The Ultimate Road Trip

By Ford Social Member

The hot-selling Ford Fiesta – sold in all areas of the globe – can now add “world traveler” to its growing list of firsts, covering a total of 15,210 miles of travels in just over two months.

Fiesta World Tour 2010 was a road trip like no other, and was created to celebrate the global nature of one of Ford’s most fun-to-drive vehicles while traveling around the globe and enjoying all it has to offer. The tour kicked off in Southern California, headed east across America, through a section of Canada, and wandered about Europe before heading to the Middle East and Asia. The journey wrapped up in Sydney after touring through the wide-open Australian outback. With a group of journalists behind the wheel, the two-car road trip became more of an experience than a drive. Along the way, the following fun facts were logged:
  • Ferry rides: Three

  • Total crew and participants: 15

  • Top speed: 210 km/h, in Germany

  • Hotel rooms booked: 262

  • Average time of travel each day: 14 hours

  • Number of languages and dialects encountered: 28

  • Vehicle damage: Two incidents (one in valet park in Middle East, one in car park in Australia)

  • Best food: Thailand

  • Best hotel: Yas Hotel, Abu Dhabi

  • Flat tires: One, in China

  • Average fuel economy: 35 mpg

Highlights of the adventure included:
  • A car wash like no other, with an elephant in Malaysia using river water to give the Ford Fiestas a scrub down

  • A heart-pounding ride around the Formula One track in Abu Dhabi that made its debut in 2009, where challenging turns and twists keep drivers on their toes

  • A visit to the immense cliffs of the Grand Canyon, which show what a few Ice Ages can do to a little bit of land

  • A little lesson in ancient Chinese medicine at Fulintang Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Store, which first opened its doors in 1857

  • A spin around Bangkok in a solar tuk tuk, which is a green way of hauling people around the city

  • A different look at art. Participants spent time in the Australian outback with aboriginal artists who use different mediums, such as cars, to share their talents

  • An adrenaline rush courtesy of the Nurburgring in Germany, a historic racetrack considered one of the most challenging courses in the world

“We’ve traveled upward of 1,000 miles in one day. And at the other end of the spectrum, we’ve also spent time just cruising around cities like Singapore,” said Jeremy Hart, expedition leader. “We even visited the first international airport in Australia, which used to take 34 days to reach from London. We drove to it in the same time. That made us realize that even in 2010, you can still have an expedition, and you can feel like you’re exploring. We didn’t want to just fly somewhere – we wanted to experience everything along the way.”

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