A Global Focus: Social Media Jam with Ford Focus Executives and Experts

By Ford Social Member

Spearheading a movement of global vehicles from Ford, the next-generation Ford Focus sets a new standard for multicultural collaboration. To be sold in Asia, Europe and the Americas, the vehicle was developed by designers, engineers and subject-matter experts from around the world. The result is a product with Ford Global DNA, cross-continent appeal and innovations in body style, technology and driver experience.

Three years in the making, the 2012 Focus had high stakes – nearly 2 million vehicles around the world are to be sold in the next two years from the platform. That meant driver satisfaction was always in mind.

“We evaluated customer needs from around the globe, took the best expectations from all regions and combined them into one vehicle,” says North America Focus Chief Engineer, Jim Hughes.

The next-generation Focus will soon be found on roads around the world thanks to thousands of employees committed to the One Ford strategy. This unprecedented vehicle meant an unprecedented effort.

Ford wants to give you the opportunity to talk to some of those global figures involved. Join us at theFordStory.com on Thursday, February 24, 2011, for an inside look at the design, engineering, and messaging that drives the next-generation Focus.

Here’s the schedule:

11:00 a.m. EST – Announcement from Jim Farley, Group VP – Global Marketing, Sales and Service

12:30 p.m. EST - Live Chat with Jim Hughes, Ford Focus Chief Engineer

1:00 p.m. EST – Live Chat with Paul Thomas, VP of Marketing – Ford of Europe

2:00 p.m. EST – Live Chat with Jim Farley, Group VP – Global Marketing, Sales and Service

3:00 p.m. EST – Live Chat with Brock Winger – Global Digital Marketing Manager

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George 02/25/2011
Would really like to see a two. in the 40 years I've been driving I have never boought a 4 door 2 doors would be nice
Paul Dillingham 02/25/2011
My 1997 Mk2 Mondeo 2.0 GLS, has now done 342,000 miles. Engine never been apart, gearbox never been apart and original clutch. If these are only half as good, they'll be marvellous. And I bet they'll actually be a whole lot better.
Wazza Hinder 02/24/2011
oh and that's the U.S market (AWD), but when it comes to the American police cars (70000 a year) Ford are gunna lose, cause the police like there RWD V8 powered cars too and that's where Holden exporting the cop cars are gunna win.....:(
Wazza Hinder 02/24/2011
@Tom, us Aussies love our large cars and RWD (towing etc etc) Holden tried AWD with there ute and the monty = no demand, hence me going on about the Falcon.....
Scott Monty 02/24/2011
@Blueberry's - the One Ford plan is not a marketing-driven plan. It's the entire company. Alan Mulally instituted it when he arrived, and since then, we've managed to get the best possible people working together around the world - research & engineering, design, marketing, suppliers and more - to ensure we give customers exactly what they want.
Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
Kevin Bradley 02/24/2011
To me, it has a slight resemblance to the Mitsubishi Evo X, in the front end. I know people in the tuner market would like the new design, but they would love an AWD and/or 2 door option, as most everybody else is saying. And I also agree with Max Pell 100% on the 2.0 EB engine being an option. If Ford wants to come out in the lead of their competition, they had better start listening to customer demands, rather than tinkering with fu-fu features and pure worldwide physical appearance. The Ford Focus has become one of the most iconic vehicles in the import battles, I'd hate for it to lose it's title.
If they came out with an SVT version with a 2.0 EcoBoost (or better), an all-wheel-drive platform with sporty suspension upgrades and a stout transmission, I would actually consider buying one. But as it sits right now, I wouldn't trade my broke down Jeep for one if it was free.
Brandon Russell O'Saile 02/24/2011
tell ya what u stick a supercharged 5.4 liter in it ill buy it
Wazza Hinder 02/24/2011
@Tom i like the idea of a global AWD Focus, but i don't like the idea of FoMoCo toying with our Falcon, our Falcon is something us Australians are proud of owning....theres a Falcon at the Dearborn test track, maybe they thinking of using it as a global platform?? it would be nice cause FORD AUST knows how to build a bloody brilliant car...
Tom Cottage 02/24/2011
Why don't we have global all-wheel drive cars, Focus and Focus RS cars? Why? Why there is not this possibility under the One Ford plan?!
Donna Porco 02/24/2011
cooler than the focus I have now. I do have to say that my 2010 focus came with some sweet wheels and handles like a dream whether I am driving 60 miles an hour or 100 mph.
Wazza Hinder 02/24/2011
Keep the Falcon Australian....USE THE FALCON FOR THE ONE FORD GLOBAL PLATFORM FOR RWD's they are an award winning unit....and very good to drive...
Jaime-Prisila Villegas 02/24/2011
I have a 2007 Focus
David Edee 02/24/2011
Test driver here. :) You could be on the top of my best friend list. :)
Tamela Foreman 02/24/2011
we love our us built f150.
Robert D. Mays 02/24/2011
Ford has always had a better idea in my humble opinion.
Tom Cottage 02/23/2011
@Blueberry's, I strongly disagree with you, I think that this ONE Ford plan is the best way in the global world, considering for the new and better FMC!!!
Blueberry\'s 02/23/2011
This "ONE FORD" is going to kill ford globally........ I'm think I'm going to watch as this turns out to be one huge screw up by the marketing department trying to give ford an cultural appeal around the globe........
Tom Cottage 02/22/2011
@Adam Lawson, but at this point, we don't even have an all-wheel drive option!
Max Pell 02/22/2011
I am disappointed at the lack of availability of a 6spd manual transmission on the premium titanium trim level and I also am upset with Ford for choosing to give us the 2.0 NA powerplant with no option for the 1.6 EcoBoost. I can appreciate that Ford is giving the US a crack at the ST with its 2.0 EB, but Ford should really consider a more highly powered premium edition. Americans have become used to better powered vehicles, and while the 1.6 EB powerplant doesn't have a marked increase in HP over the 2.0 NA engine, it has torque that is readily available at lower RPMs which creates the perception of the vehicle being better-powered off-the-line.

