Next-generation Ford Focus Announced

By Ford Social Member

The next-generation Ford Focus made its worldwide debut January 11 at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Both the four-door sedan and five-door hatchback body styles of the next-generation Focus were previewed at the show.

The new Focus will be nearly identical in all markets, with 80 percent parts commonality around the world.

“The new Ford Focus is a clear demonstration that our ONE Ford strategy is providing global consumers with great products that harness the best of Ford Motor Company,” said Alan Mulally, Ford’s president and CEO. “The efficiencies generated by our new global C-car platform will enable us to provide Ford Focus customers with an affordable product offering quality, fuel efficiency, safety and technology beyond their expectations.”

Production of the next-generation Ford Focus will begin simultaneously in Europe and North America in late 2010, with individual market launches starting early in 2011. Launches in Asia, Africa and South America will follow. Initial production will be concentrated at the Saarlouis (Germany), Michigan (United States) and Chongqing (China) Assembly Plants.

The new Focus will be one of up to 10 unique models to be built from Ford’s new C-car platform. The first of these will be the new Ford C-MAX and Ford Grand C-MAX – unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show – for launch in Europe in the second half of 2010.

The new Ford Focus has been developed by a global team, led from Ford’s European small and medium vehicle center of excellence in Merkenich, near Cologne, Germany, with powertrain development led by a similar team at Ford’s technical center in Dunton, England. The vehicle has been engineered without compromise to meet all customer and legislative requirements of the major worldwide markets.

For the NAIAS preview, Ford showed a completely new 2.0-liter gasoline engine for the North American market that features DI and Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) for enhanced performance and fuel efficiency. The new 2.0-liter DI Ti-VCT engine is up to 20 horsepower more powerful than the current 2.0 Duratec® I-4 unit, while contributing to projected fuel economy gains of more than 10 percent.

To maximize the performance and economy advantage enjoyed by the new Focus, the 2.0-liter DI Ti-VCT engine is mated with the latest dry-clutch six-speed Ford PowerShift automatic transmission. This transmission uses an advanced dual-clutch design, which alone can help to reduce fuel consumption by up to 9 percent compared to a traditional four-speed automatic.

Ford also has confirmed plans to begin building a full, battery electric vehicle in 2011 at its Michigan Assembly Complex for sales in North America. It will be the company’s first battery electric passenger vehicle.

Within the cockpit, the most significant innovation is the company’s next-generation driver connect technology, MyFord,™ which provides the driver with a state-of-the-art combination of controls and display screens to operate the key vehicle features. On high-series vehicles, the MyFord system includes an 8-inch touch screen, allowing the driver to control a wide range of functions via a clear and intuitive color display. Click here for more information on the MyFord system.

Other available safety and convenience technologies include keyless entry and “Ford Power” start button, a rearview camera and a semiautomatic parallel parking system that automatically steers the vehicle into a parking spot.

“We believe the new Ford Focus will provide consumers with an unmatched driving experience, together with an unrivaled ownership experience,” said Jim Farley, Ford group vice president, Global Marketing. “The Focus brand always has been very special to Ford, and this new global model shows our commitment to developing another generation of exciting and appealing cars.”

For more information about the next-generation Ford Focus, please click here.
Mikey Boy 08/24/2011
Hey FORD........NO DIESEL-NO SALE! You people just love pissing us off hear in the States by offering your best products to the European market! Even GM gets it now...and will offer the CRUZE with a 50+mpg Diesel! Guess I will be shopping Chrevrolet when this option is available next year.
Mitch Mattice 12/30/2010
Ordered mine!!!! Kona Blue, Titanium, Sedan with all the goodies! 27K.
Karl 10/11/2010
I love the design of the new vehicle, but I have to say, I miss the zx3 option. I would love to say that I own a 2012 3 door Focus RS/ST/SVT. What is the reasoning for eliminating the 3 door option (first on the 08+ focus in the U.S., then the Fiesta, and now the 2012 Focus)?
Peter 08/26/2010
Nice cars. Diesel option like VW would put Ford on top in the US right over Toyota and Honda in smaller vehicles. Americans and America needs fuel efficient and well priced diesels.
A Focus, FIesta and a RANGER with diesel options would blow away their segments. Please Do It!
harry 07/06/2010
coleman ford in canton il ordered a black focus auto coupe i told them to put my name on it it's beautiful
Peter 03/01/2010
I, too, am interested in the Focus wagon. I hope in is available in the U.S. soon. In the meantime
I will look into getting one in Europe and shipping it home. What complications might I run into?
Alberrt 01/28/2010
From what I understand this is going to start at 12K. LOVE the hatchback! I really do not need a 3rd car but for the fuel savings and sharp looks I may have to consider.
Steve 01/26/2010
I think this is going to be a great car. Have been looking at a GTI but would love to get a Focus, especially since Ford has a great CEO and didn't take any bail-out money! Go Ford, here's to hoping you will dominate.
Carl 01/26/2010
SVT...SVT..SVT.. 200+hp...Please... I will have one on order then!!!
Jay 01/26/2010
As far as from what I have read it wasn't cost effective to bring euro styling to the far as former management was concerned...for example the US Focus (engineered in and brought here from Europe) has had the same platform since its release in 2000...the Euro Focus has had 2 platform updates since that time...why? It was cheaper...Now that we have innovative thinkers in Fords upper management these gorgeous new cars are finally crossing the big pond!! GO FORD!!
Mark Schirmer 01/22/2010
Good call on the Ranger BEV. You are right!!

