Fiesta Takes on Technology in the Fiesta Movement

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The Fiesta Movement agents have demonstrated what they do best -- showcasing their Fiesta online in a series of ongoing adventures.

During the month of June, the missions took agents to new and unexpected places through technology.

Whether touring a garage where the famous cars of Hollywood are tucked away, creating a music video or learning the latest about social games, Fiesta Movement agents had a blast.

A few videos that pushed the limits of creativity and humor include:

Agent Jake B's video for his mission "In the Studio." Visiting Stadiumred recording studios, Jake was invited to spin the mixer for Jeremy Carr as he records a song just for Jake's mission video.

For Jody G's mission, she visited the headquarters of OMGPOP, a creator of online social gaming. Jody got to learn about the processes behind game ideation, strategy and the newest themes coming out of OMGPOP.

A video by agent Brittani T. for her mission "Gone in 60 Seconds." If you ever wondered where Austin Powers got his ride or where Hollywood finds the coolest cars, Creative Studios is the place, and Brittani got to tour the garage as part of her mission.

June missions also brought Fiesta Movement agents to Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Agents Bryan Redeker and Mandy and Joel toured the test facilities to take a look at the technologies that go into the vehicles at Ford.

Bryan experienced the driving simulator VIRTTEX, and toured Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT) facilities. An SVT fan for more than a decade and one who races SVT products, Bryan talked with SVT engineers and got a ride-and-drive in their new Shelby GT500 and F-150 SVT Raptor.

The Fiesta Movement is creating just that: A movement that has already generated more than 13.4 million consumer impressions through various social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and Flickr. And thanks to loyal followers, it shows no signs of slowing down.

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Fiesta Takes on Technology in the Fiesta Movement
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