Ford Focus ST-R Racecar Availability to Begin in North America

By Ford Social Member

Have you heard? There’s a big-deal happening in Frankfurt, Germany, as we speak. That’s right, the Frankfurt Motor Show! You might think European news and car reveals don’t apply to the U.S. crowd, but you’d be wrong. And way wrong when it comes to the debut of the all-new Ford Focus ST-R racecar. This ST-based Focus has even been purpose-built for the track by Ford Racing in North America as a fully prepped competition car! Under the hood beats the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, and there’s an FIA-regulation roll cage, a track-tuned suspension and upgraded brakes. It will be available to teams soon, starting in North America, to compete in various series.

You are correct if you were thinking it resembles the Focus ST road car. “From the beginning, the Focus and new Focus ST were designed to be driver's cars,” said Jost Capito, Director of Global Performance Vehicles and Motorsport Business Development. “The road-going Focus features best-in-class brakes, handling and powertrains and the design and functionality of the various vehicle systems have helped us to develop a global technical specification for teams wanting to race the new Focus cost effectively. Ford Racing in North America has taken this effort and developed the new Focus ST-R and is a perfect example of how a great production car inspires a competitive race car for enthusiasts.”

The Focus ST-R will be available to order from Ford dealers in North America by seasoned hardcore professional drivers, amateur racers and track-day enthusiasts. Ford hopes to expand to additional regions in the future. “This is a competitive turnkey race car that will allow our customers to compete successfully in multiple series around the world with minor modifications. And it shows the on-going alignment of Ford Racing with our Performance Vehicles development group,” said Jamie Allison, Director, Ford Racing.

The Frankfurt debut of the Focus ST-R is part of an aggressive motorsport presence for Ford, as its strategy to support motorsport development across its core global vehicle platforms gains traction. Ford is applying engineering and development expertise for vehicles like the Focus ST-R to spur success in competition similar to that being enjoyed by the Fiesta in RallyCross and the X Games.

For North American customers, the Ford Focus ST-R is the latest in a long line of turnkey race cars offered by the company, including the Mustang FR500C, Mustang FR500S, Mustang Cobra Jet, Boss 302R and Boss 302S. And you performance nuts will love this news: Development work on the Focus ST-R will also result in a range of Ford Racing parts to be made available to racers and enthusiasts around the world.

Ford launched its global motorsport development program last year. At its core is technical support for privateers who chose to compete with global Ford vehicles with access to affordable, globally competitive hardware.

While we’re on the subject of Ford racers, the Frankfurt show was also home to the unveiling of the new 2012-spec Formula Ford. The next-gen Formula Ford cars will run a production-based 1.6-liter EcoBoost, and also boast freedom of chassis design, engine build and numerous technical items of specification, which have always been standout features of Formula Ford, and continues with the 2012 specification car.

Check the 2011 Frankfurt auto show page of for more updates from Frankfurt throughout the week.
Harry Hill 12/09/2011
Harry when can i drive it.
John McCoy 11/24/2011
I'm sorry my friends,but if u have to have AWD . Then ur just down right lazy as a racer. I understand the use for safety on public roads. But this article is about a turn key race car. Look at the Mazda Miata series(I know its RWD),also the Toyota Celica(FWD) has a series of races.Point is plenty of racers out there doing fine without AWD. Racing is not ment to be a "Sunday Drive".
Juston Preble 11/13/2011
If it were AWD I would buy one. Some goes for the new Focus ST if only it were AWD. It only makes sense. This would also allow Ford to offer the 2.0Eco Boost AWD in the Explorer and Edge as currently it is only available as a front wheel drive. Very disappointing. Especially because a new ford ranger would be awesome if it had the power of this new 2.0 Eco Boost, but who wants a Front Wheel Drive Truck, SUV, Sports Car. Not me! Great Economy, Great Power, Great Technology, now get the right transmission that offers rear wheel drive with this engine.
Larry 11/06/2011
I want to know when Ford will sell the Focus-ST here in the U.S. Also will Ford come out with F-250 Tonka? This would be one SUPER looking truck
Sal Undy 11/02/2011
Nice, a racecar is really what I need in daily traffic.
Sean 10/07/2011
Useless untill it gets AWD...
Steve Horan 10/01/2011
Plzz ford have a awd trim bcuz hatches just scream sportiness and u can fully achieve this with awd plus its overall supeior 2 fwd in all aspects other than fuel economy, plz tune it even more also to compete with the golfs, i will without a doubt buy 1 then
Gen Eugenio 09/14/2011
Innovative Ford Focus ..Super Tuning - Razorr..
Petri Sipiläinen 09/14/2011
That´s Good Ford do work all around World....
'The Great Race' - Mount Panorama - Bathurst 1000 09/14/2011
What a saucy little car.
Doug Beck 09/13/2011
Dead carp meets auto design........
Cody Teich 09/13/2011
ford is the best shevi sucks
Cody Jewell 09/13/2011
Will there be any 2 door models? and can you answer the question about any AWD posibilities in the future?
Jamie At Ford 09/13/2011
Hi Casey!
Apologies I did not see your comment above! Besides the overall Drive One appeal of the Focus ST, are there other specific options that interest you? If so, and you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach me via PM to discuss them further. :)