Mark Schirmer
Ford Communications
Mark Schirmer 01/22/2010
Good points, Carl. And yes, the Focus program team is developing a large amount of technology for the new Focus. Not all markets will get every features -- as with powertrains -- as the price sensitivity of the markers (especially Europe vs US) is quite different. But because the vehicle it developed globally, if we feel a certain feature will work in a market, adding it will not be a problem. As with everything, cost / price / complexity is always the difficult balance we try to manage.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Communications
Mark Schirmer 01/22/2010
We have a five-speed manual at launch in North America. And all the photos we have are already posted. Look for new images at the time of the Geneva Show.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Communications
CarlW 01/21/2010
Not to rub salt in the wounds, but check the list of features and new tech that Ford Europe media release on January 15. And yes Ford EU has confirmed a new 6spd manual for the 2012 Focus.
Just a few of the features Ford Eu will offer in the 2012 Focus - safety and driver assistance features like a new low speed collision mitigation system, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Information System, Speed Limiter, Traffic Sign Recognition, Driver Alert, Lane Keeping Aid, and Active Park Assist, plus the latest cockpit technologies such as the state-of-the-art MyFord driver connection system with a powerful Ford SYNC connectivity and voice-control package.
1.6-litre Ford EcoBoost turbocharged direct injection petrol engine,

BTW being a Focus wagon owner in Europe, I truly hope for all you who posted here asking for a Focus wagon again that Ford N.A. can oblige your wishes. And I agree with those that the C-Max or Escape (Kuga in my case) does not satisfy the need. I love the C-Max and Kuga for what they are, but they are not a Focus station wagon and never will be.

Keep a watch for any new details of the 2012 Focus when it makes it European debut at the Geneva Motor Show March 4.
Patrick 01/19/2010
The all new 2012 MK3 Focus is absolutely stunning! Both the sedan and hatchback look awesome! Kudos to Ford and Ford of Europe (Germany) for making this excellent vehicle become a reality. Really love the interior and the new steering wheel...very, very sharp!

The BIG question is going to be pricing. In this economic environment value is king. Please Ford, do not overprice this car.
Patrick 01/19/2010
I read that this Powershift transmission is supposed to last for only 10 years or 150,000 miles. That doesn't sound very promising. I also read that this transmission is sealed for life meaning no maintenance is required. I would rather have a transmission that could be serviced to help extend its life.
Mark 01/18/2010
6 speed auto but only a 5 speed manual. I have an '08 Focus Coupe, love the car, but at highway speeds I keep wanting to shift up to the non-existant 6th gear. Any chance a 6 speed manual could be optioned? Love my '08, my second Focus, any pictures of the coupe yet?
jdrew 01/17/2010
Jeeze, and I always thought the Matrix looked like a Focus ZX5...
douglas l buchner 01/15/2010
own a '95 tweaked bmw m3 and '04 forcus svt. which one do I enjoy driving the most ??...the focus. It is also tweaked to about 195 hp and I drive it in hpde's @ our local road course. So much fun to drive but like they say...can always use more hp. Would like a hot rod stn wgn for hauling bikes/camping gear/etc. Don't need 300 hp..(unless it has awd)..would settle for 220. . Chomping at the bit hoping that it w/b at the Portland Intn'l auto show end of January. Might sell Bimmer and add 2nd Focus. The future looks great @ FORD !!!!
jvbern 01/15/2010
jaden82 01/15/2010
I own a 02 Focus ZX5 and I love it. Been trouble free for 150,000 miles but it's starting to show its age with interior bits falling off and the radio fizzling out often. The engine's not as sharp as it was when I purchased it at 38,000. I'm saving up for a new purchase sometimes next year. I was thinking about getting a Mustang 5.0, but thanks for making my decision hard. With this car, you seemed to have fixed all the worst bits of the old Focus and improved on the best qualities. As much as I love the idea of a 415 hp Mustang, I like the handling nature of the old Focus. It just needed more power and it would be perfect for twisty roads everywhere. If I hear confirmation that you will be building a performance version of this new Focus by end of summer, I will gladly wait and test drive them both when it's time. My Focus aren't gonna break down before then so I can wait. Thank you, Ford, for deciding to be a world-class automaker instead of competing only against GM and Chrysler at home. If you thought otherwise...look at your products made anytime before 2000 and you can't tell me you intended to compete against Asia and Europe with these. :-)
osman 01/15/2010
europen focus (focus II) was a best choice in C cars. But new generation focus (focus III) will be in serious competition on europa.
Jeremy Keller 01/14/2010
I hope the new Focus performs well enough in the crash tests for me to add the name to the list of vehicles in my Impact Resistance article.

