Want to be the First to Experience the 2014 Ford Fiesta?

By Tori T.

The Fiesta Movement – a Social Remix – is here, and once again we are looking for 100 of the most vibrant voices and talented storytellers to be our Agents and tell the story of the 2014 Ford Fiesta.  Ford will supply the new Fiesta, gas, insurance and all the tools you’ll need to complete missions and experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. If selected as an agent, all you have to do is share the outcomes with your fans and followers. And here’s the twist. We’re going to share the best of the best content with the rest of the world. So if your stuff rises to the top, it could be your photo in prints advertisements or your face on TV!

If becoming an Agent and being among the first to experience the fun-to-drive, technology-loaded 2014 Ford Fiesta or the performance-driven Ford Fiesta ST sounds like something you’re up for, then it’s time for you to apply to become and Agent . It’s easy; first make a video telling us why you’d be a great agent. Then fill out the application and upload your video to fiestamovement.com . We like creativity, surprises and other ways to see your personality beyond an application, so don’t hold back. Apply to become an agent today by clicking here!
Tina T 04/09/2013
If you want something to save you on gas this car is for you and still has plenty of room for your family or friends i seen one here in town where i live they are very nice !
Kevin P 03/08/2013
I am up for the fun and total excitement. Would be the First new car I ever driven for 6 months. Fiesta Movement Watch out, Here comes Kevin doing moch Fun with my hair of fire,, just a figure or speach. hehehehe. Go the line up in creating The following, movement, Showing off a great car.
jacob 02/20/2013
this seems like an awesome opportunity to be artistic and at the same time get a free car outa the deal ....i defiantly wanna get in on this deal
Mark K 02/20/2013
Hey everyone, Agent 67 from the original Fiesta Movement checking in... can't wait to get this party started - AGAIN! Ford better save a Molten Orange ST with my name on it... submission video coming soon! -Mark Kleis
Randy C 02/20/2013
It sounds like it would be a fun experiment in which to participate. I wonder how much I'd miss my Mustang if I gave this a shot, though. :)
Laura Bost 02/20/2013
This sounds like fun i have been looking for something for me since our oldest son just turned 17 and we are giving him my car and have been looking for me something i love some of the new fords (flex,edge,fiesta,focus) i work for RE/MAX and would love to help promote this.Also my husband is driving a Ford f-150 and he loves it.
Brandon A 02/20/2013
This sounds awesome! I will definitely be applying for this.
Odie A 02/19/2013
can we pay extra for the under coating :)
Yves C 02/19/2013
Tim S 02/19/2013
I'm definitely getting in on this. Is there a way to make sure I get picked for the Fiesta ST?
Ford Fiesta is an Awesome car and becoming the blogger for them is great! All the new techie stuff makes me want to test drive one!
Joshua M 02/19/2013
sounds cool...the 2014 fiesta