A Global Focus: Join the Live Chat with Ford Digital Marketing Manager

By Ford Social Member

With a global messaging goal for the next-generation Focus, Ford is utilizing digital media to engage drivers across continents. One example is the Focus Global Test Drive , which put bloggers and consumers from around the world into the driver’s seat to earn money for a charitable cause through completing challenges in the Focus.

Brock is currently the Global Digital Marketing Manager in the Ford Global Marketing Sales and Service Operations. His area of responsibility is focused on digital marketing efforts related to global vehicle programs and global digital marketing technologies.

You can join Brock here on Thursday, February 24, 2011, to ask him questions about developing and launching the Ford Focus across the globe.
Live Chat with Brock Winger – Global Digital Marketing Manager

Brock joined Ford in 1999 as a business planner in manufacturing and supply chain systems and has held many positions within the organization in the 12 years since.

Brock attended Grove City College in Pennsylvania, where he received his BS in electrical engineering before attaining an MBA at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

You can get an insider’s perspective on the global nature of the car in a two-part series here on theFordStory.com . The Making of a Global Vehicle focused on the design of the new Focus, while The Making of a Global Vehicle Part II looked at the engineering and manufacturing.

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Timothy Smith 02/25/2011
Smart guy - he has made a global launch possible of a great car The Ford Focus - well done Ford & Brock!
Terry Kerr 02/24/2011
Hello Brock, this is Terry Kerr from Titusville, PA. Ths school district is very interested in looking at this marketing platform that Ford has developed and how it can be applied in the field of education. Good luck with your presentation.
John Michael Flowers 02/23/2011
Planning on joining the live chat to learn more about Ford's digital strategy. I'm very impressed with the level of social media engagement here, and I hope to learn more about how you all make it happen.
Ford Motor Company 02/23/2011
@Dave: If by "gargon" you mean jargon, the digital strategy is how we define and differentiate our approach on the web. More than just taking our offline elements and placing them online, there are other elements that we need to consider for our online audience.
Kei Yau 02/23/2011
When would the cmax coming to Canada?
Yvonne Simmons-Sims 02/23/2011
As I am writing this Ive been chatting with someone I dont know and I am at your World Headquarters, how great is that! lol!
Uchechukwu Udechukwu 02/23/2011
charlses just say it again is d main
Dave Evans 02/23/2011
As a precursor to the Q&A session, could you please define for the common man here what a "digital strategy" for a car is? Not completely clear on the industry gargon here.
Dave Evans 02/23/2011
He's only seventeen.
Ayush Kale 02/23/2011
Hey.. he is not only one i'm also have cool name not only cool is super cool...
Brian McClary 02/23/2011
Brock Winger. The man with the coolest name in the world!