I am featured on the BBC website and anxious to bring my weblinks to everyone's attention. Simply visit Google and search the web for Jeremy Keller BBC to access the details.
Stan 01/14/2010
I think that while the new Focus is Ford's original creation in general, both versions share a slight nod to the Chevy Cobalt in their frontal look. Feel like maybe it's the new design emerging for North American cars... or maybe not. Also, the hatchback has a somewhat Toyota Matrix-y look, though I am not saying that this creation is unoriginal.

If the new Focus would be sold MSPR by Ford lower than its Toyota competitors, I would probably consider buying one. Because today, Toyota sells its cars so cheap you wonder why should you even get anything else. So the question is whether you guys accept that your car is great, but not the best out there, and just make it cheaper, or give it something that would attract customers (other than fit curves) for a decent price.
Dimitar 01/14/2010
Well i have now the "old" 2009Focus Europien model and i can say that this one "new" i didnt like like my Focus ,first of all because the tail lights i dont like that much,the front headlights are not bad and the interior olso is good.
we will see are they going to change something about outside look for Europe or they are going to produce with slice difrence with American market.
the engines are great the olnly thing that i am happy about the most because thise ones that are in are not that great.
anyway overall good looking hope that they are going to keep good handling :)
Donna 01/14/2010
Way to go Ford!!! When I was looking for a new car, I decided I wanted to buy American and chose a 2008 Focus.I LOVE my car! I can't say enough good things about this car. It sips gas, has great pick-up and is just a terrific vehicle for commuting wherever. I love the designs of the 2012 Focus. It will be great success just like the current Focus.
Mark Schirmer 01/14/2010
Agreed -- three pedals can be more fun than 2. We will have a three-pedal version at launch, so stay tuned. I will tell you that I've driven some of our new auto boxes with the paddle shifts -- hard to find fault there. Hope we can make one you like. Thanks for your interest in Ford.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Communications.
Stephanie 01/13/2010
I'm currently driving my 2nd ZX5 (one got broken in an accident) They're going to have a hard time prying my hands off of it to get me into a new one. The body design of the ZX5 qualifies for being the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art. I can't say that about the new version. My ZX5 drives like heavenly sports car on the LA Freeways as well as dirt roads in Joshua Tree. AND... for those of us who have to brave a crime ridden inner city, the 4dr hatch back is the best of all worlds. Valuables can be invisible to the passerby in the trunk... there's good seating for transporting elderly relatives, and I can get my entire costume set kit into it with the back seat down (no small feat!). I agree with the station wagon lovers that there needs to be a station wagon version too... but... the 4dr hatch back is equally important.
peter 01/13/2010
Richard 01/13/2010
As the current owner of a 2002 ZTS sedan with over 275,000 miles (and still going strong), I absolutely love the dynamics and size of this platform. I've been waiting for the 2012 Focus to arrive so I can have a stablemate for my 02. I'm looking forward to checking the new Focus out up close at NAIAS this weekend.
TS 01/13/2010
Mr. Schirmer,

