How Would You Celebrate an EPA-estimated 110 MPGe?

By Cole Q.

As we move closer to the production of the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, the good news keeps coming. Today, it was announced that the Ford Focus Electric will be America’s most fuel-efficient five-passenger vehicle, with an EPA-estimated 110 miles-per-gallon equivalent (MPGe) in the city, 99 MPGe on the highway and a combined EPA-estimated 105 MPGe.

Anytime  you can use the words, “America’s most fuel-efficient,” it’s time to celebrate! And we think future owners of the 2012 Ford Focus Electric will do plenty of celebrating. In fact, we want to know how you would celebrate? Leave a comment below, or upload a story to Your Stories!

The Focus line soon will also be joined by the new 2013 Ford Fusion – which Ford is aiming to be America’s most fuel-efficient gas- and hybrid-powered midsize sedans – to help create one of the industry’s most fuel-efficient car lineups. The Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid is projected to become the world’s most fuel-efficient midsize sedan by achieving more than 100 MPGe in electric mode.

“Ford is giving customers the power of choice for leading fuel economy regardless of what type of vehicle or powertrain technology they choose,” said Eric Kuehn, Chief Engineer, Focus Electric. “The Focus and Fusion are great examples of how we transformed our fleet of cars, utilities and trucks with leading fuel efficiency.”

Focus Electric features an advanced charging system that allows the car’s battery to fully recharge in four hours using available 240-volt outlets that can be installed in residential garages.

Faster charging with 240 volts also can extend range as drivers can more quickly recharge between stops – up to 20 miles per charge hour – so they can significantly improve a car’s range during a busy day of driving by recharging multiple times.

For those who need to charge up while away from home, the number of charging stations continues to rise. In the last 10 months the number of charging stations in the United States has risen from 750 to 5,507, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

To cut charging costs at home, a unique value charging feature powered by Microsoft is designed to help owners in the U.S. charge their vehicles at the cheapest utility rates.

Ford will ramp up Focus Electric retail production in the first half of 2012 for dealership availability in California, New York and New Jersey. By the end of 2012, Focus Electric will be available in 19 markets across the U.S.

