Ford Steps Up its Game at the E3 Gaming Conference

By Cole Q.

If you’re a gamer, you know that the E3 Expo is the place to be June 5-7, 2012. Taking place in Los Angeles, this is not only an international computer and video game conference, but it is regarded as the world’s premier trade show for these games and related products. If there’s news in the gaming industry to be made, it is very likely to be announced here. It’s also where all of the players within the industry come together.

What you may not know is what does gaming have to do with Ford? We asked Brian McClary, Ford Social and Emerging Media Analyst, to give us some insight on that topic, which he shares in the video above. He also talked with Mary Ellen Abraham, Ford Car Experiential Marketing Manager, whose team created the Focus ST Rally Club on site to give E3 visitors a fun way to get involved with the 2013 Ford Focus ST.

Activities ranged from grabbing a refreshment, get your picture taken with the Focus ST, which you can share on Twitter and Facebook, and even watch as a shirt is screen-printed for you right on site!

In addition to the Focus ST Rally Club, Ford also worked with G4 and IGN, both huge gaming networks.
Kevin M 06/22/2012
Games are great, but how about just adding the Applink to the 2012 Ford Focus with Sync...
Danny B 06/08/2012
Wes M 06/08/2012
Farmville on the MyFordTouch Sync Display utilizing wifi hotspots. My wife would love it!
Charlotte Wright 06/08/2012
Bring a Ford plant back to GEORGIA!
Justin Templeton 06/07/2012
MW4: Corporate Takeover
Chad Zechman 06/07/2012
Super henry ford brothers
Henry Klassen 06/07/2012
Larry Lindholm 06/07/2012
Screw Obama,Bring back the Crown Vic !
Tim Burnette 06/07/2012
Duck Hunt???
Emil Castaneda 06/07/2012
most wanted??
Tim R 06/07/2012
Thats a great idea! I loved going to E3 and I think the Focus is a perfect fit there. As long as you are not downstairs...
Sean Philippe Lim Tan 06/07/2012
Need For Speed??