Ford Customer Service Division
Jamie At Ford 09/13/2011
Hey Chad!
Yes, that is! The new Focus ST and ST-R boast the turbocharged 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine! Check out another article about the new Focus at: and enjoy keeping up with the latest vehicle release information. :)

Ford Customer Service Division
George Shepherd 09/13/2011
should sind some to ford pdc in brampton to help them work facer so i can get out to deliver thereparts to the dealer earlyer then leaveing at 4am should be leaving at 1pm at night thanks for the help
Rodney Timms 09/13/2011
I love all the ways Ford IS involved with the customer and public in motorsports, but I'm dissapointed that they aren't providing factory support for the Pro Stock Mustang effort in NHRA drag racing. The unsupported teams that are loyal to Ford and trying to be competitive are getting embarassed at every meet. Why not throw some money and engineering their way and give Ford a strong presence in that area? Pontiac is dominant, and they don't even exist anymore!
joshua 09/13/2011
sick design for a focus. it is great that ford is putting more luxury, design, and style into their cars
Balraj Sidhu 09/13/2011
please launch focus in india too
Angelo Russo 09/12/2011
Ford SUCKS for not offering 3-door hatchbacks in the US for the Focus and Fiesta... Those are the only body styles I would consider...
Tom Cottage 09/12/2011
Looks very good but I think the Focus definately needs to be AWD, also for rally.
Stu Mac 09/12/2011
Ross Macdonald, check this out , u can buy with a roll cage standard !
Grandest Marquis 09/12/2011
Not a Vic. Not interested.
Greg Naeger 09/12/2011
I.....WANT....what is really disappointing is that I can't like this more than once.
Tom Cullen 09/12/2011
Will this b a AWD. Love the new focus. Live in ND and would love to see a AWD to compete with Subaru up here
Auto and Racing News 09/12/2011
Finally, a hot Focus racer for the States.
Ann Marie Zeller 09/12/2011
Love my little red Ford Focus, I hardly ever have to stop for gas
David Rios 09/12/2011
i'm pushing for an all wheel drive focus . who is in?
Todd Crawford 09/12/2011
maybe I would buy it if it were made in Europe, USA, or Canada, but not in Latin America.
Bam Bam Jones 09/12/2011
I give it a 10
Adam Barrera 09/12/2011
I want. to lick. this car.
Keyna Purvis 09/12/2011
Jared Tester 09/12/2011
Ford, you are making great decisions.
Ron Willett 09/12/2011
Just another slow 1.6- 2.0 . How about the twin turbo 3.7. Then I would look at it.
Liz Gray 09/12/2011
My ford is an 1987 lazer station wagon ,if you like to update my car ,please feel free id so appreaciate ,an so will my kids ,Thanks :))
Casey Payne 09/12/2011
Ford is gonna support the focus ST a it does the GT in performance parts? Just gained another reason to buy this car.
Ricardo Rareone Batres 09/12/2011
Now bring the rs to the u.s, and bring back svt for the focus
Colby DuPont 09/12/2011
Hope to get through octane academy and get myself in one of these! Ford choose this for the octane ride!
Abozaid Rashad 09/12/2011
wait &see!!!
Christopher Martin 09/12/2011
no power specs :(
Andrew White 09/12/2011
neat. I like the turnkey racer idea. I'd like to see a Roush Focus come to market for street duty.
Chad Michael Turner 09/12/2011
Is that the Eco boost focus 09/12/2011
Im a huge Fan of the Ford Focus and I love this design but I've never seen a 4 door racing car before. Is this the first? The 2 Focus that I have had so far were great. My 2010 Focus really handles well even at top speeds. It's nice and has some really awesome features but this model is soo much cooler.
Hernan Camilloni 09/12/2011
Quiero uno!!!
Tracey Jaqueline Chapman 09/12/2011
Jeff Stearns 09/12/2011
Ford Focus, very hot!
Aaron Dobert 09/12/2011
Mathew Poynter 09/12/2011
Awesome car!
Benjamin Tyler Burkhardt 09/12/2011
Tom Fong 09/12/2011
Says the idiot who should QUIT spelling like one.
Ricky Ramos Jr. 09/12/2011
If it's not street legal, we don't care.
Travis Gage 09/12/2011
ummm.. when are they going to be in dealerships? i want to buy a new focus st-r not watch some one else driving it on tv
John Calnan 09/12/2011
What a supercar, anyone who does not like this needs examining. 10 outa 10 ford. Well done.
Billy Sheen 09/12/2011
Excellent is it available in the uk?
Kyle MacDermaid 09/12/2011
Cool, now bring the ST wagon to the U.S., quite being idiots...
Sunny Sun 09/12/2011
Wow!!!!! That's awesome!!!!
Ben Herbert Scott 09/12/2011
:| another ford for the xcrapheap
Andres Alejandro 09/12/2011
Josh Bain 09/12/2011