More Ford C-segment Vehicles Debut at the Geneva Motor Show

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Today at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the next-generation Ford Focus Wagon made its debut. This family of new Ford Focus models, along with new C-MAX and Grand C-MAX, introduce a host of class-leading technologies and features to C-segment.

The new Focus is from Ford’s new global C-segment platform and will be sold in more than 120 markets worldwide with 80 percent parts commonality across all markets. European and North American Focus production will start simultaneously in late 2010, and it will go on sale early in 2011.

While the four-door sedan and five-door hatchback models of the Ford Focus will be available in the U.S., the new wagon revealed today in Europe will not. Sales of the previous Focus wagon in the U.S. dwindled to just 4 percent by 2007, showing the overwhelming preference for the other body styles offered. However, another model based on Ford’s global C-car platform will be added to the U.S. market – the 7-passenger Grand C-MAX is scheduled for launch in North America late in 2011.

Here is a look at the extensive list of major features and technologies that will be available across the new Ford C-car range (depending on vehicle, series and market):

MyFord™ – Within the cockpit, the most significant innovation is the company’s next-generation driver connect technology, MyFord, which provides the driver with a state-of-the-art combination of controls and display screens to operate key vehicle features. On high series vehicles, the MyFord Touch system includes an 8-inch touch screen, allowing the driver to control a wide range of functions via a clear and intuitive color display.

SYNC® – MyFord is complemented by a new generation of Ford’s powerful SYNC connectivity package, which includes sophisticated voice control system, Bluetooth® and satellite navigation, along with connection points for a wide variety of external devices and media players. The Ford SYNC system will make its European debut in the next-generation Focus when it is launched early in 2011.

Active Park Assist (semi-automatic parking system) – Unlike many expensive camera-based systems, Ford Active Park Assist uses sensors around the vehicle working in tandem with Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS), to guide the vehicle into a parallel parking space. The length and depth of potential spaces are measured and if suitable, are identified for semi-automated parking. The steering is then automatically controlled while the driver operates accelerator, brake and gear controls.

Adaptive Cruise Control – This improved cruise control system helps to maintain a preset cruising speed as well as a preset distance from vehicles ahead. When the system senses a vehicle in front, it decelerates automatically to keep the preset distance, accelerating back to the preset cruising speed once the road ahead is clear.

Blind Spot Information System – This easy-to-use, radar-based feature alerts drivers to obstacles that may be hidden in the blind spot. When traffic enters the driver’s blind spot on either side of the vehicle, a warning light in the corresponding side mirror illuminates, helping the driver to change lanes safely. The warning lights are positioned so the driver does not get distracted during normal driving.

Auto High Beam Control – This improves driver visibility significantly during night driving. Using a forward-looking camera, the system detects light sources ahead and when oncoming vehicles are sensed, automatically switches to low beam to avoid glare. The high beam is also deactivated in urban areas.

Electric power steering with pull-drift compensation and torque steer compensation – This minimizes fuel consumption, while also helping to eliminate unwanted steering disturbances.

Ford EasyFuel – This award-winning, capless refuelling system helps to prevent drivers from misfuelling their vehicle.

Ford Keyless System and Ford Power start button – Ford’s easy-to-use keyless entry and push-button start system.

Rear view camera – This is a tailgate-mounted camera for safe and accurate reversing, with a clear image displayed on the centre console screen.

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Paul Z 02/14/2013
Sheryl has got it right on the money. We live in Evanston, IL. I'm a Detroit native. I am a loyal Ford owner. I am outgrowing my Focus hatchback and really want a wagon. My choices are Jetta Sports Wagon (terrible!) or Subaru Outback (not nearly as attractive as the new Focus Wagon) but certainly a viable option for safety of my kids, durability and cost. Edge is too big, Escape is an SUV which I don't like, CMax is not my thing. Please bring the wagon to the U.S. It's the perfect urban vehicle - fuel efficient, multi purpose, good for hauling stuff for weekend get aways, etc. etc. Please!
j w w 01/31/2013
Wagon. Where is the wagon? Why can I not have a Focus (or Fusion/Mondeo) wagon? Ford (the Wagonmaster) where is my wagon?

