Ford Makes Racing History, Again

By Tori T.

Ford has celebrated quite a few firsts in NASCAR® racing. It was the first manufacturer to compete with a four-door sedan. In 2008, the Fusion Hybrid was the first hybrid used as the pace car. And just earlier this year, the 2013 Fusion race car was revealed.

And now Ford has done it again! The all-new 2012 Ford Focus Electric will yet again put the Blue Oval in the NASCAR history books like those aforementioned examples, when it becomes the first all-electric pace car to lead the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at the Richmond 400, at Richmond International Raceway on April 28, 2012.

Did you know that about 35 percent of new-car intenders are motorsports fans and 78 percent of them support NASCAR, according to Ford research? Or that Ford race fans are 67 percent more likely to consider Ford products than general market consumers? Now, what are the stats on Ford NASCAR fans and onion-blossom consumption?

Focus Electric is rated America’s most fuel-efficient five-passenger vehicle that offers an EPA-estimated 110 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) city, 99 MPGe highway and 105 MPGe combined.* It operates entirely on battery-generated power.

Watch the Ford Focus Electric pace the Richmond 400 April 28, 2012, and visit to learn more about the Ford Focus Electric.
bouhedli m 03/24/2014
it is good post thanks
David Duperret 04/30/2012
Anthony W 04/26/2012
I don't think the royal community will take to kindly to technology in A sport like this
Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez 04/26/2012
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Andrew N 04/25/2012
k instead of electric hybrid get your most powerfull engine and turn it into a hydrogen machine , i dont mean filling up a hydrogen tank i mean hydrogen-on-demand, or burn straight water with the simple modifications that the gas companies dont want us to know about.
Chris Caldwell 04/25/2012
Of course it made racing history again its FORD!
Sal Undy 04/25/2012
Holy shice, NASCAR and electric cars just don't go together. The day NASCAR switches to electric engines or some other balony, I'm out.
Carl Giudici 04/25/2012
Great, the hippies have invaded NASCAR.
Brenda S 04/25/2012
I LIKE! FORD ROCKS! i've always been a fan of your 5.0 MUSTANGS CHERRY RED!
bob 04/25/2012
how do no if it is 141hp electric car?
Petition to get WRC back on the BBC 04/25/2012
Sammy Lundell 04/25/2012
Allways Ford
Rosco Treat 04/25/2012
Right on Ford...kick it
Sean Cooper 04/25/2012
Really, keep ur electric stuff away from NASCAR
Felhősi Sándor 04/25/2012
cool!! "love ford company"
Osijonwo Taiwo 04/25/2012
Ford company is the number one company dat make car dat we people love , is my number one.
Ken Bradley 04/25/2012
Sooooooo stooooooopid.
Ken Bradley 04/25/2012
12 hr pit stop to recharge!
Ken Bradley 04/25/2012
How many laps before it runs out of juice?! Haha
Chaz Schmitz 04/25/2012
They make the best trucks also
Blake Breckenridge 04/25/2012
Great for Ford to make history again,but for all the greenies in the crowd,I'll pass you in my 40mpg Focus while y'all are waiting for a charge! Lol
Donnie L Vinston 04/25/2012
Need to make pre race with hybrid cars.
Johann Armbruster 04/25/2012
With the ECO Boost 1,0 l is he a
very top Car.
Vjeran Dasovic 04/25/2012
Focus is my favorite car....I hope I'll be able to buy it one day....and if it's electric evene better...pollution is reason why I don't have car at the moment....I green it,I mean it. :)
Frank Oehlerking 04/25/2012
buy a fiesta,made in cologne....!
Zach Williams 04/25/2012
This is good for us! Most electricity comes from coal! An abundant resource in the USA. But I must admit...I own a mustang. Ha!
Mark D. Salke 04/25/2012
@Dylan Yeah, buddy, I'd give that a few years...
Mark D. Salke 04/25/2012
Yay Ford!
Dylan Worden 04/25/2012
It's only a matter of time before all Nascar's are run on electricity! :)
Adam Mumford 04/25/2012
Lj Siciliano 04/25/2012
First on Race Day
Ian 04/25/2012
I'm not so sure about this, but Ford knows best and if they think leading a pack of 800+hp race cars with a 141 hp electric car is a good idea, then it must be.
Parichehr Kianian 04/25/2012
Petition to get WRC back on the BBC 04/25/2012
like please!
Joshua Mitchell 04/25/2012
Ford Makes NASCAR History, Again
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