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By Ford Social Member

Following an unprecedented global development program under the One Ford strategy, the next-generation Focus is set to continue the successful tradition of its predecessors and demonstrate how Ford is changing.

You can get an insider’s perspective on the global nature of the car in a two-part series here on in two posts. The Making of a Global Vehicl e focused on the design of the new Focus, while The Making of a Global Vehicle Part II looked at the engineering and manufacturing.

KC Dallia is the U.S. Ford Focus Consumer Marketing Manager based in Dearborn MI. His primary brand responsibilities include serving as the voice of the customer in communications, training and public relations activities as well as managing final pricing and packaging strategies. He is also responsible for serving as liaison with regional vehicle engineering and development, operations and commodities planning and regional marketing in the US, Canada and Mexico.

You can join Matt here on February 25, 2011, to ask him questions about developing and launching the Ford Focus as a truly global car.
MyFord Focus Live Chat with KC Dallia, Focus Brand Manager

KC started his career in Ford in 2008 working on cross-vehicle technology campaigns, including SYNC®. Early in 2009, he transitioned to the then current model Focus. Prior to Ford, KC worked as a business development specialist for DuPont, and earlier still as a program management and fundraising manager for Independent Sector, a nonprofit leadership organization located in Washington D.C.

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, KC's has a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University and a Masters of Business Administration in consumer marketing from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. In his spare time KC enjoys cooking, exploring independent film and competing in triathlons and various other endurance events. He' been passionate about cars since well before he could drive, and he thinks that cross-country roadtrips are always a good idea.

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Tom A. 02/28/2011
Where is the new Focus/EV being manufactured for the US market?
Donald 02/27/2011
I love my escape hybrid. Smooth ride and plenty of power.
Andrew 02/27/2011
Theresa, go buy a cheap Korean or Chinese import, then you'll appreciate the quality of a Ford!
Dave 02/27/2011
When will the AWD Focus come to America?
selva 02/27/2011
i need ford mustang in india
Benjamin Svikhart 02/26/2011
i own a ford mustang, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me
Theresa 02/25/2011
Had numerous problems with a ford, will never buy again.
Erik 02/25/2011
Looks great
Nathan 02/25/2011
Why is Ford not selling the Ford Falcon in the US?
Joseph 02/19/2011
I just hope for one thing that American auto makers start manufacturing more of there vechicles in a 5 or 6 speed manual,nice look on the focus may consider aa test dive and buying if i ejoy it, Go Ford
Yvonne Simmons-Sims 02/19/2011
I am about to test drive either a Focus or Fusion from a Ford promotion at the Chicago Auto Show. I havent ever driven the latest model of either.
Bill Wise 02/18/2011
Where is the Focus coupe? Or at least a 3-door hatch?
Martha Taraba 02/18/2011
How about bringing out the new Lincolns already so your dealers have something to sell!
Joe Adams 02/18/2011
Bring us the Focus RS!!!
Tom Fong 02/18/2011 I thought that live chat was right now.
Roger Duchou 02/18/2011
No thanks, made in Mexico.
Zachary Davis 02/18/2011
I like the new Focus, it is a generous addition to the ford fleet. It's much better looking than previous years of the focus. I do hope they offer an All-Wheel Drive Model, or even a Turbo-Diesel model of the Focus.
Mark Hanes 02/18/2011
Been a long time since I've been this excited selling Fords in my 28th year of selling cars. Thanks Ford. This is going to be a wicked awsome ride!
Gerardo Romero 02/18/2011
Bring the RS to USA it would be good competition to the GTI and the Mazdaspeed !!
Bob Long 02/18/2011
It's a nice car with too many doors.
Bob Long 02/18/2011
I have a question for the man..why no two door? Every car I have owned since my ver first car (78 Pinto) has been an American car. I don't want to go import. However. It seems that my beloved American car companies have given up on folks like me. I love small cars. I love two doors. I would really consider a Focus or even Fiesta if you would give us a two door. The Mustang is a great car but the insurance is just way too much. Your killing the Ranger in America so that is out as an option. Ford, Dodge, and Chevy have all tossed folks like me under the bus. Are your going to make me bite the bullet go Japanese?
Don Bond 02/18/2011
Subaru is a good car... and this is also a good looking Car...
Adam M Hamby 02/18/2011
There will be a Focus ST...In the current bodystyle with a 2.0L DOHC ECOBOOST and 250bhp. I'm getting one!!!
Jake Reihl 02/18/2011
All I want to know is if there will be a focus rs offered in the us.
Adam M Hamby 02/18/2011
I think this cars pretty ugly honestly...The current Focus is a lot more attractive styling wise. This kinda looks like something that would wear Subaru badges.Yuck...Lose the HUGE UGLY PLASTIC LOWER GRILLE FORD!!!