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Since its reveal at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, anticipation for the innovative Focus Electric has been growing. On November 10, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. EST, Focus Electric Marketing Manager Chad D’Arcy will take questions from Ford Electric Vehicle fans with updates on rollout details – including how they can get in line with the upcoming reservation process. Chad will also provide info on the Ford EV Certified dealer process, which will ensure dealerships are prepared to provide future drivers with comprehensive info on electrified vehicles.

Ford has been refining electric vehicle capabilities with the Escape and Fusion Hybrids for more than a decade, and the Focus Electric is the result of development teams committed to consumer choice, driver needs and smart technology.

The Focus Electric will offer a range competitive to all-electric vehicles on the market and a state-of-the-art battery system. It will never need a drop of gas. All of this is neatly packaged into a stylish package with a customizable instrument panel, eco-friendly seats and connected technology like the SYNC® with MyFord Touch info system and MyFord™ Mobile app. You can learn more about the Focus Electric by clicking here.

Live Chat with Chad D'Arcy, Focus Electric Marketing Manager

During more than eight years with Ford, Chad has worked both as Business Development Specialist and Zone Manager, managing multiple zones in the Twin Cities region. Chad has a BSBA from Ohio State University and an MBA from the University of Minnesota. His personal interests include mountaineering and Pre-Columbian history.

Join us on November 10, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. EST to chat with Chad about the Focus Electric and the full line of Ford electrified vehicles. For the latest conversations about Ford electric vehicles, like Ford Electric Vehicles on Facebook.
curtis womack 11/11/2011
i love ford. always have. ive been trying to tell america that ford is the company to back. they went with gm lol. rediculous. they must not be teaching history in school now. i think ford should think outside the box. heres a few crazy ideas. i know you dont want to hear this first one so lets get it over with. lots of people, especially now days, live in their cars. i cant afford a car or truck so, i ride a bicycle, and i see more and more people sleeping in their cars. for some people its a choice. save on rent for a couple months. get ahead a little, but most dont have a choice. ford would hit really close to home, and americas hearts, if they would design every car they make with fold flat seats all around. so you can turn the entire inside of the car into a bed. doesnt matter how low or how high. or trunk/back seat. fold down the back seat and design the trunk better to make a bed/flat surface.
i know perpetual motion is not possible, but we come very close, and when talking about batteries, solar panels and wind turbines, close is good enough. we dont need to achieve it, just use it to constantly charge a bank of batteries. have 2 or 3 banks and the car can just keep switching to whatever bank is ready. and i would instal a moped motor, for charging only, and it never shuts off when your driving. why cant you make the entire roof of the car a solar panel? or 2-4 panels that FILL the roof area? and the trunk deck and hood for all that goes, if you dont care about your paint job. why cant you put two, 4 inch wind turbines, for charging, in the front bumper? like where subaru has those stock fog lights? driving forward has to be the easiest way to charge besides solar. and why not use the turning of things, to recharge? and the heat of things. just wondering if any of these thing are being considered. why not an electric motor on each wheel? with its own bank of batteries. and you can turn them on and off and drive 1 wheeled if you want, to save your charge and go easy. all wheel drive for snow and ice, etc. why not make a car that uses 80% electric and a super quiet, constantly running 250cc motor cycle engine, for assisted power. make the gas tank big enough so you dont have to fill it up for a month (10gal?). it doesnt have to have lots of power to assist.
and you know how the saturn has that 3 door? that little half door that trucks have? all 4 door cars should be built that way. just do it and the people will accept it and love it. one more, why dont you look into paint. design a paint that has solar charging properties, or heat gathering properties, that can be used for charging. got that idea from the aliens. NASA has film of craft, VERY close to the sun. just got me thinking about how they were using heat, to recharge.
Nico Borghi 11/10/2011
What is the price tag ????
Greg 11/10/2011
What is the estimated miles per charge for the Focus Electric?
Prem Advani 11/10/2011
What is the range of the ford focus electric?
Carl 11/10/2011
Tried to register. Technology didn't work. When I tried to select my date of birth it submitted the page, instead, and then rejected it because I did not fill in a required section.
Kristian Jostov 11/10/2011
How much power does the Focus EV take to charge (in kilowatts or megawatts; trying to figure out the cost of fuel)? Compared to Nissan Leaf (and others EVs, as they come in the near future), is the Focus EV competitive in price? Because I think the price should be closer to the Leaf than the Chevy Volt. Are there any other all electric vehicle that Ford is working on, other than the Transsit?
Thank you, and i am amazed with the progress of Ford/Lincoln
Sean Gorney 11/08/2011
I'm a diehard gear head, have built and drag raced Mustangs and love the sound and smell of a healthy V8. But EV's are a no-brainer. Its time to move onward in the 21'st Century with Li-Po Brushless Electric! :)
Paul 11/07/2011
In this age of rapid technology development, does it REALLY make sense to OWN a fully-electric vehicle? Details, please on the short-term LEASE of a Ford Focus Electric, please!! (And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be truly competitive to the 36-month lease of a Nissan Leaf -- $2,500 down with monthly payments of about $370! Something CLOSE to that will make it a LOT easier for many consumers to swallow!!!) Thanks!
ReadyToBuy 11/06/2011
Looking forward to the chat. Visited my nearest Certified EV dealer in SoCal on 11/4 - they refused to take an order for a Focus Electric as they have no info on them yet. I seem to know more than the dealer simply by reading Ford's web site. When you say you are taking orders and then you do not actually take orders it sends mixed messages to your customers. I'm ready to buy, please figure out when you will actually sell the Focus Electric.
José Pilquinao Calbucoy 11/01/2011
I think it's great
William Ross 11/01/2011
Ford should be the leader in innovation and stop following and reacting, this is not an extreme idea, it is logical. Quit using oil and burning gasoline. Electric is faster, more efficient and more powerful. I have driven Ford trucks exclusively since 1969 and look forward to the day when Ford manufactures electric powered vehicles. Time for Ford to get out ahead and out of the box.
Gary Dennis 11/01/2011
Buy Ford
Carol Hagen 11/01/2011
Electric cars are too costly for the consumer without gov't subsidies. How bout making an F-150 off the assembly line with propane rather than gas engine... construction industry is interested but retrofits on a $17-22K F-150 cost $14K. With prevalent propane filling stations planned in the NE corridor you'd have a hit plus clean air initiative goodwill to boot!
Francisco Campillo Muñoz 11/01/2011
Dentro de. Poco
Lauren McClain 11/01/2011
Love it.
Ford Motor Company 11/01/2011
Gentlemen: it's a matter of choice. We respect your extreme views on the subject, but the fact is, we have a variety of customers that have a variety of needs. We hope you'll respect that as well.
William Ross 11/01/2011
Tell Chad Americans want electric powered F series trucks and SUV's to be built in America by Americans with American manufactured parts.
Richard Moody 11/01/2011
God gave us gasoline and V-8s!
Join the Live Chat with Focus Electric Marketing Manager Chad D'Arcy
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