Please stop touting an automatic as a manual transmission. If the car does not have a clutch pedal, it is an automatic! Please, please offer more manual transmission choices in Ford's line-up. I have not purchased a Fusion because the manual transmission is only offered in the 4 cyl engine. I like the look of the new Focus, so I will take a closer look at the auto show.
ERIC 01/13/2010
Mark Schirmer 01/13/2010
New EcoBoost technology may surprise -- similar to a diesel with direct injection and turbocharging. Less tradeoffs as well -- cheaper too. Hope we can get an engine that excites you here in the states.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Communications
Mark Schirmer 01/13/2010
Will be a manual option, but the auto will be the gearbox to have. Dry clutch, so it is light and efficient, dual clutch so it is smooth and fast. And you'll be able to select the shifts. This new gearbox technology might surprise.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Communications
Mark Schirmer 01/13/2010
Manual as well -- but the hot ticket will be the auto. Better performance, better fuel econ, lighter and more efficient. You'll be able to control the six speed shifts with the flick of a button -- just like the F1 guys.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Communications
Andre Welding 01/13/2010
I am proud to be a Ford employee....and to be part of a team launching such great products!
JimInTampa 01/13/2010
THANK YOU for making an alternative to the SMILEY FACED Mazda3 duo. Their new styling completely turns me off and I'd rather stick with a Ford and my dealer here in the Tampa Bay area which gives great service. Mulally should be awarded sainthood for bringing in fresh ideas and making the company unified! Kudos.
Bobby 01/12/2010
Good job Ford! I plan on buying a new Focus next year when my '08 Mustang GT is paid off. I have one small favor to ask.... PLEASE SELL A TURBO (RS, ST, what ever!) in North America!
Mitch 01/12/2010
give us a two door
ds 01/12/2010
The claim the the 2011 Focus is the company’s first battery electric passenger vehicle is incorrect. In 1999, Ford leased the Ranger EV pickup to both commercial and private customers. The new Focus shows a lot of promise. Let's hope all goes well with the launch of the gasoline and electric versions. Will there be any diesel option?
Sean 01/12/2010
Ford is in competion with auto companies that will still be in business in 10 yrs.... GM and Chrysler had better do what Ford is and has done or they are another empty couple buildings in Detroit and Sterling Heights.
Sean 01/12/2010
Outstanding effort, I look forward to a shiny new blue one in my driveway next year.. I used ot be a Ford hater for most of my life. My wife, who was born about 1mi from the Wayne Assembly plant where the Focus is going to be (and currently) built turned me on to Ford about 12yrs ago. Funny thing is, all my freinds who had Fords never seemed to haver any problems with them and now I am a loyal Ford customer and have had many new Fords (`99 Mercury Cougar, `01 Focus ZTS, 01 Windstar SE Sport, `05 Escape XLT) and can share the same sentiment. Now Mr. Mullaly, how about that wonderful Ford Kuga crossover SUV ??? can we can we ?? please ?? PLEASE ??
garett 01/12/2010
i dont know who this ryan kelly is but i completely agree with him. The new ford focus looks sop much more sharp and sporty than the small yet fast focus. as for the explorer im dying to see the 2011 explorerr i really hope that it looks like the 03 because it looks so sharp and my friend has one and we do doughnuts in it all the time it handles like a dreamm. ryan kelly i hope i can meet you some day because you sound like a die hard ford fan as am .
felix 01/12/2010
Hope their will be a Focus ST with the 2.5 5 cyl turbo, and the 300hp Focus RS even for the N.A. Market
RyanKelly 01/12/2010
Haven't you heard anything from the Jay Leno Show??? its going into production- celebrities drive it to see who can get the fastest lap! Its kinda fun. Thanks ford, now lets get the TAURUS and FUSION to be a BEV- but not with that crazy price tag... I dont want to pay $25000 for a base model fusion bev or 32K for a base model BEV taurus... price it right and beat that hideous prius..
Juhani 01/12/2010
I second that. I am looking at replacing my '05 Mustang convertible with a fun hot hatch and it'll be the GTI unless there's a Focus with an ecoboost available...
fiesta movement team member 01/12/2010
Wow. Give me the keys (or fob)! There are not too many cars that I have said that for, and up to now, never to domestic mfg'er, but the fiesta and Focus look to be great wins for Ford. Many carry over systems on the Focus same as the fiesta: sencing wiper, throttle by wire, dual dry clutch, capless fuel fill. All great ideas which I think were able to be implemented due to the change agent that took the helm. Keep up the Google type mindset and credibility will soon increase. O' one or thing, diesels please.
erocker 01/12/2010
I hope there will be a turbo deisel for the US. Actually Ford, smaller deisel engines are needed for your entire lineup.
jb 01/12/2010
looks to me like a 2008 toyota matrix
Peter A 01/12/2010
I am sorry to sound like such a sour grape, but when I compare this design to the second generation of the Focus that was available only in Europe, the second generation is much better looking. The tail lights on this new model are hideous; they are are unnecessarily huge unlike the lights on the current model. The air intake ducts are unnecessarily large as well. The icing on the cake was the fact that Ford has chosen to make the 6-speed dual clutch the main transmission instead of a good 6-speed manual. Please stop assuming that everyone in the US wants an automatic; you can call whatever you want, it is an automatic. I bet the Europeans will get a nice 6-speed manual. Hopefully, Ford can make changes before this car goes into production. Otherwise, Honda and Mazda will continue to beat them is sales in this class.
Darren 01/12/2010
Great job, Ford, but - two words - sport wagon. Please. Pretty please. Like about two dozen other posters here, I have owned one (two actually - a 2001 and my favorite car of all time, a 2004 ZTW, both with 5-speed manual tranny) and have been waiting patiently for it's return. A real wagon, although if the 5-seat C-Max is brought across the pond, I'd seriously consider it.
Dave2009WrxOwner 01/12/2010
I bought my 2009 Subaru WRX last summer because Ford didn't have anything as much fun for the $24K with 0 percent financing I paid. It's my first Subaru and I had owned mostly Fords and Nissans previously. I'd love to see an AWD turbo version of the Focus with 300 pound feet of torque and the brakes and suspension that should go with it. Don't underestimate how many people like fun little fast cars like these. There's a market there. I enjoy my WRX immensely, but I really would've rather bought a Focus with the same performance features. Build it and we will buy.
Apeks 01/12/2010
Hector's comment X 10

Why again am I forced to look at Japanes cars to get performance similar to American cars only sold in Europe?

