Ford Battery Electric Vehicles Move Closer to Consumer Use

By Ford Social Member

As many as 20 households in the London Borough of Hillingon will be among the first to experience Ford's latest zero emissions technology. They'll get to drive a Ford Focus battery electric vehicle (BEV) for three months, taking part in research testing the technology's suitability for potential future application in Ford's passenger-car lineup.

These Ford Focus vehicles have been specially developed for the UK government's Ultra-Low Carbon Vehicles demonstration next year.

Hillingdon Council will ask residents to apply to participate, accessing a charging infrastructure to be installed in and around the borough from early 2010. Properties will be provided with domestic charging points.

The five vehicles will come from a fleet of Ford Focus BEV prototypes being produced for a consortium that includes Ford, Scottish and Southern Energy and Strathclyde University, as well as the London borough.

This new BEV demonstration fleet is being developed partly with public funding from the UK Government's Technology Strategy Board (TSB), which promotes innovative industry-led projects that reduce CO2 while benefiting the country's transport system.

The Ford Focus BEV

The Ford Focus BEV prototype is based on the current European Ford Focus and will use a new all-electric powertrain from supplier Magna.

The Ford Focus prototypes feature a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery pack with the capacity of 23kWh and a chassis-mounted 100kW permanent-magnet electric traction motor.  It will have a range of up to 75 miles and a top speed of up to 85 mph. Charging the batteries will take between six and eight hours, using a household 230-volt electricity supply.

To learn more aobut the Ford BEV, please see the fact sheet below.

