Inside the Filming of the Focus ST Commercial

By Wyatt F.

I love performance Fords. Perhaps it's because my first car was a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1, purchased when muscle cars were still cheap. But even back then, I lusted after the Ford European performance cars like the Sierra RS and RS500 Cosworth.

So, when I heard about the 2013 Ford Focus ST, I quickly joined the official Ford ST Facebook page. And when I got a message from Ford inviting me to join a small group of fellow Ford fans for a special commercial video shoot starring Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy in Key West, I only paused long enough to catch my breath. What was my part in this? It didn't matter, I was psyched to go.

Tuesday, May 15, we arrived in Key West for a meet and greet with our hosts from Ford, followed by dinner, discussions about the ST, the following day’s events and our own lives.

The next day started early, including a pre-production meeting that gave us insight to the unique vision for the commercial: user generated content augmenting professional filming to produce the final commercial. The subject would an exhilarating nighttime spectacle with Tanner and Greg piloting Focus ST vehicles at speed through obstacles, wet roads, and tight turns.

The town was plastered with posters and cards encouraging onlookers to film the race and upload their footage for a chance to have their footage used in the commercial. Later on Wednesday, we were given a special, private walk-through of the Focus ST by Tanner, where he shared his impressions and insights on the car, answered our questions and got us excited about the car's abilities and features.

Finally that evening the Tangerine Scream and Race Red ST vehicles were staged for filming as the sun began to set. Things moved very quickly. Lighting and film helicopters hovered above and we scattered along the course at key obstacles to catch the most dynamic moments. One, two, three; they staged and roared away from the start.

Between each of the six full course runs, I waded through crowded sidewalks lined with excited people. I moved from spot to spot grabbing the best footage I could all along until I was at one of the most dynamic locations. The crowd gasped and cheered for the drivers as they came barreling down the street, taking a sudden quick right onto a blocked street and locking up the brakes. Reversing furiously, Tanner ripped a reverse 180 as Greg tore off again in the lead, Tanner in close pursuit. And so it went with them narrowly missing obstacles, sliding through thrilling chicane style corners, and grabbing air on the way to the finish.

The evening could not have been gone better or been more exhilarating. Our group of Ford Insiders was treated to the enviable experience of riding back to the hotel in a Focus ST, and later joined the crew and drivers at the Green Parrot. But as the sun threatened to rise, I returned to the hotel with just enough time to reflect on the day before packing and heading home. All I could think was: This was awesome!

I have been asked about my impressions of the Focus ST, getting to see it in person, sitting in it, riding in it and all that. Well, you remember that 1970 Mustang Mach 1 that I mentioned was my first car? I still have it, and I think my Oxford White 2013 Focus ST will look really great parked right next to it.

Wyatt Fletcher is equal parts composer and gearhead, and as a result spends his life split between generating research-based, algorithmic computer music and doing all things automotive. He also finds time to dote on his supportive wife and two awesome kiddos. He'd like to extend his appreciation to his fellow Ford ST Facebook fans that helped make the trip to Key West so awesome: Greg, Peter, Casey, Matt, Angela, Derek, Ron, and Dave.

We invited people to participate in filming of the Focus ST ad , and you'll be able to seen the final video in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to Ford Social!
forex 05/29/2012
really cool:)
John Berry 05/29/2012
Ran into a good friend from Detroit, he works for Ford in the plant that builds the Focus. They are adding a third shift and will be putinng out about 20000 units a month. Great news
JCN 05/27/2012
Shouldn't the word be "Farther" not further if you 're talking about distance? You go "further" in life. "Farther when driving.
kurt livingston 05/26/2012
I know there is talk of a Fiesta St. Please give it all wheel drive like the World Rally Cross cars to take advantage of the publicity it builds for you. If you build it with all wheel drive a manual transmission and at least 220 horse power I will give you my Subaru sti's keys happily
Stacy Ritchie 05/26/2012
Tony Selk 05/26/2012
Go Ford
Freek Hitzert 05/25/2012
Did they modify the front of the st yet? Because that will hold of a lot of buyers in europe...
Mary Ann Schirmer 05/25/2012
I didn't wait! I bought my Ford Focus SE this past Tuesday. I would have loved to have an ST, but the SE is adequate for my needs.
Carl Warmington 05/25/2012
Well done to both Ford and ST fans. Look forward to the commercial
Greg Golinsky 05/25/2012
It was an amazing trip. I can't wait to see the finished commercial.
Marc M Cuomo 05/25/2012
Just drove off dealer lot 2 nites ago in my new 2012 Focus SE Hatch. Love it!
Wolfram Kamler 05/25/2012
Ford Motor Company, I love your cars, I love the all-mighty Ford GT more than anything else. I am currently studying Automotive Engineering because in the future I want to work with you, on the main factory located in Dearborn, Michigan, so I won't give up, I will be there with your team, no matter what.
محمد الملكاوي 05/25/2012
انا بحب سيارات الفورد لانه عندي سيارة فورد ايدج
Casey Payne 05/25/2012
Loved being there. Thank you Ford!
Sibongiseni Xaba 05/25/2012
Focus ST iz my dreamz
Elio Martinez 05/25/2012
The best? ??
James Shepard 05/25/2012
Focus to me is the best!
Inside the Filming of the Focus ST Commercial
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