The Ford Experience at Barrett Jackson Orange County Auction

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The Barrett Jackson auto auction recently made its Orange County debut in Costa Mesa, Calif. This article was guest written by Tom Fong, a Ford enthusiast, to share his experience from the Barrett Jackson Orange County Auction.

The weather played a big role in the success of the event. It was your typical California day with clear, blue skies, encouraging everyone to get out of the house and do something fun and exciting. Ford also had a vital role as a sponsor of this event, and the company had a very strong presence. The Ford experience started at the entrance as you were greeted by a pair of Shelbys and a high tower with the Ford logo.

Many classic Ford vehicles were on display for the auction looking for a new home. These were not typical cars that you find on the street. These were collector cars: Rare, one of a kind, hard-to-find cars. In addition, vintage V8 Ford trucks participated in the Meguiar’s Car Wax and Polish showcase. They were absolutely flawless with reflections similar to a perfectly polished mirror.

There was a sponsor tent where the latest Ford and Lincoln models were on display, and people could gain information and explore the vehicles. Ford occupied nearly two-thirds of the tent and a dozen product specialists were available to answer questions. Ford displayed vehicles including Fusion Hybrid, Focus and Taurus SHO. There was very simple interactive touch screen for you to sign up to receive more information by mail. This also placed you in a pool of people to be selected for a drag strip contest. Ford chose two people every hour to “race” in a Shelby California Special.  Ford had a very creative approach to staging this race. A pair of Shelby GT/CSs were strapped down similar to when cars are prepared for a rear-wheel dyno test. Participants “raced” the cars without the cars actually moving. Results were shown off to the side on monitors.

The most exciting Ford event was the ride and drive. It was hard for some people to choose between test-driving the Flex, Taurus SHO, Mustang and Fiesta. Participants could do multiple test-drives, but there wasn’t enough time to drive all of the models.

Barrett Jackson Orange County was a unique showcase of collector cars. It provided a breathtaking experience to appreciate the caretaking and preservation of special-interest vehicles. Ford involvement with this event and its high level of interactivity with people helped made it a success. Please click here to visit Barrett Jackson and learn more about their series of auctions.
gary gipson 09/26/2010
Tom very nice pix
The Ford Experience at Barrett Jackson Orange County Auction
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