Ford Battery Electric Vehicle

In the U.S., you can watch a different version of the Ford Focus BEV on "The Jay Leno Show." The electric car appears in segments called "Green Car Challenge" during the first season of the show. Click here for more details on the show and on the car used for the show.
phil s 02/26/2010
It seems to me that unless its a continuous stop and go situation, then the ev cannot compete with the icb, unfortunately
LJ 02/10/2010
Amen Brother! The soon the better,.
Dave 02/07/2010
The Tesla sedan is being delivered in 2011. It will have a 200 mile range and 120 mph top speed. Yes, it will be $50k, but so what. Get a longer loan.
steve H 01/22/2010
After watching the part GM and Chrysler played in destroying the EV of the 90's, as well as the Monorail that was to be free for the city of los angeles back in the 60's, as well as the part the oil companies played, I will never by another GM or Chryler. My last three cars were a GM, a Chrysler and I currently have a Ford. I bought these to support the American auto worker, even though better choices may have been elsewhere. I was about to write off ever buying another American car because of the lack of integrity shown by Chrysler and GM in killing these efficient and green forms of transportation. I'm glad Ford is now pursuing this, and as I will be in the market for a new car or two shortly, I will consider Ford, but never again the others. No, I don't work for Ford!
mark chocianowski 01/18/2010
Are you or others persuing the super capacitor also as a back-up in case the lithium ion batteries do not live up to the hype. Also, are you able to make the focus alot lighter in weight now that they are using battery power? I think that America is craving an all electric vehicle. Look forward to hearing from you.
Dave Evola 01/15/2010
Is there a waiting list or a reservation list to reserve a FORD Focus BEV ?
Dale Hedrick 01/15/2010
I told you so. The car company BYD from China is getting permission to sell their EV here.
Come on Ford, get the release date brought in before someone beats you to the punch as I predicted.
aaa 01/12/2010
speed limit of 85mile will stop me from buying the car.
When i am 85, i may think of buying it again.
Lex 01/11/2010
Can someone tell me when there releasing this in America, if at all? Has it come in the UK yet?
Paul Williams 01/09/2010
Me too - I guess we'll be joining Richard Petty's gang in driving Fords!
Michael Anthony Puntillo 12/31/2009
Hello! My name is Michael and I Want to order a vehicle
from you.
Where can I buy it. Since 1900 where did the electric auto go?
I think it's great to get them back to the public now with all the great
new tecnology. Use wind electric produceing generator placed in the
front, the wind hits the front of everything as we travel so have it spin the wind
electric produceing generator to help for longer distant and keep the battery peaked.
place in all vehicles L.E.D. lamps for all lighting in and out add solar chips in with them,
when lamps are lit the solar chips will generate too. Place brake electric generator system also
when you stop the auto this will give the battery power back to it. Solar cells placed on hood and trunk. Please build it in a convertible hard top in fiberglass with a glass rear window. It will
be fun to drive it. Bless them all.
kevin 12/26/2009
You all seem to want something for nothing. You all think electricity is a petroleum free energy. You all think the batteries are eco freindly and petroleum free. I would love an all electric car to keep Americas energy money here, but nothing is free of petroleum products. The materials to build and manufacture the batteries are gathered with petroleum energy. The heavy metals come from eco unfreindly mines using petroleum. Shipping and assembly require petroleum. The plastics require petroleum. The copper wire requires petroleum. The tires, the lubricants, the electronics, the steel, the aluminum,on and on you could go, all require petroleum. And where does the electricity come from to charge the batteries? Coal, Nuclear, Natural gas? Even the building of wind power requires alot of petroleum. And solar cells require oil also. Not one green source of energy can be built without oil. In most cases burning the fuel directly in your car is the most efficeint way to propell it.. That will not always be the case, but right now it is. So right now an electric and Hybrid car is really just a "feel good about yourself" product. It is not saving anything including the planet. However, it takes this kind of experimenting and research to reach new technologies. So don't blame Ford or any other manufacturer for not having this technology sooner, it is stll in the "feels good" stage. And untill we build more alternative energies, we need to have more oil at lower prices so we all can afford to build them and can afford to buy them. The free market will allow this, but the rise in socialism will make us all poor.
Torino man 12/22/2009
way to go ford! I own a 92 f150, and a 98 taurus. i will replace them both with an all electric!
please get them here asap. shame on chevy, ford, and toyota for ----crushing--- the all electrics from
1995, the people that had them, loved them! what a waste!
Harold White 12/20/2009
I agree...that's pretty sad that we live in a country where the automakers KNOW what we want, and won't give it to us 'cause Big Oil lines their pockets.Hey, wait a second...Congress doesn't listen to us the people, and they KNOW what we want, too...Hmmm Who's putting money in THEIR pockets???
steve 12/20/2009
just bought a natural gas van. Love it, 1.59 gal. and I'm looking forward to an at home fueling station which will feed from my gas meter. Lots of stations in California.
I am also, waiting for better batteries, my next car would def. be electric.
I have noticed since the purchase and research of the nat. gas, cng. vehicle, that the fed. and state government are doing everything they can to delay or impinge the progress and adaptation of other fuel resources. I hear a lot of lip service from politicians but , the rules and regs. are in the way. I have gotten quotes from mechanics shops to convert vehicles to cng for 2,000 dollars. But it is black market, to go to a goverment certified shop, it costs 15,000 to convert your vehicle. It is a simple conversion, carb and fuel tanks,.... They have a Dot and state certs for the stations that run over 60k . The same with electric around my town. Everyone started buying golf carts and NEV's , neighborhood electric vehicles as second cars. The city and state has come down on some of these as not being street legal. We need to relax the safety standards for electric vehicles. Treat them as a seperate entity such as a motorcycle.
john herndon 12/18/2009
I'm with you Stella. It seems it takes car companies forever to get the ball rolling - it's always another country and in a few years. My wife and I will buy electric if the time ever gets here. Nissan seems to be leading the way.
Patrick Tisdale 12/18/2009
I'm one of the many ready and waiting to purchase an all electric vehicle. You'll need to figure out how to get the range to 150-200 miles though; even if though a gasoline motor boost system.
Tom A. 12/15/2009
Not to mention the fact that gas and diesel fuel refineries use 100s of megawatts of electricity. Every electric vehicle that replaces a gas vehicle is re-directing a small amount of our existing electrical capacity to cleaner uses.