Visit for more information about the 2012 Ford Focus Electric.
Chris L 03/27/2012
Please oh Please for the love of all things good and even great give us the ford focus rs that is in europe i would buy one of those...I dont measure life in mpg but gpm...which equals fun
Ed 03/07/2012
To "Shawn": Please do your homework. The Focus electric is just that - electric. No charging combustion motor, so when the battery is nto contributing anything of significance, the car is not going to move.
Ed 03/07/2012
MPGe- is that equivalent MPG based on cost of gasoline vs. cost of electricity, or equivalent based on BTUs of energy used to move a mile?
george c 03/07/2012
why cant lincoln come out with a nice looking coupe to compete with the cadillac cts??? need something to appeal to younger drivers
Tim Lyndes 03/07/2012
Just purchused a 2011 ford f-150, not to happy with the milage I'm getting. Sticker said 17 on ST and 24 on HW. Now ford is saying that it can very from 5 mile under or 5 miles above, depends on how you drive. Well I don't like a 18 yr old and I drive on the fwy most of the time. Write something if you have the same problem.
BY 03/07/2012
Great Job Ford. True American Company
Victor J 03/06/2012
why cant you get a EDGE ecoboost in a allwheel drive model!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew D 03/06/2012
By giving one away in 110 cities around the US
Devon TupCakes Tupper 03/06/2012
Great. Now get the GT past four MPG. I still love you Ford.
john c 03/06/2012
is ford on track with natural gas vehicles
Shawn 03/06/2012
"MPGe" huh? It still uses gasoline so let's stop with the marketing gimmick. If any manufacturer is going to list the so-called "MPGe" you would also need to list the value of MPG when the battery isn't contributing anything of significance.
Brendan T 03/05/2012
Any new news on the 2012 FORD BRONCO??? I would love to own one.
Pam Fluegeman 03/05/2012
I would like to see the Eco-Boost engine as an option in the Lincoln MKX. It is available in the Edge so why is it not an option in the MKX? The MKX & the Edge share the same platform so what is the problem?
MH 03/04/2012
When are American car companies going wake up? Families want to buy eco-friendly cars. Listen to the consumers not the oil companies.
Jonathan W 03/04/2012
by giving away 110 of them to your loyal fans.
Eric M 03/04/2012
I would celebrate with a burnout contest
Phil Leonelli 03/04/2012
Batteries don't charge themselves! It takes about 25% more energy to charge than what you use. All political mumbo jumbo. Nothing against Ford at all! We're all being forced to drink the cool aid.
Roberto G 03/04/2012
I would celebrate only after I knew what the price of the car is. And after I found out how long the life of the battery is if its an all electric car. And after I found out how much it would cost me to replace the battery when it gave out. Then I would celebrate like it was 1999.
Michael B 03/04/2012
God Bless Ford! The real American auto maker!
Karen Foster 03/03/2012
i would drive it from the west coast to east coast to north and south to every state in the united state the only time i would stop is for gas and maybe sleep i would love to see all 50 states befor god takes me home thats what i would do.
Art Stauber 03/03/2012
I bet it doesnt start on fire
Barbara Kepner 03/03/2012
i like to travel. so would do a lot more. owned fords most of my life. wont by any thing else. great job love the trucks/ have a 1994 f150 and go every where in it
Cliff McNair 03/03/2012
And it's obama free motors, All American built by Free Enterprise, Congrats Ford, my only auto supplier now.
Alan C 03/03/2012
