Ford Brings Electric Models to Europe

By Ford Social Member

As part of the Ford global electric vehicle plan, the company will launch two zero-emission,  full-electric vehicles in Europe. The Transit Connect Electric light commercial vehicle will be introduced in 2011, followed by the Ford Focus Electric in 2012. In addition, two next-generation hybrid-electric vehicles and a plug-in hybrid will be introduced in Europe in 2013.

As Ford's global product vision accelerates to ensure that all the company's vehicles competing in global segments become common in North America, Europe and Asia, the resulting efficiencies will allow a global portfolio of environmentally friendly transportation solutions to be developed based around hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric and all-electric vehicles.

Ford’s global electrification strategy will deliver a suite of electrified vehicles to a variety of markets. This will build on the company's overall vision of offering the widest possible range of technology solutions – instead of a single vehicle or technology – to improve fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions for customers around the world.

"We recognize that one technology does not work for all our customers," said Derrick Kuzak, Ford's Group Vice President of Global Product Development.  "Our electrification strategy and plans include hybrids, plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles to best meet our global customers' needs. Leveraging our global platforms is also central to this strategy and allows us to build on our strong product line-up in the most customer-driven, affordable way."

Ford's Product Development team is participating in two specific European trial initiatives to demonstrate the technology in real world driving conditions, and generate feedback to help develop further the Focus Electric and the Transit Connect Electric for market acceptance in Europe.

In the UK, a consortium of Ford, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) and Strathclyde University is preparing later this year to run a fleet of zero emissions prototype Ford Focus battery electric vehicle prototypes, based around the current Focus model sold in Europe and using elements of the technology under development for the new Focus Electric.

The vehicles will be used for evaluation by both SSE and a number of fleet and private customers based in Hillingdon, Middlesex from mid-2010. Click here to read more about the program.

In Germany, Ford has recently announced its participation in the colognE-mobil project. This initiative will research the impact of electric vehicles on urban air quality, traffic safety and the electricity supply infrastructure. Scientists will then scale up the results to examine the true benefits an electric future could deliver for German cities.

Ford is one of four participants in the colognE-mobil project and will provide an early fleet of next-generation Focus Electric vehicles in late 2011.
Bob Stringham 04/19/2010
I met Preveen Cherian, Ford hybrid and electric vehicle engineering leader, while he was on the road last year demonstrating go-forward electric and hybrid platforms. If I could get his ear (and the platform marketing people too), I would like to lobby for a plug-in hybrid Grand C-Max 6 or 7 passenger mini-minivan for the US market. It would give the family both an essentially all-electric short range mode (daily commuting/Mom running errands) or a longer range vehicle in the full-hybrid mode for family trips. Thus, it should find a waiting market niche here. If the 3rd generation hybrid (now including the plug-in) could show the same increment of performance optimization that we saw between the 1st and 2nd generation Ford hybrids (Escape to Fusion), that would be a very desirable vehicle/powertrain combination. Hopefully the Grand-C Max platform body would offer sufficient flexibility to accommodate the larger lithium-ion battery pack while remaining tolerably unchanged to be used for the conventional powertrain production units. Thanks for listening.
capt 03/15/2010
Solar on the house to feed the plug in hybrid. It's coming - there will be no stopping it.
Randolph Planas 03/08/2010
Looking to buy the first all electric from ford when it comes out this year. I'm expecting gas to go sky high again this year. I currently own a f150 I'll never give up, but I can do with out on short local travel. I know there expensive, but I would love to see an option of solar cells on the roof to extend the range.... looking forward
Ford Brings Electric Models to Europe
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