New Ford Focus Already Grabs an Award

By Ford Social Member

Just three days after making its world debut, the next-generation Ford Focus has already earned an award. The AutoWeek editorial team has named it the “Most Significant” vehicle of the 2010 North American International Auto Show. High praise indeed, considering that the popular auto show hosted nearly 40 new-vehicle premieres.

“This was a unanimous vote, one of the few in the history of the AutoWeek award,” said Wes Raynal, editor of AutoWeek and “This car gives Ford and Focus fans their car back. By that we mean enthusiasts have been crying for the European Focus for years and we’re finally getting our wish. We also think it’s a perfect platform for an SVT version. The car goes on sale in 2011 powered by a sporty four-cylinder engine mated to a DSG transmission, and we can’t wait to drive it.”

The next-generation Ford Focus made its worldwide debut Monday, January 11, at the 2010 North American International Auto Show. Scheduled to go on sale in both North America and Europe early in 2011, the new Focus will offer customers more affordable technologies and features than ever in this segment, noteworthy levels of craftsmanship, outstanding fuel economy and a new standard for driving quality.

This award also comes just three days after Ford received both the North American Car of the Year and North American Truck of the Year awards for the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid and 2010 Ford Transit Connect, respectively.

“We are delighted and humbled with the initial response to the next-generation Ford Focus,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s group vice president for Global Product Development. “The new Focus is a direct result of our new global product development system and perhaps the best example yet of what we believe a global Ford product should be – great to look at, great to sit in and great to drive. This is truly One Ford in action.”

For more information on the next-generation Ford Focus, click here.
Bobby 04/01/2010
I know alot of people have been wanting the Ford Focus Wagon. Have you by chance looked at the Ford Transit Connect. For those that need a fuel economy,geting in and out this is the one for you. Come on down and look at one and take a test drive. they are great and fun to drive.
4 VALVE 03/01/2010
This car looks even better in person. I will be ready to move up from my 07 Focus ST as long as the price is inline. I'll take a wagon with ecoboost. Last thing, if an SVT does come out, please let the consumer choose how they want it optioned. Not everyone wants high zoot leather and every option imaginable.
Christine 02/18/2010
The Flex is an interesting vehicle in its market segment, but it is far too large and priced too high to interest many of us. I own an Escort wagon and really wanted to replace it with a Focus wagon when I bought new in 2009...only there was no new Focus wagon available here in the U.S. I'm still disappointed that Ford denied me (and others) what I really wanted: a small wagon with a manual transmission! I hope not to be disappointed (and looking elsewhere) when I consider my next Focus.
Jon 02/06/2010
I really hope the RS comes to the States, it would be a evo and sti killer. I have owned two focuses one zx3 and one svt. I thought the svt was fun but extremely underpowered. I do really like the new focus styling i find the 3rd generation focus styling not quite up to par.
edvard 02/01/2010
I am not thrilled with the design of this version of the Focus. Not that its an unpleasant looking dsign but just that it blends in with the rest of the Kias, Hyundais, Toyotas, and other small sized ecno cars. I really liked the sort of no-nonsense, squared-off design of the original Focus but this design, especially the rear looks a tad generic.
Heberth 01/29/2010
I love Ford, I would like to give a suggestion! Ford FIESTA create automatic, please! Versions 1.6, 1.8 or 2.0.
Alex 01/28/2010
It is so exciting to see that this new Focus will bring over all the features that made it the most popular car in Europe, I can't wait.

Dose anyone know if Ford plans to integrate a CVT on this or will it be the traditional fixed gear ratios?
Brian 01/25/2010
i beleive he means ecoboost
Lance 01/24/2010

The "Ecotec" is a GM engine series. Duratec is ours.
James 01/23/2010
If you want to get something that gets good mileage and nice styling you should get the Ford Flex. It is amazing it is a crossover but its kinda like a wagon. I love my Ford Flex!
Jim 01/23/2010
How do we see more pictures of it!?
Kevin 01/22/2010
I think also ford should be doing one ford across it's product line from it's trucks, cars, vans, and even it's engines. Includeing a Clean desile engine, I truely belive in Ford Motor Company, and wish to see it continue to succeed and win awards. An be a Truely Great American Company. Thanks again, Ford.
Wayne 01/21/2010
Ford, please offer a 5-door hatchback version of the new Focus!
Michael 01/20/2010
As global automakers continue to reach for the seemingly-out-of-reach CAFE standards, is there any chance Ford is considering an American debut of the Ka? The newest model is quite fetching and they are surprisingly roomy. We are getting the Fiesta back, lets bring in the Ka and shoot those fuel standards out the window!
Dan the Ford Man 01/19/2010
From what im told, Ford will not be coming out with a RS version, instead they are planning a SVT version. This may include an ecotec turbo charched motor to follow after the ecotec Fiesta.
Tony 01/17/2010
We are seniors and travel with a walker. PLEASE Ford bring back a Focus wagon. We have a 2005 Focus wagon and are looking to replace it in 2011 with a small hybrid/electric wagon.
With the Boomers becoming seniors in huge numbers over the next ten years, the demand for small, "green" wagons to carry walkers and wheelchairs will be huge !!
Jorge 01/17/2010
I agree with you. The new Focus seems to be an outstanding vehicle. I just hope not to see my expectations for the Focus to be the next car that I purchase crushed by Ford putting a price tag on it that is far too high. If Ford is smart enough to combine style, quality, fuel economy and price into a package, I am sure that they have a winner in their hands.

I would like to remind Ford that Henry made the venerable Model T the car that put America on wheels by making it affordable to the average man; in America and around the world!
Tom 01/16/2010
Or even beter made with 4x4, in order to beat frankly Japanese STi and EVO.
James 01/16/2010
Bring the RS and prove to the US just how serious Ford is about the compact market and it's devoted enthusiasts
Greg 01/15/2010
Please bring the RS to the US!
Patrick 01/14/2010
The all new 2012 Focus is absolutely stunning! Great job Ford! My biggest concern is what will it cost? I hope Ford doesn't misjudge the market and overprice it. With the economy the way it is people are looking for value. I remember when the redesigned 1996 Taurus came out and it was being sold for substantially more than the previous generation. The car didn't sell very well and Ford had to recalibrate the Taurus's pricing structure.