Play Your Part in the 2013 Focus ST TV Commercial

By Cole Q.

From programs like EscapeRoutes to the opportunity to share Your Ideas and Your Stories, we like to roll out the red carpet for Ford fans – making it easier for you to become a Ford Insider. And now we are taking things a step further: You are invited to be part of creating a TV commercial for the upcoming 2013 Ford Focus ST!

The stage will be a stretch of asphalt that connects the east and west coasts of Florida’s Key West. The stars will be a pair of 2013 Focus ST cars, piloted by Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy. The film crew will be…you! That’s right, you are invited to capture the spectacle on video and submit your footage for the potential to have it included in the final TV ad.

Share this story with your friends and family to let them know how Ford is inviting their fans to get involved!

For those who will be able to attend, we’ve put together this route map to help you find the best places to grab some action footage.


You’ll want to arrive early to stake out the best spot. The event will start at 9:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, May 16, 2012, and it won’t take long for the Focus ST to cross from coast-to-coast!

Grab your smartphone or video camera and head out to capture some footage! There will be places to upload your video content right on the spot. We’ll also add a feature to this page for uploading video from this event.

Whether or not you’re not able to attend, tell your friends about this latest way Ford is inviting you to get involved, and stay tuned to Ford Social for updates from this TV commercial production, powered by Ford fans! And watch for more opportunities to get involved with Ford!
bouhedli m 03/24/2014
JJMJRDEC J 10/15/2012
To really break out , Ford should try to devolpe a self chargeing E car
no more cords or charge stations,that would stun the auto world.
I ordered my Focus ST in Tangerine Scream last week. Dealer said it would be 90 days, it will be hard to wait that long.
Mohammad Y 05/21/2012
For Long Distance Journey !!
Addin M 05/19/2012
its like oxygen :)
Ric B 05/18/2012
Hi i am Ric Bogue from liverpool Texas and i am a ford Fan and loyal owner of 6 right now and waitting on my 2013 Boss just cause i have to have it
Yusuf M 05/17/2012
look Cool !!
pet 05/17/2012
Cant wait to see the upcoming commercial! i love ford Focus! stunning and awesome!
Diamond D 05/17/2012
Ernest Hemingway came to Key West in 1928 to take delivery of a Model A FORD Roadster, what a great Plot, Event Ernest Hemingway in Key West Drove a Ford!
Thuli M 05/17/2012
l0oks like a cool feature to me. smooth and fun. not forgetting its simplicity
Jose S 05/17/2012
i like this focus i think is gonna be a success car... :-)
Nora G 05/16/2012
I've been a Ford girl since I bought my first Escort in 1985. I just traded in my last Escort, a 1998 4 door SE Sedan with 171,000 miles on it, for a Fiesta, and I LOVE it. I'm still figuring out how to work all the fancy crap on it, but that Sync System is phenomenal!
Dwain Savage 05/15/2012
Ford should get it's own identity and stop biting off Aston Martin's. What a cop out.
Natasha At Ford 05/14/2012
How awesome, Adam! Please send me the order number & dealer name via private message so I can keep you posted on the status as she makes her way home. :D