Bring the RS to the US.
wogga 01/12/2010
A Wagon?

I heard some very smart things from ford on the radio last night and am very glad to see you're thinkig of making a focus 'world car'. In some ways, the escort was a first good attempt at that. Could I just put in my vote for the european focus wagon also? Every so often I'm in Britain, Europe or Russia, and I always thinkt the wagon version looks great and would like to have one! Thanks
Kev 01/12/2010
Wow! An American company company finally does a sub compact right! I will trade my import in on this! This is a great opportunity for Americans to finally buy an American car in this segment that is actually stylish and impressive. BEAUTIFUL CAR!!!
Mikel 01/12/2010
I have the European Focus and I love it, great suspension, noise reduction and materials. Also it has an excellent Sony audio system. This car is the best-selling car in UK.
The Focus 2011 looks great in the interior and back of the car, but I think the current European Focus looks better in the front. Ford is doing a great job, I think it will the bigger American auto maker.
jeffrey 01/12/2010
Looks great. Love the streamlined design. Please, please have amber turn signal lights on the US model, as in Europe.
CodHunter 01/12/2010
Yeah I have seen the Focus C-Max pictures from European website. It's not a "true" station wagon like the discontinued Focus wagon, it's more like a T***ta Matrix. The trunk area is smaller. But I guess it's better than nothing. I had an Escort wagon for 12 years with over 150,000 with no problem. With the 5-speed transmission I was getting 38-40 MPG on highway! The stuff I was able to carry in that wagon was simply amazing. I loved it!
Joan 01/12/2010
I hope my 2004 Focus wagon will last until the C-Max gets here! There is no other affordable vehicle on the market that can carry my whole art fair display, all of my merchandise, my luggage AND my bicycle and still get 35+MPG on the highway. My Focus is pushing 100,000 miles now and I would have replaced it already if there had been something similar available.
David H. 01/12/2010
Finally! a Focus with decent styling. Even with 4-doors, the hatchback looks *sweet*. If the technology and most importantly, the build quality, is up there with Honda, Toyota, etc... then Ford has a winner. I'll be watching Ford with keen interest in the next, few years as I get ready to purchase a new compact car...
Matt 01/12/2010
Dale Hedrick 01/12/2010
NO! NO! NO! to the new Ford. It is Out of Focus. We want the BEV not a gas consumer. When are you guys going to learn. I'm driving my gas vehicle until it dies or until I can buy a BEV.
dave 01/12/2010
this looks AWESOME! it looks unbelievably good! i understand the euro people might not feel as impressed 'cuz you've had so many good fords recently, but for americans this is beyond fantastic. well done ford. you're well on your way to the #1 detroit automaker. keep this up and you'll truly rival honda, toyota, and vw. i want this, but the most difficult part is to choose between this and the fiesta
Ron 01/12/2010
It looks alot like the NEW FORD 2011 Feista.
galaxie500 01/12/2010
Looking good so far! Just make sure it is as reliable as the Fusion!
Fikret 01/11/2010
It does not look as good as we expected from Ford. Maybe for USA customers It may come as a new car but for a european Ford user this car just looks like a little bit bigger Fiesta.
Osamayomama 01/11/2010
Ummm, why not offer a diesel engine LIKE THEY DO IN EUROPE? Diesels get about 50% better mileage than gas engines and they last at least twice as long not to mention that the torque is outstanding so the engine produces lots of moving power. There's a good reason why almost 50% of the cars on the road in Europe are diesels (like the ones mentioned above), so when will the U.S. catch up in this respect (or are we going to leapfrog everyone with hybrid and electric technology?). Peace.
William Hazard 01/11/2010
Congratulations to Ford and the whole design team, you are really doing an outstanding job! My first car was a 1967 Mustang and have had a 2003 Ford Focus and now have a 2005 Ford Focus sedan. I love this car and I am looking forward to buying the European Ford Focus when you begin having it at the dealership. There are other cars out there but for me FORD IS THE BEST!
Brian 01/11/2010
We Had an '01 ZTS (and loved it) then we bought an '03 5 door SVT loved it too but it unfortunately had some issues. Ford was phenominal and worked with me being a customer so I/we bought an '05 Escape XLT Sport with V6 and 4 wheel drive. Vehicle has been exceptional and suits our needs with two little ones but we would prefer something with a bit better mileage knowing that gas will soon be headed back up. I am definitely interested in driving a new 5 door performance model...
Lincoln 01/11/2010
The front end looks similar to Malibu and rear slightly like the Volvo C30 although the latter is understandable since I believe they share the same platform. I too hope a three door hatchback will be available as I still drive my 00 ZX3 with 186K miles on it.
ZX3 01/11/2010
I hope they bring the 3 door hatchback to the states!
STEVEN CLARK 01/11/2010
Ben 01/11/2010
Once again, GREAT job FoMoCo. Your cars are great... and thats an understatement. I love my '96 Ranger, it's a blast to drive because IT HAS A MANUAL TRANSMISSION. To make a small car that is fun to drive, you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS need to put a stick shift in the car... I'd rather drive a 3-speed manual than a 6-speed auto. You guys made a far superior car, now put a far superior transmission in and you'll have my attention. Also, I think it would be an AMAZING idea to bring over the Falcon, redesign the Ranger (or come back with the F-100 to replace it), and bring back the 2-door hatch for the '12.
Edward 01/11/2010
I am very interested in a performance variant with a 2.0 EcoBoost. Hope this version will be coming soon.
Mike 01/11/2010
AWSOME!!!!! but im still waiting for more convertibles from ford =]!
apfordman 01/11/2010
think i want one.. my gf has a 2003 and 100,000 miles.. only needs rotors and pads
Peter 01/11/2010
It's about stinking time Ford MoCo! What your European Ford counterparts have been doing in Germany for the past 9 years is finally starting to get noticed here stateside. I love'd my Euro Focus diesel and Mondeo Wagon diesel. Oh and there is nothing like a nice new S-Max that is about the size of an Explorer and get's Volkswagen Jetta TDI mileage! Bring it on Ford, I promise that you will see the sales and still be able to feed yourself at the end of the day by selling the same kind of uber-high quality cars that you have been selling in Germany.
Peter 01/11/2010
WOW!!!!! I can't believe the way the new FOCUS looks! Amazing styling, and that front end makes the car look agressive but yet so tastefully done. I drive a Lexus and the Focus' interior looks so much nicer. Always loved the focus but this is simply Ford showing that they can truely put out an amazing product and compete with the rest of the car makers when it's needed most. I think it's time for me to purchase another set of wheels. Go FORD!!
Judith 01/11/2010
OMG - What styling! Love it! Love it! Love it! I want one - where do I sign up????? It is truly an awesome little car. Friend of mine has an '07 w/hatch. Great to see them back! I'm gonna put my order in!!!!
Elvis 01/11/2010
Looks great but I'd never purchase a Ford as long as their only option is a Microsoft stereo system. Ford getting into bed with Microsoft has completely driven me from the Ford product line...I currently own a Ford but am looking elsewhere for my 2011 purchase.
Bryan 01/11/2010
Ok I have to jump on the manual transmission wagon too. I hope it is offered that it where the fun is! Also, I just read it will not be available for a year at least. Really? Are you serious? We have to wait that long?!
Hector 01/11/2010
Until FORD brings the same Focus RS they offer in Europe to the USA they will be short-changing the American market.
Aaron 01/11/2010
Thanks Ford for doing the orignial Focus justice! This looks very good. Kind of more grown up but still very distinctive style. I have owned a bright yellow 2 door hatchback Focus with the 5-speed MTX75 since 2005 and have loved it every day I've drive her, great car! I have modified the car and take it to shows. It is a great fun little car. I do not plan to ever sell my car. I hope Ford gives this new generation Foci the kind of support and special additions like i did with the first gen here in the States! Thanks again Ford! P.S. A true manual 5-speed and a two door version hatch and coupe down the line would be awesome to see as well.
Tom 01/11/2010
Why won't be all-wheel drive option in the next generation of Focus? If the customer would insist on all-wheel drive, he will go to buy Subaru or VW, Mitsubishi? Could you please answer?
Chris 01/11/2010
They are bringing a form of the focus wagon back. It's called the c-max. It's essentially a more stylish focus station wagon.
LA Boggs 01/11/2010
Next generation Focus looks a lot like the coming new Fiesta. Would like to have tow vehicles compared as I have been waiting for new Fiesta and would like to know if I should wait on new Focus.
Kev 01/11/2010
Will there be a wagon model with the new ? I miss the wagon and would purchase a new Focus if Ford made a wagon... So, I still drive my 2001 Focus, waiting and hoping....
Kevin 01/11/2010
You got to be kidding. Keep this car east of the pond. PLEASE!
Tony 01/11/2010
Welcome back ZX5, we missed you! (we still miss the wagon too...)