Add to that, the fact that EVs don't need oil changes, oil filters, air fitlers, etc., they are much cleaner to manufacture, operate and repair, and they don't drip anything in the parking lot. There are a 10th of the number of moving parts, which greatly increases the durability while decreasing the cost of maintenance, even after you factor in a battery replacement within 100,000 miles.

By regulation, electric companies cannot make a profit. Energy costs, and due to air quality hazards, coal emissions, ash and effluent hazards ("clean coal" is a joke), the costs of electricity will most likely go up to clean up the current messes and prevent future messes.
Bill Canon 12/11/2009
Americans are screaming for electric cars but Ford and GM are under pressure from Big oil not to produce them or they would be rolling of the assembly lines
Bee-rad 12/09/2009
This is also why I too am holding off buying a new car! This looks very promising; and remember the aftermarket is alive and well in case Ford can't better the 75 mile range. A123 Systems already mass-markets a range-extending battery for the Prius so if Ford wont finish the job, somebody else will. And just so we don't forget who is really sticking it to us, its NOT the Middle East - it's our own oil refineries who are truly manipulating the price of gas and oil by not maintaining/expanding capacity. No matter how much we cut back demand, they will continue to follow suit by finding a way to raise the prices on the oil we continue to use. Just like what the electric utilities are doing; since they can't justify keeping last years fuel adjustment surcharges, now they are raising the "distribution charges" instead. Here's hoping the Tesla 4-door comes in under $50k after the tax credit....
Pat Lockyer 12/06/2009
When is Ford going to make an AWD Hybrid SUV the size of the Explorer??? Also, why hasn't anyone come up with designing options or accessories to fit FORD vehicles for passenger dogs? Make the interior dog hair resistant! Even the ceiling! PLEASE!
lockjaw 12/06/2009
Alright, already! How many different auto bodies are being made right now?? Why can't they retrofit a Mustang, Pick up truck, etc. so people will buy cars that look good and are fuel effecient! The manufacturers could scoop out the insides and in the case of trucks, put all the fuel cells, batteries, etc. they want in them! Also, has any one heard about already made cars that are being retrofitted already? I heard that Neil Young is doing something like that.
By the way, I LOVE my Ford Fusion Hybrid! The average mpg is still rising (over 39 now) , and we have put 2500 miles on it so far. My next car will be an AWD Hybrid Explorer type truck that will fit my 100lb dogs!
mack stevens 12/04/2009
If only it had an on-board recharging motor similar to the Chevy Volt but with natural gas as the fuel. Now that would be awesome.
Kenneth W Scott 12/02/2009
I'm with the others saying my next vehicle purchase will be a BEV. 90% of my driving is perfect for a BEV and I've been waiting for years to be able to purchase one. Whoever gets a viable production model to the showroom floor first is likely to get my money. Ford appears to be the front runner right now.

I used to be a die-hard MOPAR guy, but no more... they're completely lost touch with reality and should have died instead of being given the opportunity to be propped up by the US taxpayer. Come on, Ford... give me a good, affordable BEV and you'll have a customer for life.
Jorge Nunez 12/01/2009
Donald Glass 11/28/2009
You Build it! I'll buy it. So will 25 of my friends and their relatives and other freinds. Ford Motor company will bring me back to the American car market if you sell an all electric car with a minimum of 100 miles. I need this, the world needs it. My slogan is "Dump the Pump!" Let's win the war in the middle east by making gas irrelevant!!
Marv 11/28/2009
no. no no no. think about the law of conservation of energy. power in - power out.

