Come Hot Lap a Ford Focus ST!

By Tori T.

Two simple letters: ST. We know what they mean to you, because they mean the same thing to us – performance. So how does having an opportunity to have a pro instruct you on a closed course in the worldly ways of the ST sound? We’re talking a fleet of 2013 Focus STs for training, 48-foot race trailers, race instruction from professional drivers and timed autocross hot laps! That opportunity is knocking via the Performance Academy.

This summer, events are taking place across the U.S.:

June 30, 2012, New York, IZOD Center

July 14, 2012, Washington, D.C., FedEx Field

July 21, 2012, Boston, Gillette Stadium

August 4, 2012, Candlestick Park, San Francisco

August 11, 2012, Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

You can preregister at ; participation is limited and is on a first-registered, first-served basis.

And here’s more cool 2013 Focus ST news: Preorder and you get the GoPro® HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition camera pack upon delivery. Already a staple in the motorsports and action sport communities, a GoPro is the ideal camera to capture a spirited drive or Focus ST track day. The first 1,000 presale orders placed between May 1 and August 20, 2012, are eligible for the GoPro HD Hero2 camera system. Cameras will be sent after vehicle delivery.

More information about the Focus ST can be found at or .
Put an automatic in this like DSG in the GTI, and I'd never buy a GTI again. No autobox = not buying a Ford.
Stephen B 08/23/2012
The ST is amazing! Ford is awesome to release it in the US this year. I hope the RS will come out sometime too
Michael T 08/08/2012
I got to drive one at the San Francisco event. Awesome car! It was so much fun. The laps went by WAY too fast. Thank you Ford for putting a proper manual transmission in these. No Triptronic b.s. Real drivers drive with three pedals.
Scott M 07/24/2012
Ordered mine but the 202 package won't be built till later this year...thats a bummer. Sucks, if you order the lower line vehicles you will see them in the next 60-90 days buty if you order top of the line, you wait :(
Alfred Aguirre 06/23/2012
Got to ride in it at Barrett Jackson a couple hours ago. Amazing car @ford you have brought us what we have been waiting for in a high performance sport compact!
Guy Fors 06/22/2012
Kevin M 06/22/2012
The ST looks great, but how about adapting the APPLINK for SYNC to the regular 2012 Ford Focus???
Chad B 06/20/2012
In response to Robert J, I also think this leans the normal Mustang crowd (me) toward a globally competitive car that is more environmentally and socially responsible.
Chad B 06/20/2012
What about people in south central US? You completely missed Austin, TX, the site of the next American F1 race! If the only active F1 track in the USA is not a sufficient draw for a Focus ST track event, I don't know what is!
Charlotte Wright 06/20/2012
Bring a FORD plant back to GEORGIA!
Anthony Henderson 06/19/2012
Shawna go see a lawyer. Running boards have been under TSB for a while, definitely not your fault only ford at fault
Kevin R 06/19/2012
Canadians drive a lot of Fords too! It would sure be nice if some of these Ford Social Events were held in Canada...Especially in Alberta.......
Natasha At Ford 06/19/2012
How exciting, Nigel! Share a pic when she arrives. :)

@ Shawna – Ouch! I hope your pup is okay. If you haven’t already, I recommend bringing your Navigator to a dealership for inspection. Here’s a link to find the nearest one:

Shawna Lynne 06/19/2012
the running boards on my 07 Lincoln navigator shut with both passenger doors open and crushed my dogs foot
Nigel Mossman 06/19/2012
Got mine on order coming to the uk in september
Mikael Daugherty 06/18/2012
Missed out on the DC registration. Would have been a cool birthday present.
Brandon Neal 06/18/2012
LA is full 3 hours after posting this. Good for them bad for me.
Alan Waibel 06/18/2012
wisshh this was in mn! be nice to see the differance between my svt focus and the new st focus.
Natasha At Ford 06/18/2012
You’re welcome, Geoff. I’m pleased you took the time to fill out the form, as that definitely helps. :)

@ Steve – The Focus ST will make an incredible first car. Have you stopped by a dealership yet? They’re accepting orders now. :D If you place an order, send me a private message with the order number and dealer info so I can keep you posted on the status.

@ Francisco – Great idea! Here’s a link to the form for your request:

Francisco Figueras 06/18/2012
come to miami or atleast florida
Steve Sprankle 06/18/2012
I think Detroit might be a good place to showcase this car seeing it will be coming from Wayne Assembly. I would love for this to be the first new car I buy but you arent making it easy.
Geoff Booth 06/18/2012
@ natasha. Thanks.. filled it out. I'm a little upset you wouldn't hold an event in the birth city and location of ford world headquaters. I actually build the focus at Wayne assemble and build a few st's myself. Think its an awsome vehicle and would love the opportunity to experience what I build. Not just any focus... I want the ST!.
Muhammad Sheik Oumar 06/18/2012
How about offering this in other world markets as well?
Natasha At Ford 06/18/2012
Hey Nick,

Which model year is your vehicle? Have you brought it to a dealer yet? They can inspect it and provide an estimate on the service. Keep an eye on these coupons for down the road:

@ Randy, Geoff, & Justin – We absolutely care about all our customers, including those in the Midwest. :) Future events could happen near you; just fill out this form:

@ Zach – Sweet!! Keep me posted on how much fun you have! :D

Ford Service
Raul Albor 06/18/2012
I didn't get in!!! Waaaaa!!!
Zach Smickle 06/18/2012
Registered for the NY event. Can't wait!
Oseas Segura Leal 06/18/2012
Justin Serda 06/18/2012
Thanks for yet again showing that middle America doesn't matter to big corporations. We thought you would be better than this, Ford. No event between Boston and LA? I guess people in TN KY MO KA MI OH OK TX NM etc. shouldn't bother with the ST since Ford didn't bother getting anywhere near us. I know you can't tour all 50 states but 5 stops without leaving the coasts is pretty silly. What is wrong with Atlanta, Memphis, St. Louis, Dallas, Lexington, Detroit...
Fred D 06/18/2012
how can you leave out detroit and chicago to visit that just makes no sense. In Chicago kids love their tuner cars and in detroit well they just love American cars I would have to say you guys should rethink ur schedule. This is coming from a loyal blue oval employee.
Mike Lyden 06/18/2012
The event's already full! Good for you, Ford! Shame I won't be able to attend.
Marchelo Benitez 06/18/2012
Not for f-150 Harley??? =(
Geoff Booth 06/18/2012
Really??? Your gonna build it in Detroit but not offer the opportunity here? LAME. YOU JUST LOST COOL POINTS
Randy Reiter 06/18/2012
not like anybody in the midwest wants to have fun or anything.
Ankit Vishwakarma 06/18/2012
I like Ford car !. . . . , . . . bcause . . . its a vry comfortable car. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . !!!!
Nick Bitter 06/18/2012
i wonder when ford will make the parts cheaper for air rides....costs more money to fix my air ride than my car would cost to buy a new one
Robert J 06/18/2012
This is brilliant marketing, and leans the normal Focus crowd away from the grocery-getter mentality.