The lease price is all that matters. Why would anyone buy battery tech today when it is advancing so rapidly. It's like buying a $40k iPhone/iPad, knowing you will want the upgrade in 18-24 months. If Ford will offer a lease between $350 and $400 like the Volt and Leaf, the Focus Electric will do very well. Comparing a gasoline car at $400 lease + $200+/mo fuel = $600/mo transportation expense. But with the EV, the only expense will be the $400. So the EV buyer will actually save over $200 monthly or $2,400 annually. Employers who lease cars for sales teams with small/defined territories will love the fuel cost savings of this EV also. I want one!
Robert Zappulla 03/03/2012
But definitely not at some of these car prices! Need something more affordable. Something better than batteries. Hydrogen. 0 emissions.
Robert Zappulla 03/03/2012
With the Government making the cars get better gas mileage, gas prices will keep going up. So eventually we will need cars that get better fuel economy.
Barry Raub 03/03/2012
sign me up, but not at 39k.
Richard Mincher 03/03/2012
They need to be 4 wheel drive for winter and rough terrain. Possibly have a small ceramic Diesel to recharge batteries. Must be a WHOLE LOT CHEAPER before I can afford one. We are retired..
Vincent Valez 03/02/2012
Dats right you just got told
Vincent Valez 03/02/2012
Get back to work on the fuel cell and stop creating stupid wastefull things like flex fuel and plug in cars and dont use methanal reformers either do it right get the hydrogen form water then you did something as of now your wasting our time on irrelent technology that will be outdated with poor battery technology
Vincent Valez 03/02/2012
Just wondering how you converted electrons to gallons for the 105 mpge lol @ thatp
Chris Wahl 03/02/2012
Daniel Davidson 03/02/2012
How would I celebrate? By vigorously testing that it doesn't prematurely go into "turtle mode" like a Leaf.
Undrae Hayes 03/02/2012
Got to have one!
Mike Ulrich 03/02/2012
Buy one.
Martin Trowbridge 03/02/2012
I agree with Sanders. I have seen diesel rabbits in Europe getting. 60+ MPG. Why is diesel so much more in the us when I cost less to refine.
Eric Steel 03/02/2012
I just test drove this car, in a comparison to the leaf. Even though I hate electric cars and think they are a fad. The focus is as good as they come. Lots of power(really), and it has real world features and usability. Still rides and handles like a normal focus.
Andre Esser 03/02/2012
And who pays for the electricity? Electric cars can't be THE solution for fuel problems,they just open up new problems and are at least as dirty as a usual car when the electricity comes from coal...
Jeff Lahrman 03/02/2012
Need a comfortable 5 passenger vehicle that is fuel efficient. (Comfortable meaning that it has to accommodate 3 car seats).
Dave Sanders 03/02/2012
As a commuter car, that's great. I rural areas, not so much. How about marketing European spec clean diesels in the US? Where's the Focus diesel? Where's the Fusion diesel? Where's the Fiesta diesel? They're great cars but they aren't here. Why not????
Dave S 03/02/2012
As a commuter car, it's great. For rural areas, not so much. How about marketing European spec clean diesels?
Herman C 03/02/2012
with the high mpge in mind how does that traslate into range?
how about bronco badge
Su-Zy Larios Colling 03/02/2012
Great! Where and When can I get one with AWD ?
Alvin Guy Jr 03/02/2012
Give us a heads up on hd truck improvements. Is any work being done in this area. I love my ford truck but hurts to spend a 1000 dollars on fuel in a week.
Andrew Swett 03/02/2012
I need to get one. It's much more efficient than my 04 Mercury Sable. I am getting around 20 MPG now. On a real good day I can get 28 MPG. There should be more of these cars out on the road the way oil prices are today.
Clark Harris 03/02/2012
It really depends. What is the range? What is the range in August in Kansas with the air conditioning on? What is the range in below freezing temps with the heater on? What is the range at night with the lights on? There isn't enough information here to have an opinion.