Add my vote to the "Americans who want a true manual transmission" category as well - a six-speed would be nice but the good old MTX75 will do.
jason 01/11/2010
wow love the new focus i love that your going back to the hatch i love my 04 svt focus and hope u bring an svt st or rs model
Ipers 01/11/2010
Yes, bring back the real wagon! Doesn't Ford see what they're going for on Ebay? A hatchback is neither fish nor fowl - good marketing could reassure the faint-hearted who are giving up their SUVs that a wagon is the answer for them.
Ipers 01/11/2010
Will it come with a standard transmission? Sorry, not interested in the latest variation on automatics pretending to be almost, nearly, very approximately as good as a stick.
Arthur 01/11/2010
Finally Europeans cars in the USA. The best design, engine and, of course, diesel motors. I can't wait for this cars with a nice diesel engine
Thomas 01/11/2010
YES! Wow... this new model looks superb! It captures all the awe of the original 2000-2007 Focus! Really glad we are getting the hatchback again, nothing meets it in terms of practicality, style, economy, and safety! I have enjoyed my 2005 Focus hatchback very much, and will look forward to some day upgrading to this new, certainly fantastic new focus hatchback! THANK YOU FORD FOR BRINGING BACK THE EUROPEAN MODEL!!!! Amazing job!
Bryan 01/11/2010
Overall great job! Interior is nice, hopefully it comes in something other than black and grey. The outside is nice as well but those two front triangular grilles will take a little getting used to. I was worried that awful unpainted black plastic would be at the bottom and yup, there it is. Ford, do you know how hard it is to keep that stuff clean and that over time it fades and looks awful? Trust me, it does on all our Fords! While this application of it looks much better than the poor awful Mustang, I would have still preffered tonot see it on here. Overal though, great job, I think this may be my next car!
E Braun 01/11/2010
Why did it take so long to bring the Euopean styling to the US?...not only does it look better, but the performance will prove to much better as well.
Oshad Bradford 01/11/2010
i have been a huge ford fan since i was 3 and in the past two years i have been so proud of alot of the products they have released. the new focus is my biggest wait. ford please please bring us an awd ecoboost focus wit 300 plus horses to kick the EVO, STi, MAZDASPEED3, and GTI to the curb
Luke 01/11/2010
I hope we get an SVT version of this car again. I have my old 2003, worn out and needing replaced but I won't let it go. I love this car!
Steve 01/11/2010
Great job by Ford. AGAIN!
Now, for the next trick,
Especially the FPV models.
Josh 01/11/2010
Ford needs to make an RS version and sell in in the US. I have had enough of them selling amazing cars but not in the US. My dad is a ford guy and about 8 years ago i told him that Ford would be far more profitable and in a much better position in the US if they just sold the Euro-focus and the Mondeo here. They didnt and ended up hurting. They then get a clue a few years ago and now we will get the Euro focus. Someone from Ford can mark my word that it they make an RS version with the 305 hp engine i will order one immediately. Also, i own a mazdaspeed 3 and would like to say that on the new RS i would heavily consider AWD. yes it would be like the mitsu and the STI but look at the Wolf Ford Focus with 400+ torque and 360 hp at $2k for the package. So sell it for $30K fully loaded and you will sell 1000's of them. I am from the US but i have realized that all the cool cars in the world tend to end up overseas, take note from Nissan with the GT-R and make the RS a halo car that is cheap. teens will want one but parents will settle with a non turbo version which will sell cars.
EchoEv1 01/11/2010
Awesome! Finally the cool solid sporty European Focus is coming to America. Remember ford sometimes less is more on the body work. Shape Shape Shape, Overall viewing angles. I really like my 2001 Focus ZTS, but sometimes need to look at it at certain angles to get excited about it. If you keep owners staring at their cars in the driveway, you've made it to the design big leagues. The yearly changes don't need to be drastic. Subtle body changes with improved performance will keep people buyin new ones.
Gene 01/11/2010
We have had numerous Ford Wagons, from the Pinto, through the Escorts and up including 3 Focuses. I hope this Focus will include a wagon, or we will have to go with Subaru. We need a cost effective carrying capacity and frankly, the Escape isn't.
Ken 01/11/2010
