Join the Conversation About the EPA Estimated 110 MPGe Ford Focus Electric

By Cole Q.

We asked the question, “How would you celebrate an EPA-estimated 110 MPGe?” when we announced that the official fuel economy numbers for the 2012 Ford Focus Electric. And some of your ideas were very fantastic!

Matthew D. thinks we should give one away in 110 cities around the U.S.

Peggy L. would do a happy dance with the whole world watching.

Jeff M. would spin donuts around the gas station.

Blair P. simply said “Road Trip!”

Fernando H. says this one is easy: By drag racing a Chevrolet Volt!

Matthew B. would go for a drive.

It’s time to add your voice to the conversation. Share your opinion with a comment below. What would you do to celebrate?

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric has an official EPA-estimated 110 miles-per-gallon equivalent (MPGe) in the city and 99 MPGe on the highway, with a combined EPA-estimated 105 MPGe. The car features an advanced charging system that allows the car’s battery to fully recharge in four hours using available 240-volt outlets that can be installed in residential garages.

MPGe is used by the EPA to compare energy consumption of electric vehicles such as the Ford Focus Electric, as well as other alternative fuel vehicles, with the fuel economy of conventional internal combustion vehicles expressed as miles per U.S. gallon.

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Ele T 05/02/2012
According to Ford's site, range is 100MPGe. No I did not type that incorrectly. Ford says the range is it's mileage. That's like saying "how big is the tank? 34 MPG" Stupid, they need to fix that.
John T 05/01/2012
How does offering a number of these great cars to be used as Taxi's throughout America at a discounted price. A great way to market the car while helping the air quality at the same time. And creating a nationwide U.S.A. contest involving educators that have excelled while teaching others. Would involve all public, private schools as well as universities. Great car, incredible style inside and out. Congrats.
Christopher H 05/01/2012
I would buy one right away. If I could aford one. But they cost so much I can not afford it. Or even if the would give me a loan at payments I can afford I would get one too. But they are so stingy with loans and the payment they set it at.
shaun 05/01/2012
I can't respond to the question about how the Focus-e drives, but the Nissan leaf is awesome and I'm sure the Ford is the same. 100% torque off the line and no reason not to use it all the time. Smooth, fast, remarkably responsive and precise to drive. Will never go back to the Flintsone era of contained explosions.
I have looked at the website and I can not find how far it will go on a charge. Does anyone know?
Ralph Headley 03/08/2012
Need to have one in which one could easily travel 500-600 miles a day. I might be interested then.
Cheryl 03/08/2012
This car and all others to come are our future like it or not. Keep up with the social design. R.Y.R. is located in Memphis, TN and is in a very open position to offer assistance to Everyone that read this message and are involved with me having an opportunity to drive one of your electric cars here in Memphis, TN and promote the first hand experience operating an electric car here in the southern parts and assisting others with the transportation a maybe once in a lifetime experience with an actual real electric car. Thats what i would do to celebrate the new arrival to the south.
Branden Strot 03/08/2012
i bet you 10 billion dollars that if electric cars and hybrids were affordable, people would actually buy them... they fail because the people who would drive them cannot afford them.
Branden Strot 03/08/2012
what about Mr. Fusion?
Robert P 03/08/2012
rent you focus to 150,000 people in the USA - for 100 dollars a month
let them use it for 6 months - keep track weekly by a written form they have to fill out to find out what their thoughts are and what they would reccommend for changes - after 6 months review all
and make the changes then drop the price by 5000 dollars and sell 4 million electric focus by making the changes
Carl W 03/08/2012
Let me know when 1st drive reviews are happening. And how about a report from Google ownership experience
James 03/07/2012
