Has the Ford Focus Revealed the Future of the Music Industry?

By Tori T.

If we were to say to you, “Hey, you, Ford has launched an innovative mobile recording studio in the 2012 Focus,” would you think we were nuts? Nuts like a fox! The new Ford Mobile Studio will serve as the recording studio for three grand prize winners of the Ford Motor Company Gimme the Gig II sweepstakes.

In late February, a handful leaders in the automotive customization and music industries were on hand at Galpin Auto Sports in Van Nuys, California, for the debut of the Ford Mobile Studio to support the Gimme the Gig II sweepstakes. Hosted by Grammy award-winning producer, Don Was, Ford Sales & Marketing Manager, Tom Grill, expert sound engineer, Krish Sharma, and car customization professional, “Mad” Mike Martin of Galpin Auto Sports, attendees had the chance to witness a true industry first, the launch of a state-of-the-art mobile recording studio inside the Focus.

Local recording group, Magnolia Memoir, demonstrated the remarkable capability of the mobile studio, recording a track live at the event and allowing attendees to experience the cutting-edge digital equipment through instant playback.

“Our team has worked in countless recording studios across the world, and we were beyond surprised by how little we had to sacrifice in order to get all of the desired equipment into the vehicle,” noted Don.

“Winners will have the chance to record an original track with Don Was and his team in the Ford Mobile Studio. We look forward to announcing our Top 12 finalists in the next 30 days,” Tom shared. “Gimme the Gig II will also be featured in an upcoming television special to further showcase the bands and the 2012 Ford Focus.”

“This project demonstrates a great synergy of corporate engagement with local artists who would probably never have had the chance to experience national exposure,” said Krish.

“Mad” Mike, formerly of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride”, was on hand to explain some of the more technical pieces of assembling the vehicle.

“With over 2,000 feet of cable, this vehicle is a one-of-a-kind achievement. That being said, you will be shocked to know that the amazing sound quality in the playback is transmitted on the vehicle’s stock speakers. A lot of the technology utilized in the studio was already in the vehicle, we just added the unique elements that made it a recording studio,” he explained.

The vehicle will be used in the promotion of the Gimme the Gig II sweepstakes, with plans to take it on tour, giving artists across the nation access to its unique technology. See www.gimmethegig.com for more details.
Adam Penn 06/25/2012
I agree with the guy requesting a Transit. That would be sweet. I would have a pretty difficult time FITTING a guitar into a Focus let alone PLAYING it.
Anne Fitzgerald 06/24/2012
no way holdens are better =) fitzy
Brad B 06/24/2012
Hey Ford ! It's about a 50/50 shot on who likes/dislikes the new hi-tech that is finding it's way onto the dashboard. Being one who has been hit by a distracted driver I'm not to keen on such devices. After having close to 35 years in advertising I'm a people watcher. I'll apologize now to the 16 to 30 age group, but the way that age group is so distracted just walking around, I don't feel any the manufacturers need to going with these types of technology. Guys let us stick to the AM/FM/CD/Sat radio. Hands free and general cell use will be gone in NC before too long. ((laws enacted) So this option won't be popular here. From a libality factor a person opens themself up to a civil suite in a accident. Think about it.
Armani Nelson 06/24/2012
You suck with your Spanish commercials. No longer a ford customer.
Alan Raviprasanth 06/23/2012
www.facebook.com/MustangBoss302Ford. Learn more.
Gábor Sziklai 06/23/2012
I Love Ford!!!!!
Kevin M 06/22/2012
How about just give us Applink for Sync and keep the rest...
Deneth Kasun 06/22/2012
Mike Nassour 06/21/2012
Until Ford makes Sync as responsive as it should be, then I don't want to hear about any "recording studio". Right now, the thing's so slow it can't even change stations properly.
Charlotte Wright 06/21/2012
Bring a FORD plant back to GEORGIA!
Tony Arnold 06/21/2012
Not a chance.
Mark Milliken 06/21/2012
Lol . Lets make sure the car runs properly first. Worry about the distractions later please
Mc Escey Robbie Edwards 06/21/2012
It would good if you could that 2 a lwb high top transit i am a mc and it would be good 2 make tracks and edit on the road b 4 a gig i would get on 2 sony and do a demo transit and get some 1 like David getta 2 add this and your sales will boom :D
Justin Moore 06/21/2012
Mucho burritos
Chris B 06/21/2012
Then you try to use AppLink on it... and it doesn't work because SYNC hasn't been updated yet.