Before I purchase a 2012 Ford Focus, I would like to know if there are any plans to redress these issues. I will never buy from Ford again if they come out in 2013 with better options and I've already purchased a 2012.
Zachary D Davis 02/22/2011
Focus is better than Audi in some aspects, however the Audi does produce different styling. Focus is raw aggression, where the A3 is more subtle and reserved. The A3 generally will be All-Wheel Drive as where the Focus is Front-Wheel Drive.
Basically it comes down more to the interior and location. If you're in Europe or England. Go Focus. How many Focus cars do you see in a day? A few. How many Audi's? Too many.
Adam Lawson 02/22/2011
I'd rather keep the AWD an option...
Tom Cottage 02/22/2011
Why don't we have global all-wheel drive cars, Fiesta and Focus cars? Why? Why there is not this possibility under the One Ford plan?!

Hey Ford's people, I don't want any FWD!
Kevin Miller 02/22/2011
Beautiful - I love it!
Tot eu 02/22/2011
Super ugly
Cristian Baciu 02/22/2011
Andrew Saalman 02/22/2011
bring back the torino!!!!!!!
Ford Motor Company 02/22/2011
@Don: the Escort was developed for Europe specifically; the Focus was developed globally simultaneously. The parts and supplier commonality was not at the level that it is now. If you really want to go far back, then the Model T qualifies as well. :-)
Ian Nowosad 02/22/2011
is there a 2 door hatch version? also i know ive seen a 2 door hatch of a feista but i've yet to see one. was that only in euro versions?
Don Bond 02/22/2011
It contained technology for building a car from parts around the globe... It was one of the first...
Ford Motor Company 02/22/2011
@Don: that was more cosmetic than anything. Under the One Ford plan, we've now been able to share resources, planning and design more than ever. The new Focus will have 80% commonality across all countries, which is the maximum you can expect due to safety and regulatory differences.
Ford Motor Company 02/22/2011
@Nicholas: the Focus will be available in the U.S. as a sedan and a 5-door hatch. We are also offering the Focus ST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD8ZsIBQ-_w
Muhammad Sheik Oumar 02/22/2011
Will the Focus suspension be tuned differently for different markets? Some markets prefer a comfortable ride and other markets prefer firm, sporty dynamics.
Don Bond 02/22/2011
Didn't you guys at Ford say that about the Escort??
Nicholas Bogaards 02/22/2011
Three-door hatchback, sorry, my bad
Nicholas Bogaards 02/22/2011
I understand the new Focus will only be available in a four-door sedan or five-door hatchback. Are there any plans to introduce a two-door coupe or three-door sedan? Also, are there any plans in the works for an SVT model? Thanks.
Ford Motor Company 02/22/2011
Dave: the Focus should be arriving in dealerships in the next month or two.
Nicholas Bogaards 02/22/2011
I thought Chevy had experienced a miracle when they introduced the Cruze. Then I realized what the Cruze was replacing. Then, I hear Ford is redesigning the Focus so I take a look-Chevy doesn't stand a chance!
Joey Scharbach 02/22/2011
What's up with an all wheel drive gt500?! Wow I'd buy ASAP
A Global Focus: Social Media Jam with Ford Focus Executives and Experts
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