350 Million and Counting

By Charlie S.

While thousands of cars roll off the assembly line at Ford assembly plants around the world every single day, there is something special about one specific Ford Focus built recently.

It doesn’t sport any unique features or a custom paint job to set it apart. Instead, that Focus is the 350 millionth vehicle produced by Ford Motor Company since the company was founded 109 years ago.

In its first half century as a company, Ford grew alongside the driving public, producing its 50 millionth vehicle – a 1959 Ford Galaxie – in slightly more than 50 years. In the five decades since, Ford has produced more than 300 million additional vehicles.

Simply put, that’s a whole lot of cars. That’s one car for every single person living in the United States today, with enough left over for everyone in Canada as well. It’s the equivalent of producing one vehicle every 10 seconds for the company’s entire history, dating back to 1903. If you placed all of those cars bumper to bumper (and ignored certain rules of physics), they would stretch to the moon and back twice.

The milestone was celebrated at the newest Ford global manufacturing facility, Ford Thailand Manufacturing, located in Rayong, Thailand. The $450 million facility opened in May to produce the new Focus, which also is built in four other countries. Representing the latest in Ford global manufacturing capabilities, it features new stamping presses, flexible body shops and robotic capabilities that enable it to produce up to six different vehicles simultaneously.

It is appropriate that a Focus is the 350 millionth vehicle, because the Ford Focus was the best-selling single car nameplate in the world for the first half of 2012. Based on global data from IHS Automotive, Focus sold 489,616 units in the first half of this year, nearly 30,000 more than its nearest competitor.

At Ford Social , we’d love to celebrate this milestone by inviting you to share stories about the favorite Ford you’ve ever driven. Whether it was a Country Squire station wagon that was a road trip machine when you were young, a dependable F-150 that has seen its share of work, or a best-selling Focus, we invite you to upload your tale to our Your Stories section.
Cory M 01/22/2013
This is cool!
John G 10/08/2012
Glad to see that the 350 Million mark was surpassed with a Focus. They are great little cars.
Rob 09/21/2012
My 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 was the best student car ever! I loved the utility of fold down seats as I piled it high with all my stuff to move to school! The fuel economy and the sporty handling were awesome. My friend 'Milton' (ZX3) will be missed but he protected me in winters and random deer crossings! Looking forward to Ford ST Focus asap! I hope I can snag one eventually with an auto. Cheers to next 50 years Ford.
Joe 09/09/2012
We have owned 16 ford products since 2001 Love them all now we are driving 2 edges 1 bird 1 escape
Joe and Richard Palm Springs Ca
Robert K 09/07/2012
My name is Bob Kressler and I had the honor of celebrating the launch of the 100,000,000 Ford car made, it was at the Mahwah Plant in NJ on 9/15/1977, I have a picture of the event but not sure how to attach. The car was a 1978 Fairmont Futura. 350 million is awsome
Beth 09/06/2012
2013 Fusion looks very promising, but will not be trading my beautiful Taurus with the lite cream interior for the depressing gray interior of the new Fusion. Ford, you need to diversify the interior color to more than one color
Just purchased the 2013 boss love it just need to use the RED Key doing resurch on this, the software is in but I need to know more about it ..pur 2100 miles on it so far and I love the power
julian b 09/06/2012
please take your time to read this.it is about lincoln.i have noticed the new lincoln cars are some of the best looking ones on the market.and i can see them getting even better.i have seen the new lincoln MKR concept and i want to say you have to make this. it looks even better than the current MKZ and MKSi project the sales to be even higher than the MKZ and MKS.ok now one last note.i have also seen the lincoln concept Ceven though i like the MKR concept betteri still like it better than the MKZ and the MKSit would also attract more buyers who would want a more economical size car.you could attract people who would usually buy a honda or toyota product for the "good for the environment" qualities but when they see the style of the C and also know its the more economical choice i can see more people making the switch even though me myself like bigger cars.please take my comments into consideration.
dennis v 09/06/2012
i just rented a 2013 ford escape fully loaded for the last two days. i was sadly disapointed. the cockpit with all the flight controls were poorly designed for functional use. the air vents blew directly on my hands freezing cold (which was a plus that it blew cold air). the stearing wheel controls were design for a specific market not a 6' tall person.
i did however appreciate the powertrain very peppy.
thanks but no thanks ill stick with my 2010 sport trac.. pleas bring them back
John R 09/05/2012
i just spent 7 days without electricity after being pounded by Hurricane Isaac here in New Orleans. My dog and I lived 7 days in my 2011 F150 pickup truck. I wasn't the best of situations but we had all the space and comforts that many did not. I would like to know or see if it is possible to build some sort of converter generator to allow us to plug into some essential household appiiances. Truck burns cleaner and doesn't make nearly the sound of a generator roaoring in the back yard. I ran my truck for 7 days almost straight and only burned a half tank of gas. maybe add a secondary tank and power converter/adapter to allow a few outlets to be used. Just a thought. Great truck and yes it saved our lives. Thanks!
John R 09/05/2012
I love my 2006 mustang convertable. I would like to see those new and innovative electronics available for my Mustang, Maybe allow financing packages for upgrade to our older models. I understand not all model can be upgraded but I am sure models 5 to maybe 10 old can be upgrade with certain comforts of todays accessories.
Norm 09/05/2012
Ford needs the econo boost on the expedition
I love my new 2013 Ford Escape Titanium. Coolest vehicle I ever owned!!
Laura S 09/05/2012
wow 350 million!!
Abdul-Elah B 09/05/2012
awesomness !! proud to be 08'mustang owner ! my father have expedition, and i must grab F-150 soon
Paul R 09/03/2012
what ford needs is a turbine gas generator and four electric motors, one for each wheel, and all the bells and whistles of a new car. Get rid of the piston engine and this car should be a plug-in hybrid with the best lithium type batteries for a power buffer....
Paul Riley in Seal Beach, CA
Carolyn Treadway 09/03/2012
I just purchased my 2012 Ford Focus Titanium and I lOVE it. Everyone at work talks about how sharp it looks. How sporty and classy it is. The younger people ask me what I am doing in a car like that. They cannot believe it is a Ford Focus. It gets GREAT gas mileage too. I LOVE MY FOCUS
Paul Savage 09/03/2012
WOW, what an acomplishment! ONLY IN AMERICA!
Paul S.
JJMJRDEC J 09/02/2012
Larry F 09/02/2012
It's fitting that, given where Ford sees the market going - to smaller, more efficient cars, and that the President raided the CAFE standard to 54.5 MPG this week, that car 350,000,000 is a smaller, more efficient car.
Brad B 09/01/2012
Hey Ford ! Congrats on the automotive milestone. As I've written before in this venue ..... A winner never stops proving it ! Saw this week that our Ford Focus, not any other has become the #1 selling vehicle. We at Ford (Ford Social Member) are building the cars and trucks that the public want. Not Tony or Government Motors. Now just one request, lets get some decent wheels or wheel covers for the Transit Connect. Many different styles of wheels are available for the Focus and others, lets get going for the Transit. I'll volunteer to do the research. Again, congrats and well done.
Olivia T 08/31/2012