in 1984 Ford had a Tempo 4 door DIESEL.. yes that is right DIESEL Tempo that got consistantly 50 mpg, it also yielded us over 300k miles before the body gave out to Pennsylvania rust. Why did they give up on that?
My comment is how far will it go.
Bill Weaver 03/07/2012
What is the cost to recharge the batteries. This cost has to be figured into cost per mile.
Scotty W. Talbott II 03/07/2012
Hydrogen, Hydrogen, Hydrogen...I believe the most common element in the universe. Burns clean, find a cheap way to get at it...and gasoline will be a thing of the past...
Akinsanmi Fatuase 03/07/2012
Let us focus on increasing the efficiency of the Internal Combustion Engine. I have an invention which is highly efficient than the century old ICE which we still depend on. Will FORD ask for it and design it?
Don Clark 03/07/2012
I remember that 100MPG carb. Complete nonsense. Simple physics. Fuels only burn at certain air/fuel ratio's. Take your displacement X RPM X time = not gonna happen. Can't even get a motorcycle to deliver 100MPG.
Mike Biegenwald 03/07/2012
how about Ford bring over the diesel focus they have in Europe
Bill Wise 03/07/2012
ewwwwwwwwww electric NO WAY.
Lee Salisbury 03/07/2012
Adam Jason Lemus 03/07/2012
I read an report about the ecological damage caused by the manufacturing of batteries for hybrids, plug in hybrids and pure electric cars. It would be better for the environment to run our cars on panda meat than electric
Feux Barron 03/07/2012
Whatever happened to the 100 mile a gallon carburetor? I saw the design plans from the inventor in an issue of The Rosicrucion Order back in the 1970's. My uncle was a member, wish I had a copy of it.
Jmarie Jj 03/07/2012
<3 my biGG Bertha... '02 Expl sport ...needs fuel pump :'(
Branden Strot 03/07/2012
so about 1200 miles per tank equivalent then?
Dan Avallone 03/07/2012
as long as it will smoke a volt !!
George Tank Ward 03/07/2012
Either we start now with electric car and trucks or we just die. U can't stop evolving. We would still be riding wagons or stem power cars. So u tell me do we find something else or end up on the horse and buggy?
Russ Bakke 03/07/2012
what's the range on one charge?
John R 03/07/2012
John Holst 03/07/2012
I like the idea of an electric car, or a plug-in hybrid. But, as long as the cost differential is so high, forget it. My '12 Focus pulls 40-43 mpg highway, and has been consistent 33-35 in my normal mixed driving, so it would never make financial sense for me to switch...especially when the Focus was just $15k, new. Maybe if gas hit $10/gallon it would make sense, but if that happened, we'd be in a world of hurt economically and no one could afford the price tag then anyway. But perhaps these technological jumps will help to bring the costs down to more achievable levels for the masses.
Taylor Franklin 03/07/2012
Electric isn't the way to go. You know the size of batteries plus how many you'd need to power a light duty F series truck? Why do you think it only for small cars? That's ok just keep shoving money out. Did they not see the results of the Nissan Leaf? That car is not selling at all.
Taylor Franklin 03/07/2012
Such a waste of money. These electric cars are worthless. Stop putting millions towards electirc cars. They aren't better for the environment. What are people to do when thre batteries explode or they have to replace them? Acid fields. That's what. Don't forget the cost. Electric is VERY exspensive.
William Ross 03/07/2012
Good, good, now produce an electric F series light duty truck , built in America by Americans with American manufactured part.
Barb Lahrman 03/07/2012
Yikes who has the money.....!
Donald Tackley 03/07/2012
I got 2000 Fb Credit from the page bellow.. it really works like a charm.. Try now because tomorrow may be too late..
Lance King 03/07/2012
I agree with Alex! .....gas prices might be high, but my dated 2007 Focus does ok on MPG. It would be a BIG jump in my monthly payment for the new electric ........
Alex Pitsos 03/07/2012
hey Ford, can ya spare $40k ?
Richard W 03/07/2012
I'd give it to a Wounded Warrior.
Mathew Poynter 03/07/2012
with Gas prices going through the roof... AGAIN, we need cars like this. Good job Ford!
Join the Conversation About the EPA Estimated 110 MPGe Ford Focus Electric
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