if a small gas engine running a generator could result in enough power to actually charge the car, it would in effect be running it. a small gas engine is obviously not able to run a car. turn this around: an engine large enough to operate the car might as well be in it -- the trailer+chager being pure overhead.
Dale Hedrick 11/25/2009
My cars are paid for and they are in the 2004, 2006 range. I will NOT buy another vehicle until the BEV technology is available. My daily driving (to/from work, picking up kids, sports, etc) is completely perfect for a BEV. I will buy a hybrid after I buy an EV to take on trips. Give us the BEV now!!!!!! I will buy FORD because I've always had good service. I just hope that anyother crappy company like KIA or HYUNDAI doesn't beat FORD to the punch and take wind out of FORD's sail.
Tom A. 11/23/2009
Such vehicles already exist, with a range 2.5 to 3 times that of the Focus: Tesla Motors in California.

I agree that this EV Focus is great for a "second" car, but for us without a family or significant other, we need one car that can do it all, including a longer trip than 75 miles. The Model S by Tesla does; the problem - $50k base price.

If Ford was truly serious about this, they would have used their mass-production muscle and put 200-mile EVs on course to roll of the assembly lines by the end of 2010. Tesla's Roadster is already a profound proof of concept. And there is no "market" excuse, either. The $101k Roadster has way over 1,000 reservations, with over 800 already delivered, despite the recession. The $50k Model S already has over 1,000 reservations and growing, and it won't be rolling off the line until early 2012! I'll be adding my name to that list, because this range is insufficient for my needs of a one-car household.

Tesla is building a separate power train plant in order to provide other automakers (like Daimler) with EV powertrains in order to speed up the automakers' own EV initiatives.

