Join the Live Chat about Ford and Solar Energy Leader SunPower

By Ford Social Member

The Ford electrification strategy is a top priority for the company this year with exciting new projects on the horizon. Efforts to explore emerging technologies have lead to an innovative partnership between Ford and SunPower, creating a smarter and greener way to charge electric vehicles.

The joint venture will bring SunPower’s high efficiency solar technology together with Ford electrified vehicles and product technology. SunPower President and CEO Tom Werner and Ford Associate Director of Global Electrification Infrastructure Mike Tinskey will announce this industry first on Wednesday, August 10, 2011. Following the announcement, Mike and Sunpower's Ken Fong will link in from California to chat with you and other Ford fans at 5:00 p.m. EST/2:00 p.m. PST.

Do you have questions about how solar technology will help charge your electric vehicle? Learn more about this innovative partnership between SunPower and Ford at the live chat.

Join the Live Chat about Ford’s Partnership with Solar Energy Leader SunPower

Mike has been with Ford since 1991 and led the global Product Planning and Program Management activities for hybrid electric vehicles before taking his current position. He has been integral to planning for the Focus Electric.

Ken is SunPower’s general manager, North American residential and light commercial business unit. Ken brings 25 years of management experience from the consumer technology and solar industries.

Both are excited answer questions regarding Ford electric vehicles and SunPower solar technology.
Bob K. 08/11/2011
Ford makes the best cars ever. Now if they would only tell us when the 2013 Taurus will be available !!!
Kevin Hart 08/10/2011
Ford should develop a paint that incorporates micro cells that take the suns energy, converts it into electricity, and aids in powering the car. You can use it on any car and it would not take away from any design. No compromise to styling with improved fuel economy across the whole line of vehicles.
Sean O Keeffe 08/10/2011
Before you move forward any more take a look back at why people loved your cars in the 70s 80s and early 90s and you will find a lot of us just loved the rwd set up and how well balanced the were to drive
Kristina Fallon 08/10/2011
All cars should have AT LEAST the option of solar panels on the roof...may not power the car but they could charge our devices and save that power from being used at home and if we plug in at a charging station it could be fed back into the grid while in a parking lot. Parking lots are very big lets put them to work.....
Babak Bagheri 08/10/2011
I love Henry Ford . He was a best industrial designer & Mechanic engineer
Jimmy Junior 08/10/2011
Ford is really the technological leader in the automotive industry today. It's good to see an American automaker leading the way in technology and innovation.
Our American Cars 08/10/2011
Looking forward to this
Danny Santiago 08/10/2011
Cloudy states should augment any solar system with wind energy. For that matter, all states should augment solar with wind energy. Why not? The technology is there. Not sure that solar energy is being touted as a panacea to our energy needs, but it does alleviate in the production and supply of energy. Other technologies should not be overlooked, for example, improvement in battery technology through the use of different materials besides lithium, etc.
Matthew Meyer 08/10/2011
I enjoy hearing how Ford is moving into the future.
Roland Poppie McKinney 08/10/2011
I want to hear about the 50th anniversary mustang, not this! >:-(
TamAirah Pedersen Campbell 08/10/2011
Ford and Chevron...should HOOK UP! *giggle*wink* No, seriously...GET MARRIED!
Anna Grice 08/10/2011
What about states like Washington which is always cloudy, rainy, and hardly ever gets any sun, how does this help them? Are they stranded?
Danny Santiago 08/09/2011
Aside from all the solar energy and electirc car naysayers, will Ford consider integrating efficient solar cells on the body of the car, along with regenerative braking, and other forms of energy producing technology to at least provide some power to cars? Please no negative comments from gassers stuck in the 19th century (makes me think some folks are inhaling way too much gas fumes and can't think straight).
Blake Spencer 08/08/2011
2 words ..... traditional values
Jesse Kula 08/08/2011
i work in the oil pach and can tell you all the oil we drill in the USA go's some place elce
Satish Singh 08/08/2011
Ok but how much it takes time for we who are waiting for that technolgy & what about cast of car & milege.!
Paul Langridge 08/08/2011
electric chairs in the boardroom would be a great step forward
Robert A Elliott 08/08/2011
Solar is another good possibility in the future to get off of foreign oil.
William Vaccaro 08/08/2011
I know where you are going with this. The government already outlawed the Light Bulb a couple of weeks ago. Another freedom of choice that was taken away. Look at it this way. Congress has an approval rating of 18%. Ford is now on top. Why would Ford follow a bunch of losers. I'll keep my F-150 just the way it is.
Felix Turnin 08/08/2011
Probably solar energy only can charge the battery lol.
Greg Wavell 08/08/2011
I'm interested in keeping st thomas assembly plant open. Find a plan for that.
Peter R. Gross 08/08/2011
Electric cars are an aberration!
William Vaccaro 08/08/2011
Not interested in this at all.
Paul Langridge 08/08/2011
see the possibilities