- jwwwy -
Ryan W 11/21/2012
A Focus wagon and a Fusion wagon would nicely round out the American portfolio. Too many sedans here.
Ford Girl 07/01/2011
I have loved station wagons all my life. I've had many of them. I learned to drive in a 65 Esquire. After that I had Torinos, Grand Marquis, Escorts. Eventually you get stuck with a "van" when wagons disappeared. They had the ride of a car, yet the convenience of a truck. Let's face it, most customers are like sheep and they buy what's pushed. Offer me a great wagon, and I'll buy it
Norm 11/20/2010
I have a 04 Ford Focus Wagon I to would like to see the new wagon sold in US.
The one I have has been a good car for me and would love aother one when it is time to replace it.
I have been buying Ford Cars for a very long time.
My frist Ford was a Maverick then I went on to a Fairmount,Pinto Wagon,Ranger,Club Wagon, BroncoII,Taurusa, and Focus Wagon.
To say I like Ford .
cduffie 09/03/2010
I LOVE the Ford Focus Wagon and should be sold in the US, last available in 2007, I own a 2002 and have been VERY happy with as very versatile!!! I hope they sell this new FOCUS WAGON not only in Europe but USA as well!!!
Cheryl 03/29/2010
Hello: I have to say I just purchased a Ford Focus 2003 wagon and I was looking for a Subaru Forrester. I driven in the Forrester before, but I have to say I see not much difference i the feeling of the two. I enjoy my Ford and won't trade it for anything this is my 3rd Ford in my life I have 2 escorts. Am 50 yrs old and Fords will be my forever cars. Ty
Donald Coates 03/26/2010
Recently,a friend of mine, who owned 2 small Ford wagons, traded one for a small Hyundai wagon and I jumped all over him for not buying another Ford and his response was Ford abandoned me first. Another friend of mine who has been both a Nissan and Ford enthusiast was recently car shopping and was bemoaning the lack of small wagons in the market. He did buy a Ford sedan, but was sad that he could not get a wagon. I know this is not the scientific market research that drives decisions at Ford, but it would be very good if Ford could find a way to serve the small wagon market. As a stockholder it would make it easier for me to defend and promote Ford to persons buying foreign cars.
Darren Fajcz 03/15/2010
Mark: I fail to see how such a small outlay in retooling (it`s the same car ahead of the c-pillar) could possibly be a misfire. Yes, so it didn`t do well pre-2007. How would you know if the wagon is still a touch sell in the USA if you haven't offered one in three years? Is the world different now? Are more and more people concerned with practicality than ever before? Judging from the buzz, this body style would sell much better than before. To paraphrase Ryan from above, are you really listening to your customers?
Paul 03/11/2010
The Ford Focus Wagon is an ideal vehicle: comfortable, sporty handling, great fuel economy and phenomenal cargo capacity (That is why I bought an 07 Focus Wagon rather than a Toyota RAV4). The problem is that Americans are addicted to crossovers and SUVs (which are more profitable than compact vehicles like the Focus) and they mistakenly believe the myth that four wheel drive will keep them safe. I would instantly buy one of the new Euro Focus Wagons; but if Ford can't make a sound business case for it I may have to look elsewhere.
Piers Ady 03/09/2010
Subaru had the best sales during the worst of our economic woes. Gas Prices are headed back toward $3.00 per gallon. People who own wagins never go back to sedans. Maybe Americans are ready for a shift. Every new car I have ever purchased has been a Ford. My local dealer also sells Subarus. I have pretty much decided my next new car will be a 4 cyl, AWD wagon. I'd stick with Ford if there were such an offering.
Richard 03/07/2010
In Ford's defense, I can understand why there is reluctance to sell the wagon in North America. I think November 20, 2006 was the date Ford established to be the last day to order a 2007 wagon - ever. I know there were cries of loyal fans, auto journalists and owners that this shouldn't happen. In reality, there wasn't much of an "outrage" by the general public to make Ford North America rethink the move. Yes, the wagon seemed to sell well in Canada. However, wagon numbers in the US dwindled. Canada is a relatively small market compared to the US, and when you need to sell cars to make money and survive (and avoid going bankrupt), something has to give. In this case, the sacrifice had to be made in discontinuing the wagon.

