Update on the Unplanned Fiesta Movement

By Ford Social Member

Jake Bronstein was one of 100 agents chosen for the Fiesta Movement. Each agent is test-driving and living with a European-spec Ford Fiesta for six months, traveling as agents on special missions. They are relating their experiences through a variety of social media sites and at www.fiestamovement.com.


It’s one thing to have someone steal your brilliant marketing idea, but it’s another thing altogether to actually have one of the unique cars you’re using for a brilliant marketing idea to be pilfered.


But Jake’s experience was cut short on May 14 when he reported that the Ford Fiesta he was driving was stolen. He tweeted, “#fiestamovement car STOLEN. No, really. Police en route now. I almost couldve predicted this somehow.”


But that conspiracy theory was disproved when Bronstein found his car in an impound lot – it appears that the car was towed rather than stolen. But the comedy and mystery continued as the car couldn’t be located in the computer system.


Well, on May 27, everything was sorted out, and Bronstein tweeted, “#fiestamovement free at last, free at last... Yay, the car is free at last!”


With the car back in Bronstein’s hands, he has resumed his activities with the car. One interactive stunt he does is invite people to stand on the hood of the car, snap a photo and email the photo to be posted. You can view recent posts and comments on his blog at http://zoomdoggle.com/2009/06/quick-stand-on-this-car-update/.


Go to www.fiestamovement.com to check out all of the Fiesta agents and the variety of activities they are doing with their Ford Fiestas.

Mergatroid 08/20/2009
Learn to spell buddy.
Rob 06/20/2009
The New Focus RS is an amazing vehicle. It uses a REVO-knuckle front quaife differential to allow near perfect torque split to the front wheels. Yes, thats right. This incredible little machine pounds ALL 300 hp from the VOLVO based 2.5 Turbo I-5 to the font wheels only.
Bill Viney 06/18/2009
I just want a Fiesta diesel here, Come on 60 MPG !!!! The RS waould be a blast as well...Why does Japan have all the cool Japanese cars , but America doesn't get the cool Fords?
Keith 06/17/2009
r u serious, it's like pullin teeth w/o novicane 2 get the race version of the 1984 (yes 84 n u want an 09 ha ur funny) Ford RS200 if u want 2 dr hp from ford u gotta go w/ the stang or a super duty
dan 06/17/2009
When do we get the Ford Focus RS with the AWD and the 2.5L 300 hp engine like europe alrady has??? when that comes out to the US I'll be 1st in line to buy one
Update on the Unplanned Fiesta Movement
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