The Chevy VOLT is a patch-job that helps, but isn't very bright in the long-term. Ford needs to relentlessly pursue their EV dreams without pride: license the tech from whomever they need to (AC Propulsion, Tesla, etc.), coupled with their manufacturing empire, in order to get the products to market at an accessable price as fast as humanly possible.
Ronnie Demeter 11/18/2009
Ford will demo until Hell freezes over but crush-em in the end run it's just a good PR pitch.
That's what they did with the pickups in the states. Not enough goes wrong with them to support the service deptments.After Japan and other compubeters have them for breakfast. We'll hear the old should of could of excuses.
Tel Salla in Ca, is making a car that goes 100 miles on a charge.It's for sale.If enough of them sell the price might come down.I don't know. Check it out.
Gerald Gage 11/15/2009
I have a question, is it possible with a small portable generator in a tow behind trailer that the electric car, that the battery could be recharged while in motion?
matt coley 11/05/2009
When will there be an electric Mustang? There are electric motors made which can provide upwards of 800 horsepower. Electric vehicles should be priced lower than gas fueled vehicles as it's much cheaper to build a vehicle from scratch with an electric motor and batteries. The thing that has hurt car sales the most is that the price of new cars have not come down. If you want to sell cars, the average car must be under $20,000. Car makers must be able to build entry level 4x4 SUVs in such a way that they can be sold at or just below the $20,000 mark. With the economy the way it is, I make enough to make payments on a $25,000 to $35,000 car, but in doing so, if I were to lose my job, I would have to have a way to pay the balance of the car. This means that my savings and retirement savings must be able to cover the balance of my car if I lose my job. The majority of people will not have enough in savings or retirement to pay off a $25,000 to $35,000 car. People may purchase used vehicles in order to meet their price point, but in order to have peace of mind, they need to purchase an extended warranty with the used vehicle they purchase, which brings the full purchase price close to the new vehicle price. If car companies are to survive, they must provide a 10 year or 10,000 mile power train warranty with a 3 year or 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warrant, both of which MUST be transferrable if the owner trades the car in or sells the vehicle. If these warranties were in place and were transferrable for several used vehicles that I've looked at, I would have bought a car by now.
Butch Pash 10/30/2009
I'm a Ford stockholder waiting for an affordable full electric car with a little over 100 mi. of highway legal range. Please keep it energy efficient. While waiting, my reservation is in for an Aptera (if it ends up being priced right).
Michael 10/29/2009
Why can't you speed this up. It should have been done a long time ago....ha ha but I have to hand it to you for doing it now. Now if only you could make them affordable instead of 30k+ under 20K wow would that be great. Dream on. Keep going Ford.
Frank B 10/27/2009
Kudos to the people at Ford for moving forward with an all electric car. I am hopeful that one day an all electric (Lithum-ion) powerd car will become available in the United States. I drove 62mi today in my Ford Escort ZX2 (34mpg) and cost over $5.00 (US) in gas. I know to fully recharge Focus BEV would have been a fraction of the cost in gas . The money saved in gas, could almost make a Ford Focus BEV monthly car payment for me. I know it is only a matter time before we see $5.00 per gal of fuel again. Making the Ford Focus BEV an imparitive logical choice for an electric alternative all the more apparent. I have one concern though. GM introduced the EV1 back in 1995 and in 1998 it had a range of 120 miles with the battery upgrade. I know battery technology has come along ways since then. I don't understand why the focus is not getting better then 75 mile range? Granted your not going to be able to use this car to drive across country to visit Grandma for Christmas, but that is why we have Fusion Hybrid for (700 miles per tank). This is a second car a person would use for getting to and from work, picking up the kids, getting the grocieries, and plugging it in for the night while you sleep. I get all this done in 62miles per day (including kids football practice). I think for a better sense of security if you could stretch the range to 120 miles that would be great, but If you can't I'll take the 75 miles anyday. Atleast I would be saving over $150.00 per month on gas. I just hope this BEV program does not fall off to the way side like the Ford "Think" program(1998-2001). I really hated having to return my electric Ford Ranger pickup. Finally, I hope that you guys move away from Fuel Cell technology and stick with electric powered vehicles. The cost for any country to implement a fuel cell filling station infastructure makes this technolody impossible. It could happen, but were talking like 2050 before we could drive down the block to fill up with hydrogen. The electric battery powered car turns all Fusion BEV owners homes into fuel stations. The wonderful thing about it is the infastructure has already been built for us and it is called "The electrical outlet" In conclusion, I will be looking for the Focus BEV to become available and will be eagerly standing in line to sign on the dotted line. Thanks once again Ford for having the courage to allow consumers the choice of getting off of fosil fuels, helping with the envoirment, and not having to buy gas :)
Andrew 10/27/2009
I respect Ford now more then ever for designing new ways of powering automobiles. Because of them I'm thinking of automotive engineering as a possible career. Hopefully one day ill work for them!!
Chuck Lindberg 10/26/2009
Thank you. I would like to watch Ford buile the elect. car of the future.
Victor E Davis 10/26/2009
I eagerly await your new fully electric vehicle. I love that your company has had the courage to break free from fossil fuel completely. GOOD JOB FORD, you always manage to stay number one.
Tim 10/26/2009
Please sell one of these electric cars already! I'm sick of contributing to the billions the oil companies are making.
Bruce Reed 10/24/2009
As usual, these tests are performed in densely populated areas where there is always an electric outlet around. Also, most tests are done in relatively flat places. Tests in hilly areas or rural areas would be a better measure of the car's abilities or failure points.
Stella Melendez 10/21/2009
I am not getting a new car until these are available in America. I have been waiting for a non gasoline auto. to hit the streets. My present car is 10 years old. I hope it lasts just a little longer
Jon 10/21/2009
Innovative battery technologies are very important and will ultimately pave the way for electric cars and alternative energy to become more mainstream. Keep on truckin' - Keep on Innovating Ford. Kudos.
B Casey 10/19/2009
Great idea, I do believe it's a must (if you want to sell more that 20,000) that the car have a small charging system built in. Maybe a 2hp Briggs and Straton to charge the car while the folks are in that West Texas diner chowing down on chicken fried steak, eggs and black coffee.