I know companies like VW still offer wagons, but realistically I don't see that many ON the roads. Much hype was given here in Canada about the VW Jetta wagons, but they seem to be more rare than Golf GTI's (a high-performance hatch). New wagons tend to generate some ooohs and aahs in North America, but when a new SUV or crossover comes to town it seems us North Americans still want to give more attention to them over a wagon. A good number of the Focus wagons I see are still commercial-use (so the likes of window cleaners, repair shops, communications co, etc.). I'm sure Ford would rather see them in a Transit Connect over a Focus wagon just because of the practicality and value the Transit Connect offers.

Unless all the wagon owners out there start hammering Ford that you want a new Focus wagon and lay down some money as good faith, I can't see Ford churning out a wagon for North America. Ford could probably crank out a very small percentage of their Focus mix to satisfy the wagon owners, but it has to be done so there's really only one wagon (so no multitude of configurations and options lists as in the past), and those who want it have to BUY IT. I just worry that offering a wagon will eat into the sales of the Escape and Transit Connect.
Mike McGinness 03/05/2010
when can i get one of the clean diesels your selling in europe or a clean diesel hybrid
Sue 03/04/2010
Wow...the new next-generation Focus Wagon is a very sporty wagon! I love my 2002 Focus Wagon and would love to be able to replace it with the design above. It is so nice to be able to haul big items in my car and still have passengers in the back seat or put the seat down and have enough room to haul whatever I like....while still getting great gas mileage. I hope Ford changes their mind and makes the next-generation Focus Wagon available in the U.S....
Mateo 03/04/2010
This new Focus is awesome, few days ago I saw all competitors wagon body styles and they are great so I was worryed. But now that's history, new focus wagon is AWESOME. I'm waiting for 3 door version with sport suspension and light (I hope it won't weight over 95 kg) 1.6 Duratec inside with 5 or 6 speed manual...current MkII euro Focus is great I enjoy every ride and can't wait for next curve..
greg forrester 03/03/2010
On the outside, the 5 door Focus hatchback looks too much like the Fiesta hatchback that will go on sale later this year. So having 2 hatchbacks and no wagon is actually limiting consumer options for those who want to remain loyal to the Ford brand. As the owner of a 2001 Focus wagon with 161K miles, I want to be able to replace it with a compact wagon in a few years, not a SUV (already have an Escape), crossover (already have a Taurus X), or a minivan (too bulky).
Sheryl 03/03/2010
Say it isn't so!!!!!!!!!!!!! I currently drive a 2000 Subaru Outback Wagon and was planning on replacing it with the all new Focus Wagon. Apparently I'll have to contact my employer Chase Bank and request a transfer to Europe. Seriously I'm a 54 year old white female living in Grosse Pointe Park, MI (the backyaard to Ford Headquarters) What happens to those of us who drag around dogs, my road bike, groceries....Are you telling me to go back to Subaru or possibly VW??????????
RyanKelly 03/02/2010
To whom it may concern,
As you have been successfully turning around the company you have been doing alot of things right: listening to your customer. You are providing the most safe, reliable and in my opinion the most stylish vehicles in the market. As a proud owner of stock and having 6 Ford vehicles, I feel it is my duty to tell you that it seems as though you are getting off track again. Listen to your customers. If the Focus is a global car, then this- coming from a financial perspective- should be NO hassel to produce. This wagon shares components with the 2012 Focus. And if you are already planning on taking it to market in Europe, it wont be an issue here. Body pannels wont have to change. Interior (dash, pedal, drivetrain etc) comes from the regular Focus. Why not? There seems to be a terrible upset with how this vehicle will not be given to