I had a mid 80's Escort that was totaled. Not a great handling car but comfy, a hatchback, roof rails for surf racks and reliable. Since then, I have mostly driven foreign cars and currently own a 03 Forester that I cannot wait to get rid of. My wife and I traded a Saab 9.5 for a Ford Freestyle (AWD) a few years back and have been very satisfied. The Freestyle is just as good if not better than the Suby and is much more quiet on the rode. I too have bough F stock when is was in the 2's and am loving life right now. My only problem was figuring out which new Ford to buy to replace the Forester. The new 305 HP V6 Mustang was my first choice but not practical with 2 little ones and the Fiesta a little smaller than I wanted but love the car. Now I know, thanks for finally making this Focus. Hopefully, you will have an AWD option as well as the RS for all the enthusiasts.
CHRISTOPHER O 01/11/2010
Cool! Ford can still compete with Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota! I'm glad Ford is done wasting time with Chevy.
Roy 01/11/2010
Will there be a wagon version? We have been holding off replacing our 2002 Focus wagon waiting and waiting. Can't wait to much longer. I sure would hate to have to buy an import just to get a wagon. We can get more "stuff" in our wagon than we can in our Mariner
HallOfRecord 01/11/2010
At last Ford has a legitimate small car that will appear beyond inexpensive.
Tony 01/11/2010
I thought I would check the Fiesta at the auto show out and see if I can fit into it, probably end up placing an order. Now I see the pics of the new Focus. My only concern is price. I sure hope it does not go to far up market, if it does oh well, I will end up with a Fiesta. Both versions of the Focus are gorgeous!.......BTW my previous cars were Acura RSX Type-S, Mini Cooper S, and VW Jetta. I only bring this up to let Ford know they did one heck of a job on this car, enough to convince a foreign brand owner to come home
Rennie P 01/11/2010
Finally European design is in the USA. Congrats to Ford for taking the lead in supplying cars that will meet the demand of the younger generation who cares about the environment and appreciates better gas mileage and the use of diesel engines. I do hope you will offer diesel in most of your cars as you presently do in Europe.
Timothy MacDonald 01/11/2010
This Car looks great Ford ... Sign me up ... No wonder Ford has become the best brand in the US
very impressive ...TMAC
Ron 01/11/2010
Keep up the good work, Big Blue - bought some of your stock in Nov '08 and have been very happy with what the company has done since then. Great cars, great company performance in this very tough environment. My only regret is not buying more!!
Mike 01/11/2010
Way to go Ford! Great looking car. I'm waiting for the 3-dr hatch though. Think SVT!!!
asdf 01/11/2010
OMG...I LOVE this styling!!! I was excited about the Fiesta, but the new Focus is even better. Now lets hope that the pricing is as aggressive as the Fiesta.
Erik H 01/11/2010
LOVE this new Focus. Finally a small car for people who want a small NICE car that gets good mileage but is still sporty and fun to drive. It looks awesome too, makes me proud to see a domestic brand taking the lead and designing great looking cars again. If it drives as good as it looks it will be great, nice work!!!
Dave 01/11/2010
Awesome! Looks like it will be amazing, I can't wait to test drive it! I have seen some news outlets mentioning a 6 spd manual option as well, definitely need that. I currently drive an 03 Focus SVT, please bring us a new Focus SVT, bring over the Revoknuckle used on the Focus RS to help combat torque steer, and combined with the 235/40R19 tires rumored to be an option on the new Focus it should be perfect!
CodHunter 01/11/2010
Please bring the Focus station wagon version back! It's roomy, it hauls a lot of stuff and it's easy on gas. It's much better than a compact crossover SUV.
KimJ 01/11/2010
I just got back in from takeing the kids to school and sitting down watching Good Morning America and saw there is a new Ford Focus coming out. I am so in love with my Focus. I even have a name for her and it is Red Fox. I bought her back in 2000 and she is still kickin. I have not had any real issues with her over the past 10 years i had her. She is a trooper and keeps on serving her family well. I normally get a new car every five years and unable to purchase a new car at the time. Me and my husband where laid off from our job the same day in March of 2009 from the same company. Now 2010 and still haven't found a job yet. Being a mother of 3 children 1 in college, one on his way and the other in two years. Their wondering who is going to be the lucky one getting RED to go off to college (praying). I just hope and pray that this new car coming out will be just as wonderful and doable as my Focus (Red Fox). But i do know of all cars out there. There is NO car like the FORD. And if i was to purchase another car it would be a FORD. Keep up the good work my Ford people.And knowing the God is good. I hope to be in a New Ford soon. Your Faithful Customer KJ
Ron Voigt 01/11/2010
Outstanding styling -- hope the performance matches the look! Congratulations to Ford for working to bring Ford DNA across the world. Can't wait to see it on the road in the U.S.
John 01/11/2010
Wow! Amazing! Fantastic!