Ford Service
Melvin D 05/14/2012
Alessio V 05/14/2012
Mike Kirby 05/13/2012
Hi Ian Iam mike kirby from Mackay qld Australia, I also worked at the Ford Motor co in Dagenham as did my father
Robert P 05/13/2012
I make the Front bumpers for this ! Its a Hot car for my Ford Motor Company!.. I want a ST Allwheel Drive!..I will Always be a Ford Man.. because of Their Leadership and Innovations in Design and performance..
Juan U 05/12/2012
I started this addiction with a new 98 ZX3 .
4 years later swapped it for a SVT which has been my daily driver since 2002.
I'm due for e new car and this looks very enticing.
Oh and I'm keeping the SVT for a project car ;-)
Juan U 05/12/2012
Looking forward to driving one
Holly 05/12/2012
I am so much in Love with my 2012 FF Titanium, I would go anywhere in the world to promote this great car. WELL DONE, Ford!
Tyler 05/12/2012
good job, you ruined the escape by trying to save a few bucks and slapping a focus front on a decent mid-suv. I was going to buy an escape hybrid, but guess I'll get last years model. dumb.
Charles Duffy 05/12/2012
I say ford upped the bar on their new line focus. We love our 2012 focus titanium. Mazda, Toyota, and all the other foreign car makers didn't come close with their similar models.
Drex 05/12/2012
Bring the fiesta ST! I would preorder one!
Bobby Harrington 05/12/2012
Keep to euro styling and handling and you'll be on top!
Wyatt F 05/12/2012
Camera ready! Bag packed. Focus ST ordered. One word: ANTICIPATION! This is gonna be very very cool.
David M. Mobley 05/12/2012
I'm driving
John Horvatic 05/12/2012
Not a great contest when it's only local on the east coast.
steve s 05/12/2012
Would be better if it were on Woodward Ave. on a Friday night, with it being built in Wayne and all (Im assuming thats where its being assembled).
Kolton Pippins 05/12/2012
Focus looks like an Aston Martin
Brett Ebb 05/12/2012
Pffft gimme a XR6 Turbo Falcon any day over the overrated Rustang,RWD 4ltr DOHC Turbo charged inline 6 pumping out nearly 400hp for 55thou Aussie$$ in a 4 Door Family sedan that still gets only 8ltr/100km
Adam Cole 05/12/2012
I have my ST on order now!! Can't wait!
Adam Cole 05/12/2012
Man I'll be in the keys on the 20th!
Garrett Gross 05/12/2012
Come to vegas and let me drive it, im excited about this car
Justin Sisson 05/12/2012
...Vegas would be awesome for video footage ...
Derek Walker 05/12/2012
Did a man really recommend buying a v6 mustang with a performance pack? Throw some velvet seat covers on there and an LED exhaust tip and your screaming testosterone! The ST is sweet, it's a very modern, sporty look, with plenty of power and most surprisingly of all GREAT FUEL economy
Lee Henderson 05/12/2012
If I was on the Commercial I would tell young guys to go buy a Mustang V6 Performance Pack 6sp Man instead for the same price that looks better and is faster in every measurable performance category and would likely get the same hwy mpgs in cruise at 65mph...I might be more open minded if the Focus ST was AWD and had a 365hp Ecoboost 3.5L...Just think it could have been a giant slayer like the Shelby GLHS was back in the 80's...
Ken Leep III 05/12/2012
Let the car get a bit over-steery in the ad. AWD is totally unnecessary for a lively ride. Just like my ZX3, I can slide that thing with just a lift off of the throttle.
Fred Zheng 05/12/2012
Look like Aston Martin!!!!!!
Mark D Chandler 05/12/2012
will we be seeing an RS model like the old one? now thats nice!
Mark D Chandler 05/12/2012
it looks like a fish from the front :S
Riley Hall 05/12/2012
A focus?? Lol if it's not a mustang I don't care lol
Muhammad Sheik Oumar 05/12/2012
Make the exhaust tone audible in the TV commercial please. Thanks Ford!
Chris Cope 05/12/2012
Come to Long Island, NY, then I'll care.
Brenton Alan Rahn 05/12/2012
Did anyone else kinda think that was an aston martin for a second?
James Gabbert 05/12/2012
I would love to be a driver for the videos of the new cars. Show them off in downtown Cincinnati.
Aaron Mosser 05/12/2012
Beautiful Mountain roads in Milford, PA!
Simon Awesomizzle Davies 05/12/2012
Let me drive it!
Matthew Amack 05/12/2012
Make the ST AWD!!!!!
Jamie Lipkis 05/12/2012
Man, wish I can buy this car. But please don't tell my Focus SVT about it. LoL
Play Your Part in the 2013 Focus ST TV Commercial
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