A Global Focus: Join the Live Chat with Ford Focus Chief Engineer

By Ford Social Member

The next-generation Focus is setting a new standard, and its development under the One Ford strategy sets it apart from any vehicle before it. With this unprecedented effort, engineering a multicultural vehicle required passionate leadership and vision.

Jim Hughes is the chief engineer for the next-generation Focus and embraced the task of creating a vehicle that could be sold in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. While the challenges may not seem obvious, the global scale had never been done before and Jim as integral to ensuring it was a success without a blueprint. “It’s really been an amazing experience for the worldwide team to come together,” Jim said.

You can join Jim here on Thursday, February 24, 2011, to ask him questions about developing and launching the Ford Focus as a truly global car.
Live Chat with Jim Hughes, Focus CNE

Jim has been with Ford for 19 years and more recently worked as the assistant chief nameplate engineer on the Ford F-150 and Lincoln Mark LT vehicle lines and subsequently as marketing and planning manager for all full-size trucks. In addition, Jim has served in a variety of other roles, including chassis engineering, powertrain planning, program management and vehicle engineering.

A Michigan native, Jim received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Wayne State University and his MBA from the University of Michigan. While he enjoys the analytical challenges of the engineering process, Jim is a lifelong “car guy” and owns a 2010 Ford Taurus and 2010 Focus. In time, he’d like to add an F-350 Super Duty® Power Stroke® truck to his garage.

You can get an insider’s perspective on the global nature of the car in a two-part series here on theFordStory.com . The Making of a Global Vehicle focused on the design of the new Focus, while The Making of a Global Vehicle Part II looked at the engineering and manufacturing.

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Craig Cozza 02/23/2011
Are we ever going to see a Diesel powered Focus? The Fiesta -Diesel-in Europe gets about 75 MPG at 60mph....
Dave Evans 02/23/2011
@Steven - It's a global market. There is no "us vs. them" anymore, no matter what the Bush Doctrine says.
Matt Abrams 02/23/2011
@ Steve, All Companies outsource now, Toyota, Honda, Kia ect build here to get over with the American Audience, the model designs and parts still come from overseas suppliers to be assembled here and your money still goes to the japanese, korean economy not the USA economy , Ford Still Builds here but also builds overseas they need to keep their foreign audience as well. While Ford has caught up with Foreign automakers in sales and quality and GM has as well, they still sell more in China, Japan, Europe then the foreign companies do. aside from im assuming labor costs thats another reason they go overseas to stay over with the audience i recently read how huge Chevrolet is in Russia due to GM opening factories and letting them build their own cars instead of importing them.
Steven Queensberry 02/23/2011
@ Dave, so the Fusion gets a canadian motor and mexican transmission and ford slaps the ford oval on it and its ok? thats all i was saying is that i was suprised to find this information out
Timothy Dike 02/23/2011
How about the 2 door coupe for 2012?
Dave Evans 02/23/2011
@ Steven - Your Accord was ASSEMBLED in the U.S. All parts, all supplier parts, all engineering, was done overseas. It all comes to the U.S. like a box of puzzle pieces, we glue it together and slap as big as possible "U-S-A" on the sticker. A Fusion is done in reverse.
Mark Urquidez 02/23/2011
i may trade my 2008 fusion for this car
Steven Queensberry 02/23/2011
have been a ford fan forever and still have an F-150 but the wife traded her explorer in on a honda accord which to my suprise was built in ohio, motor and transmission from USA, she was looking @ a fusion or edge but the sticker on both said that the motor was from canada and transmission was from mexico and final assembly was in mexico, what gives? was very suprised @ this....
Andrew Radcliff 02/23/2011
Awesome. The new focus looks nice. I may have to get me one of them.
Joe Angelo 02/23/2011
Bring back the ford high boy package
Zachary D Davis 02/23/2011
I've got it up in another tab, I'm hoping to ask some good questions!