When we get a Focus that has a 400 mile range in all environmental conditions and recharges in the same time as filling a tank with gasoline---then I'll be interested. Until then, this is just forced pandering to absurd political demands, oppressive CAFE standards, and foolish government restrictions on developing domestic energy sources and refining capability.
Matthew Benjamin Boux 03/02/2012
I would.......GO FOR A DRIVE !!!!! LOL
Brian Ricci 03/02/2012
I'd celebrate by taking all my saved gas money and throw a kegger
John Palmisano 03/02/2012
Does this car take any gas or not? Its range seems rather confining, but its a start. Great if you live near where you work, but if you need to travel more than 78 miles back and forth you have a problem.
Kim Omnes 03/02/2012
Great now we need a Focus in AWD, I don't want to go Subuaru to get an economical awd commuter car.
Sidecar Bob 03/02/2012
mourn the loss of American companys actually making cars people want
Kyle Blindauer 03/02/2012
Do a burnout...well maybe not. How bout get a plate that says 110 MPG
Tyler Ishee 03/02/2012
so wait, how many mpge could i get with 1.21GW at say aroumd 88mph?
Ford Motor Company 03/02/2012
Laura Rey-Winters: it might be helpful to understand what MPGe means. This stands for "miles per gallon equivalent," meaning that 33.7 kilowatt hours of electricity is equivalent to one gallon of gasoline. If you're getting 2.5 times better fuel efficiency by using electricity, why would you rather pay 2.5 times as much with gas?
Matteo C. Scaptura 03/02/2012
have less qualms about driving my '68 mustang 289 more often where i average 5mpg
Tyler Ishee 03/02/2012
I would celebrate by unleashing all that pent up anxiousness and floor it until I ran out of gas.
Alvin Guy Jr 03/02/2012
On the truck look at replacing the wheels with electric motors with battries and a small genartor under the hood. 4- 100 to 150 hp motors should do it.
Fernando Hernandez 03/02/2012
This ones easy, by drag racing a Chevy Volt!
Brian Rokosz 03/02/2012
Considering the Chevy Cruz Eco actually is more cost effective than a Volt proven by Motor Trend...I doubt an electric focus will be better than an se sfe
Hsuan Yu Lin 03/02/2012
Save money to buy one.
Patrick Ponce 03/02/2012
Maybe by buying a car that gets that mileage.
Ryan Harrington 03/02/2012
id want a gas back up plan.
John Kujat 03/02/2012
I not only build them but I bought the T-shirt!
Adam Luce 03/02/2012
I would tote my camper a few more times to the woods with my 96 F-250.
Al Hartzell 03/02/2012
My gf. 2012 focus is posed to get 40mpg and it shes getting 27 mpg
Alvin Guy Jr 03/02/2012
You mean you can do that without a bailout that would turn our country upside down??? Go ford! You have my buisness. I agree with bradley its time to give us truck owners a little mpg my last 4 cars were f-350 powerstrokes driving one now 277000 miles on it. Looking to replace it in a year or so, think you can have one that gets around 100 mpg loaded by then? Lol
Andrei Mihai 03/02/2012
Roxanne Thomason Barney - a 110mpgE electric vehicle will not have the range to drive cross country... in under, say, a month. So yeah, hope you have lots of long 10+ hour stops to attend to because that's what it would be like driving an electric car over 3000+ miles.
Wade Ebert 03/02/2012
Wait! Can I put a snow plow on it?
Wade Ebert 03/02/2012
How would I celebrate it? By buying one to make up for my F250 Diesel 4x4. Thank you Ford Motor Company!
Elliot Kroon Groeneveld 03/02/2012
Who cares? how much does it cost? what is the charging time? and how far will it go on a charge?
Dave Boday 03/02/2012
What is the average cost to recharge one of these is the big question? how much more can one expect their electric bill to increase?
Michael Gruber 03/02/2012
It still wont go 110 miles on a gallon of gas alone though will it? HELLO
Ernest A Mitchell 03/02/2012
Does it have a motor if not it will not run 110 miles on a charge and you will be walking or shoving
Robert Halsey 03/02/2012
It's an equivalent measure, Michael, as that is how cars are rated now. Also, it does have a small gasoline motor.
Gavino Cervantez 03/02/2012
110mpg? thats it??? Come on guys its 2012... We should be at 200+ mpg. Not estimated FACT!
Branden Strot 03/02/2012
by not charging over 10 grand for one.
Michael Gruber 03/02/2012
How does it get m
110 mpg when "G " meams GALLON??? Electricity does not come in gallons! DUH???
Laura Rey-Winters 03/02/2012
Unless I have solar power energy.. I won't buy electric.. because as the amount of fuel ill stop using will just add up on my electric bill.. I don't think ill want to plug my car in to my house just to pay lower gas .. watch out for Ur electric bills!!
Jhon Faber 03/02/2012
Si me gusta mucho pero me gusta mas el ford fiesta HB por que casi no le hacen propaganda al ford fiesta HB?
Jeff Malfatti 03/02/2012
Spin donutes around the gas station.
Chris Longest 03/02/2012
Celebrate by going for more mpg! I heard a story when I was taking the Ford F.A.C.T program of someone that took a hybrid Civic (I hate Honda but I'm sharing anyway.) and did some stuff to it and made it get I believe 200+ mpg it might have been over 300 mpg. Might have just been a tall tale but still if it is true its something to try to figure out.
Casey Payne 03/02/2012
Driving to FL if course. Or 1 1/2 hour drive to Corvette museum.
Blair Pledger 03/02/2012
Bradley Bastian 03/02/2012
Ok so now do something to improve the 13 mpg i get out of my f-150..
Roxanne Thomason Barney 03/02/2012
I would cross the country hitting all the hot spots.... Thanking Fords
Richard Marchitto 03/02/2012
I would treat my self to a nice dinner out because of the savings in
Debbie Smith 03/02/2012
drive drive drive drive drive drive drive drive..........
Tommy Curran 03/02/2012
Love Ford, but would never own an Electric or Hybrid vehicle, you can keep them!
Jared Cechnicki 03/02/2012
Prob costs 40k
Peggy Lemos 03/02/2012
I would do a happy dance with the whole world watching lol
Richard Marchitto 03/02/2012
Jack Ruvalkaba Sanchez 03/02/2012
Andrei Mihai 03/02/2012
By hitting the remote starter on my V10 10mpg truck.
Dave Evans 03/02/2012
I would offer Alan Mulally an indecent proposal.
How Would You Celebrate an EPA-estimated 110 MPGe?
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