour. Travelers can rest and eat while the car gets "refueled". Just a thought.
EL 02/09/2011
You don't discuss battery pack. What's life expectancy and cost to replace ?
Joseph Longo 02/09/2011
Ford didnt need a bailout like gm n chrylser junk
Joseph Longo 02/09/2011
Chris u suck fords rule
Robert Coleman 02/09/2011
I'm waiting on the all new Ford Mustang GTE/HI with the drag pak. :)
Eduardo Curiel 02/09/2011
Mmmm how
Michael Nazimek 02/09/2011
Can't wait to own one
D Hitz 02/09/2011
But how long does a charge last? For how many miles? How long to re-charge the engine before you can drive again? What is the top speed? 0-60 time?
Dan Heagy 02/09/2011
i love getting my hands greasy knowing i'm taking care of my 04 Mustang GT.
Steve Kraft 02/09/2011
Am I gonna have to use an engine hoist to do recalls on this battery too? (escape/mariner)
Anthony Fiore 02/09/2011
you said it!! =D
Daniel Thaddeus Bloch 02/09/2011
Having a V8 is worth the oil changes and the tune-ups. :D
Jay Hamill 02/09/2011
But, that's what the government and automakers want...
Ryan Pyfrom 02/09/2011
Hmm.... We are idiots and you can't spell you?? Good call there guy.
Jay Hamill 02/09/2011
Tune ups? Most drivers never replace spark plugs. That's about the only "tune up" part left. Still have brakes, tires, suspension parts, and I'm sure every spinning part inside the driveline will wear eventually. Maybe not the same maintenance as a regular car, but you can't just drive it, and forget it. I have a feeling that pushing this "maintenance free" attitude will lead to beat up pieces of crap in the used car market.
Ian George 02/09/2011
lol i love that holden supporters have to join this page just to be wankers . . insecure much . .
Ryan Pyfrom 02/09/2011
Yea but what then is the range? No way to extend range like the volt? And what has to be serviced for it to work properly and what is that going to cost?

But all-in-all I like the advertising. Good move. I like it Ford, keep em coming!!
Terry Wasik 02/09/2011
that is excellent ,all those leftover juices from those ancient animals will be around a lot longer ,now that fossil fuels will not be tampered with anymore...
mr.peter,you have a very good way to express yourself.nice to see that you can use a computer so eloquently..perhaps u should send that to the Ford Ceo mr.Mulally .
Anthony Fiore 02/09/2011
no thanks. i`ll stick with V8`s, dual exhaust, oil changes and tuneups.
Dan Graveen 02/09/2011
What's the lifespan of the battery and how much does it cost to replace it??
Michael Walden 02/09/2011
Where are the Electric Lincoln's or even just more Hybrids. Ford wants Lincoln to be a stand alone brand, but has yet to bring new vehicles to the line up. Lexus has 4 Hybrids, Lincoln 1.
Emil Stefan 02/09/2011
Also the most boring one, I AM GASOLINE!!!
Bill Tolles 02/09/2011
Very cool! FORD RULES!!!
Frazgo Fraz 02/09/2011
Saw it at the Petersen Museum last week, great looking car, can't wait to see it in person.
Joel Vivian 02/09/2011
Really what's going happen
Lori Kline 02/09/2011
Ringsmai Jigdung 02/09/2011
Wow! Launch soon in india k.
Jeff Mortensen 02/09/2011
Say Goodbuy to Oil Changes and Tuneups
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