Let Them Tweet Cake

By Ford Social Member

How do you celebrate a week of festivities centered around organizations and innovators driving the future of media, technology and business online? With a tweeting cake, of course!

To wrap up DC Week on the once-in-a-lifetime date of 11/11/11, Charm City Cakes created a masterpiece in the shape of the all-new 2012 Ford Focus, complete with working head and tail lights. Guests were able to tweet using the hashtag #FordTweetingCake and the cake would speak the tweet.

Digital Capital Week, DCWeek, is a festival of events celebrating Washington’s thriving internet industry and the many talented companies, organizations and innovators driving the future of media, technology and business online. Over 10,000 people attended DC Week this year. The conference is made up of over 200 events that help inspire innovation and move the internet industry forward.

“Ford is excited to have the opportunity to participate in such an innovative and exciting conference highlighting the future of internet technology,” said Scott Kelly, Digital Marketing Manager at Ford, as part of his keynote address to the group. “Ford is helping to revolutionize automotive digital marketing and expanding our company’s digital reach.”

Ford continues to push the envelope using social media to engage audiences across the web. Our use of a brand new social data visualization technology called Grandstand enables us to show fans photos, tweets and klout scores in real-time. By creating a social dashboard for the DC Week festival, Ford is provided a valuable service for the social media community to engage, connect and see their impact in real-time. You can see this visualization during DC Week at http://ford.getgrandstand.com. During the festival there were over 13,000 tweets!

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Giraa Lee 12/13/2011
Good info
Tolga Toygun 12/12/2011
World car makes the best German
Gene Wenger 12/09/2011
I own my second Ford Expedition. Our first was a 96 model. At 80 some thousand miles we traded for a Saburban. I now have an Expedition again. It has 126,000 & just replaced the front brakes, reR brakes replaced around 80,000. That's all my FORD has needed other than regular maintenance. I am 64-65, plan on this truck lasting longer than me. Way to build em FORD!!!!!
Adam Rose 12/08/2011
Ford repeatedly outdoes the other two with reliability and performance according to consumer reports=)
Art Debolt 12/06/2011
you will have to have ur own ford starter ford wont cover their stuff unless u fight them
Becky Carroll 12/06/2011
What a fun cake! Who got to eat the cake at the end?
Paul Steven Hallman 12/04/2011
i would rather be walking with a ford stater in my hand wishing that i had a ford than be rinding in a chevy!!!!
Rene Bruno 12/03/2011
hay Joe suck my exhaust fumes.
Brandon Ridlon 12/02/2011
yes bring back the bronco!
Sharyn Kelly 12/02/2011
Thats awesome !
JB 12/02/2011
How about some diesels? I'll take 2!!
R Kurt Kinzler 12/02/2011
I miss the full size Bronco! My family had two . Good idea Garrett!
Garrett Mallcheck 12/02/2011
Bring back the bronco...nuff said
Matthew Amack 12/02/2011
Ford needs a all wheel drive Ford Focus,and to bring back the S.V.T!!!
Sandra Whillock 12/02/2011
Ford is the only way to go for dependable transportation!
Göktürk Halil Başeğmez 12/02/2011
ford RS x :D
Quentin Andrew Quillen 12/02/2011
Hah. I see wut you did there.