Focus on the Customer: A Live Chat with 2012 Ford Focus Infotainment Manager

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The Focus on the Customer series continues this week with a live chat featuring Gary Jablonski. Gary manages the Ford infotainment product development team, helping to bring the latest technology to life in Ford vehicles.

This is the fifth post in this series that take you inside Ford and introduce you to some of the people behind the engineering and testing of the all-new 2012 Ford Focus.

Gary leads the infotainment product technology team that has developed MyFord Touch®, a driver connect technology that presents a simple, intuitive way to interface with vehicles. By using configurable displays and direct voice commands, MyFord also can present multiple layers of information at the driver’s request, leading to immense power and configurability.

Join Gary here for a live chat at 11:00 a.m. EST on Friday, December 10, 2010.
Focus on the Customer live chat with Focus Technology Expert Gary Jablonski


“There is probably nothing cooler than working on cars and trucks,” Gary said. “Cars are an emotional part of our culture – we can remember our first car, the car we drove on our first date and the car we took to college. While I’m sure that designing refrigerators is rewarding, I’ll stick with designing Mustangs.”

Along with loving the products he works on, Gary also finds motivation in his team.

“The best thing about this job is the team I get to work with,” he said. “They are, without a doubt, the most talented, creative and passionate group of electrical, software and system engineers in the automotive industry.”

It’s also important for Gary to be part of a company he respects, and that’s where the heritage of Ford Motor Company comes into play. Quite simply, he finds it unique to work for a corporation where the family name is still on the building and the family is still involved in the business.

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Brandie 12/14/2010
Now that is a hot car! I can't wait to see it and drive it in person!
larry lee 12/13/2010
that focus is bad to the bone
Ford should use former Dealers for marketing tool

I was a Ford Dealer and still drive a Lincoln 09

Still very active in My community Ford could increase sales in the Farm country by using Former Dealers .
john d armah 12/10/2010
what are some of the problems african markets will face if any
Christopher Beach 12/08/2010
I would love to take a New Loaded 2012 Ford Focus and drive it for a Year and document the Cars Performance from a Average Consumers point of view,I know that the Quality of Fords Product line would go up having Mr. Mullally as CEO,After having him as my Boss at Boeing he pushes Teamwork and continuous Quality Improvements to the Build Process on all of Fords Product line,It also is just like him not going to Washington to Kiss The Presidents A** for Handouts but going back and getting all of the Ford Employees and promoting Ownership that Puts The Word Pride back in the producing of every Ford Vehicle. Ford is Hands Down the Best American Car Manufacturer and has gone back to being the Ford so that every Economic background can buy a Quality Vehicle.
Focus on the Customer: A Live Chat with 2012 Ford Focus Infotainment Manager
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