Pre-production Testing of a New Global Performance Car

By Tori T.

OK, here are your hints about which car this is: It has a Sport Technologies badge. The Ford Global Performance Vehicles group (a partnership between the Ford North American SVT and Europe’s Team RS) engineered it. It’s coming to the U.S. this year.

Give up? We didn’t think so! We could hear you shouting from here, “Ford Focus ST! Ford Focus ST!” Pre-production versions of the global performance car recently made an approximately 1,500-mile trek around the U.S. Southwest, including Death Valley and Las Vegas, to see how it performs, including, well, focus, on the chassis, power and steering. Its high-output 2.0-liter EcoBoost® was put through the paces; the engine was developed for the Focus ST, and has specially designed intake and exhaust systems and a unique calibration. The engine is paired to a six-speed manual transmission with sport ratios. A lowered chassis, high-performance brakes and a special suspension put the emphasis on handling and agility.

How’d the pre-production models do? You’ll have to watch the video above to find out! By doing so, you’ll also have an opportunity to meet the faces that develop and tune many Ford vehicles, including SVT engineers!
Richard G 05/01/2012
The Focus ST looks great, if it ever gets a DCT in the U.S. I'll be giving Ford my money. :)
Ken W 05/01/2012
Regarding the ST, it may have trounced a manual GTI but it didn't tounce and AUTOMATIC GTI since it won't be available in an AUTO!
David Duperret 04/30/2012
Bob Hill 04/30/2012
My Ford is a 1929 Model A Phaeton that is all original but the generator, still has the original paint and some of the original pinstripe. I pull a trailer made out of a Model T pickup box with all my camping gear and my 1947 Whizzer motor bike
Jennifer Falardeau 04/30/2012
Are you sure?
Ford Motor Company 04/30/2012
Bob Hill - We'd love to hear more about your Ford!
I would like a hi-po rear wheel car , like a BMW, a SHO with a V8 and rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. I loved my 2004 Mercurey Marauder to bad they are gone
Rachelle Hefner 04/30/2012
FORD has so many aspirational models that I love, it's hard to choose, but right now I'm learning towards 4 vehicles (1) EDGE, roomy and you can fold the seats down and it looks snazzy and I've driven one, it feels majestic (2) MKS - so sporty, so nimble, so much "bling" in a driving experience and the sound system is beyond anything I've ever experienced (3) TAURUS - wow. So cute, So sporty, and is a head turner and, (4) FIESTA - believe it or not. That car is so adorable, so many artsy colors and what nice gas mileage I would be getting. THOSE ARE THE CARS ON MY WISH LIST for serious consideration. But I have to say if money were no object, in gas that is, I'd get the biggest SUPERDUTY there is, just cuz. What a majestic machine. wow.
Brian J 04/30/2012
I would love to see a car smaller than the Fiesta, such as a Fiat 500/Mini Cooper-sized car for us city dwellers!
Ilene L 04/30/2012
i am on my third ford truck and i totally love it.
Bob Hill 04/29/2012
My Ford is 83 years old and still gets me where I want to go.
Jennifer Falardeau 04/29/2012
Call: Custmer Relations Manager for Ford Mo Co. 1-800-392-3673 ask for assistance.
Catherine V 04/28/2012
Pre-production Testing of a New Global Performance Car
Ford Taurus Team RS Engineer Chris Kavin
Ford Mustang Fan Zahra Nealy

"The engine is paired to a six-speed manual transmission with
sport ratios ..."
عبدالعزيز الدوسري 04/28/2012
I have Ford Explorer 2007 imported from USA to be used in Saudi Arabia. I reached to Ford- Aljazirah authorized dealer in Saudi Arabia for a regular maintenance
But I surprised that they refused to service my car since my car is not purchased from them. what should I do !!!
Curtis H 04/28/2012
The Ranger is gone and Ford spends time developing this and 3 cylinder engines for the Ford Start ? Whats next, a 4 cylinder for the F-150? I presume the article sport ratio's to actually be a close ratio 6spd transmission . If so, that's a start to be used in future models that might sell.
Eli Sanchez 04/28/2012
The American market can use the ford Vigo and the Eco (I think it's called ) from you India and brazilian markets .... Two great looking cars
Simon Awesomizzle Davies 04/27/2012
Bb mustang please! 7.3L would be fine! <3
Octavio Cruz 04/27/2012
I would like to know why ford did not add fog lights to the Edge.I got one and did not think to see if there was fog lights on it and after i got home i looked and needless to say i was rather disappointed when i found out that there was no fog lights. Every auto i've had prior to the Edge had fog lights and they are a big help so please someone tell me why ford eliminated them on this suv.
Patricio R 04/27/2012
I would like to know what will be the final price of this car, i mean, will it cost more than a Mustang? Also, will it be a only US and Europe car or theres any plan to take it to other countrys, as well as south america?
Charles Kubach 04/27/2012
I prefer the Ford Shelby Mustang with 460 HP and 24 MPG, now that is performance in my book, not some little wimpy cracker box with wheels.
The performance of my crown victoria suggests not to leave this brand. So I am about to try Explored- new one..
Jeff W 04/27/2012
Have heard of spark plug problematic before , make them fix it !
Torii Lynn Lebel 04/27/2012
I can't wait to test drive this one, it is the one I am holding out for!!! I need a commuter car that is cute and this fits the bill!
Lars Erik 04/27/2012
I live in kingdom of Norway. Have a Mondeo. Nothing but trouble
Michael Higgins 04/27/2012
I'll never buy another ford truck. My 5.4 triton blew out a spark plug twice, and now the head is ruined. They don't care. It's happened to thousands of ford trucks and they refuse to do a recall.They know it's a manufacturer defect and they don't care.
Dan Eaton 04/27/2012
So why just show some boring interviews? I wanted to see the car!
Rob King 04/27/2012
thinking about buying a new Edge did you make it smallerwe have a 08 and the new ones feel smaller thanks
Petition to get WRC back on the BBC 04/27/2012
< like this page please :) much appreciated
Jourdan M. Bickham 04/27/2012
And when are we going to actually be able to test drive and buy this car? Obviously by the windshield slope and color, this is a Focus ST. Don't pull a VW and keep us waiting forever for the Golf R:.
Jennifer Mccormick 04/27/2012
Oh how I wish your engineers would design a right hand drive. I have always been a Ford girl but last year, my Taurus couldn't survive my mail route any longer (and neither could my back) so I finally broke down and bought a RHD. I've had issues with the transmission ever since. NOTHING BEATS A FORD!
Ryan Rego 04/27/2012
Love it
Stick Bogart 04/27/2012
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Stick Bogart 04/27/2012
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Dilshan Nugara 04/27/2012
Dam Happy to work for FORD... Life with FORD never Ends
Felhősi Sándor 04/27/2012
i love FORD !!!!:)
Daniel Sneckenberg 04/27/2012
Built Ford Tough!!!
Michele Price 04/27/2012
Looking forward to driving the new Ford Focus ST ;)
Raul Meza 04/27/2012
What's the future for the Ranger?
Luigi Rinaldo 04/27/2012
Hhmm i wonder if its the 2015 mustang!
Julian Figueroa 04/27/2012
la mejor marcaa!!
Roger Batts 04/27/2012
Ford finally listens to one sector of customers, but shuts out another by killing the Ranger in the US.
Danjel Medovič 04/27/2012
I <3 Ford.
Vlad Chistyakov 04/27/2012
This Ford Car “Works as Good as it Does in Europe”
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