A Global Focus: Join the Live Chat with Ford Europe VP of Marketing

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Strategically close but geographically distant, Detroit and Dunton, England, embraced the One Ford strategy for the next-generation Focus. The vehicle sets a new precedent for international communications in the automotive industry with the role of Ford Europe.

You can get an insider’s perspective on the global nature of the car in a two-part series here on theFordStory.com . The Making of a Global Vehicle focused on the design of the new Focus, while The Making of a Global Vehicle Part II looked at the engineering and manufacturing.

Integral to the next-generation Ford Focus communications effort, Paul is responsible for all of Ford pan-European consumer advertising and product marketing communications.

You can join Paul here on Thursday, February 24, 2011, to ask him questions about developing and launching the Ford Focus across the globe.
Live Chat with Paul Thomas, Ford Europe VP of Marketing

During his career, Paul has held a number of sales and marketing posts covering a wide range of responsibilities within Ford of Britain, Ford Credit and Ford of Europe. He joined Ford as a graduate trainee in 1974 with a BSc in mechanical engineering from City University, London. Paul is married with two children, and lives near London.

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Ford Motor Company 02/23/2011
@Carlos: As we say at the top of this page, if you have a vehicle complaint, we can more readily handle it if you submit it through our customer service line. Thank you.
Ricardo Rosário 02/23/2011
Ford rules!!
Uchechukwu Udechukwu 02/23/2011
zach and pablo i like ur style lets praise d work of God. ford is kinki ooooo year
Zach Cooper 02/23/2011
we'll ship you a dahaitsu
Zach Cooper 02/23/2011
hey Carlos why dont you take your hate somewhere else, if you dont like Ford why do you have them liked. unlike them for all Ford fans sake.
Uchechukwu Udechukwu 02/23/2011
great are ford
Banks Henderson 02/23/2011
Some of the best car's I've ever drove..
Nicholas Littlejohn 02/23/2011
May we have more biodiesel and ethanol, plug in autos? Green production in the US..
Peter Fin 02/23/2011
new warrior with a face lift from ford
A Global Focus: Join the Live Chat with Ford Europe VP of Marketing
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