A Global Focus: Join the Live Chat with Ford Senior Marketing Leader

By Ford Social Member

A truly global undertaking, the next-generation Ford Focus necessitated a truly global message. The vehicle is setting the standard across its markets as Ford communicates in numerous countries to present one product.

You can get an insider’s perspective on the global nature of the car in a two-part series here on theFordStory.com . The Making of a Global Vehicle focused on the design of the new Focus, while The Making of a Global Vehicle Part II looked at the engineering and manufacturing.

Jim’s achievements at Ford include his work to globally align the brand and integration of the global marketing and sales team. In addition, he was instrumental in positioning Ford operations in Canada, Mexico and South America for continued future growth.

You can join Jim here on Thursday, February 24, 2011, to ask him questions about developing and launching the Ford Focus across the globe.
Live Chat with Jim Farley, GVP Marketing, Sales, Service

Jim joined Ford in November 2007. Since then, he has led the Ford drive to connect even more closely with customers through integrated global marketing, advertising, digital communications, brand development and research.  In addition to his global marketing role, he leads the company's global sales and service operations – the first time Ford has a single global leader for marketing, sales and service.

Jim attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and computer science, and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he completed his MBA with a focus in finance.

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Mahendra Sharma 02/24/2011
now ford india has decided to launch the all new Ford Fiesta in India.. but it is also 2 years late.. in fact i believe, looking at the Figo success, Ford should have also launched the Fiesta Hatch in India along with the Sedan.
Mahendra Sharma 02/24/2011
hello. ford always says that India is one of the prime market for them, then why is that Ford launches only few of the models that too after a long time.. same happened with fiesta hatchback, which has been postponed to 2012, and i dont think so that the Focus model will be launched soon or even in the next 2 years in India....
Ryan Tydeman 02/22/2011
i love ford, right now im trying to get my dads boss to switch too ford but lack of space in the e-350 compared to the chevy is throwing him off
Christopher Pratt 02/22/2011
Jim, thank you for the Ford One Strategy, You are doing a fantastic job...
eyke 02/22/2011
Please confirm when the new Focus will be launched in Singapore (Asia), we have been waiting too long and don't even have any dates yet. Do we have to wait for the new Thailand factory to make them for us, or can we get them sooner from Europe?
Dave Evans 02/22/2011
Excellent! I'm a happy neighbor! Just keep in mind that the general public views these "Senior Marketing Leaders" with a jaundiced eye. I automatically question what role this individual actually played in the development of this product--or how more likely he got an overview from some engineers about what to talk about and what to avoid. Too much sizzle spoils the steak.
Ford Motor Company 02/22/2011
We understand that. Which is why we give our fans choices. There's a whole day of live chats set up, including one with the Focus's chief nameplate engineer. And we have a variety of fan pages for our vehicles (we were using Focus as a metaphor too). Explorer, Fiesta, Fusion, Taurus, Edge, Mustang, Trucks - you can choose which ones are right for you to follow.
Dave Evans 02/22/2011
Geez... I was using "focus" as a metaphor. Look, I'm IN a marketing career. But the last thing I want from a company whose products I'm interested in is the fluff wagon that is a marketing executive.
Ford Motor Company 02/22/2011
Dave, this is our corporate page. If you want Focus material, we suggest liking http://facebook.com/FordFocus
Dave Evans 02/22/2011
@Ford: You pelt us with marketing personalities--WE'RE CAR PEOPLE. Just show us the cars and how well they do the jobs we need them to do. You've got a car named "FOCUS" yet we're sitting here getting blurry-eyed from the marketing haze. I demand more of Ford than what is getting communicated here.
Ford Motor Company 02/22/2011
@Dave: do you have any constructive comments for this forum?
Uchechukwu Udechukwu 02/22/2011
yes is a nice car i love it
Charles Moseley 02/22/2011
RS 500 in the states. Or at least explain why not.
Dave Evans 02/22/2011
"Hi. I'm in marketing. Allow me to spin the truth for you."
Tom Cottage 02/22/2011
Why don't we have global all-wheel drive cars, Fiesta and Focus cars? Why? Why there is not this possibility under the One Ford plan?!

I do want the new Focus RS with AWD!
Dennis Yuras 02/22/2011
When are you bringing over the Focus RS?
Mary-Ann Uy 02/22/2011
I am hoping dat one day,i'll be able 2 buy a car like this. =p
Sprite Corbett 02/22/2011
Lehgoo ford
Justin Marc Keith 02/22/2011
<3 Ford Motor Company Currently Driving a 2002 F-150