Twin Brothers, Twin 2013 Focus ST Cars

By Charlie S.

Joe and Andy Sonnevil, like most identical twins, can be hard to tell apart at a glance. And while some twins make figuring out who is who even more difficult by dressing alike or switching glasses, these two have taken it to the next level: they both drive 2013 Focus ST cars!

Andy and Joe come from a Ford family, with both their father and grandfather working at a Ford supplier in Mattawan, Michigan. The owner of the dealership the family buys their Fords from – Tapper Ford in Paw Paw, Michigan – estimates that the extended family has bought 16 cars from Tapper over the last few decades.

When they were younger, the twins’ grandparents told them that they would buy each of them a car for their sixteenth birthdays. Both of the twins were fans of sporty vehicles, so they started searching for the right Ford car.

“We had both always wanted a little hot hatch of a car, a quick summer driver,” said Joe. “Then, one day, my dad showed me a newspaper article about Ford releasing the Focus ST in 2012. Mind you, this was back in 2010.”
Joe and Andy had been keeping an eye on the Focus RS and Focus ST in Europe, and they had hoped Ford would bring a car like that to America. With the newspaper article in hand, they knew they had found their dream cars. The only issue was that the Focus ST wasn’t going to be released in America for several years.

“We decided to wait,” Joe said. “We had that newspaper article hanging up in on the wall the whole time.”

When Focus ST, with a six-speed manual transmission and the new 2.0-liter EcoBoost® I4 engine that achieves 252 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque was available for order, the twins placed their orders!

The cars they ordered were nearly identical except for one major difference: Andy ordered his in Tuxedo Black, while Joe went for the Tangerine Scream Tri-Coat.

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Steve R 04/23/2013
Awesome story! Hope my brother in law and I will have similar rides this summer!
wish I could have got a new car when I was 16
Willy 12/23/2012
Why did ford copy the Aston Martin
You can compare the Aston Martin and the new ford fusion and is almost the same car
Keven S 12/21/2012
...sweetness... These are FUN cars! They'll for certain enjoy them! ^_^
Constance H 12/20/2012
Choosing the same 2013 Ford Focus ST type car is a smart and affectionate move. Even so, each young man is a unique being, as are the uniquely colored cars.
Jose P 12/20/2012