Ford has finally figured out economies of scale! Give the chief engineer a bonus!

Who would have thought making less parts is cheaper? It never occured to me.

Now all they have to figure out is how many models they actually need, instead of having 10 that all do pretty much the same thing and apply the same principle.
Cody 01/11/2010
Love the styling! Go Ford Motor Company!
CarlW 01/11/2010
Congrats to Mr Smith and his team, another brilliant design, and to Alan Mulally for making the decision to allow North American consumers the ability to purchase the same great Ford cars that have been available to the rest of the globe!!

BTW, cannot help notice the pages and pages of information on the debut of the global Focus, but with very very little detail included.

For example, will North Americans be offered a traditional manual transmission of some sort with the 2.0L DI Ti-VCT or is it "Powershift" only???
Tom Holladay 01/11/2010
My '95 Escort Wagon is on its last legs. Great car. Simple. Full of nice features like the under hood light. Plastic body trip is falling apart. Hope there will be a Focus wagon too. If there were I might consider buying another Ford. Otherwise, I will have to buy a matrix.
Dan P 01/10/2010
The car looks great...please make sure the all electric version looks just as good!!! Great job FoMoCo!
Ryan Kelly 01/10/2010
YESSSS! We can't wait to see! Im sure it will be a hit and this car is what some people really want and need. Im just hopefull that you guys priced it right... If so, you will see out GUARANTEED! My hopes are for the new 2011 Explorer.... give us a taste of that!! My 03's almost to 160K trouble free miles and I know what is next... If i dont like the 2011- then 2010 it is!