us. I personally drive an Explorer and will be an Explorer customer for life. But to others this is a practical car- stylish, aggressive and woth Fords recent reliability reputation it will be a trustworthy vehicle; dear god PLEASE maintain your higher quality standards. Especially at this time of Toyota distress you dont need any issues to happen. For years you have supplied a true wagon with the Taurus, and it really didn't do that poor. We've had 5 and for some reason my father will not give up his 98- with 265K miles. Your styling techniques are up to par with what people are looking for. This isn't 1995 I understand. There is a market out there that you used to tap... Now what- your going to let it go to the first bidder?? Why not make it a BEV/Gas combo, or more realistically a gas-electric hybrid. Im not suggesting to sell 200K of these... But the ones you make will sell. Remember what I said earlier- how you were listening to your customers. I dont know if you really are.. I know that alot of us are talking.
greg forrester 03/02/2010
Please allow Americans and Canadians to buy a 2012 Focus Wagon and drive it in the US and Canada. Even if you produce the Focus Wagon in Europe, with a few modifications, they can be imported in for those who really want a Ford Wagon.
Kurt 03/02/2010
Please bring the wagon to the US!
Normand Guenette 03/01/2010
Would definitely consider a wagon over a 5 door, and a 2.0l duratorq over any Hybrid, for people considering a hybrid, take a look at the trade-in value(any make) and you will re-consider for sure, the new diesel are cleaner than any gas units and the performance is simply outstanding, no wonder the European are buying them all. Are we Americans not considered customers and or plainly stupid ! ! !
All the German manufacturer have their diesel in America and they are selling them all, a mater of facts, they cannot have enought of them, please wake up FORD...
M Shaffer 03/01/2010
Love the wagon! Thought they were extinct, but happy they found two to mate and have more! Yes, this is exciting news! I like the hatch version, but truly, a wagon makes more sense. The wagon looks no longer than the sedan, so maneuverability is the same -- but with extra room. Brilliant!
Justin 03/01/2010
I recently rented a European 5-door hatch Focus in Germany and loved the car, but I would not consider buying the 5-door hatch because my one large bag took up most of the space behind the rear seat. A wagon version in the states might do rather well with the extra space behind the rear seat fitting American's needs better than a 5-door hatch might. I would seriously consider the wagon version if offered in the US. I think many others would too, especially since this wagon looks great. The old early 90's escort wagon use to be popular, I think this one would suprise Ford too.
Mark Schirmer 03/01/2010
We have committed to a five-door hatchback model for the North American market, as shown in January at the Detroit Auto Show. The wagon is still a touch sell in USA, unlike in Europe where one in three Focus sold is a wagon. At its peak, the wagon only accounted for about 10 percent of total Focus sales -- and was down to around 4 percent by 2007. We will get the larger C-Max seven seater in the USA: perhaps a smart alternative?

Mark Schirmer
Ford Communications
Tom 03/01/2010
I have one question, will you consider any version with the AWD traction? I have heard some notions about AWD hybrid, is it real?
Darren F 03/01/2010
North Americans deserve this car after being saddled with no Focus hatchback / wagon choices for the last four model years. It sold perennially well in Canada, most of them are still on the road and the owners (myself included - I had a 20001 and a 2004 ZTW) are among the most rabid defenders of this bodystyle in the automotive universe. It is the perfect alternative to a gas-guzzling SUV and would sell extremely well if properly marketed properly. Please do not overlook this as a possibility for sale in North America. I want to be first in line for this at my local dealer in 2012...
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