Making Music with the 2014 Fiesta

By Becks D.

Last year, we deployed 100 Fiesta Movement agents to take on over 1,000 missions in the 2014 Ford Fiesta. Their adventures took them sky diving and to Space Camp, to Bonnaroo and Comic Con, and all across the United States. These gearheads, music lovers and techies went behind the scenes on television shows and had a lot of fun but they also used their social channels for good to collect toys for kids, support our troops and to speak out against bullying.

As a result of these missions, they made some pretty cool videos. Here's just one of them:

Fiesta Movement agent Joe Penna, known online as MysteryGuitarMan , is a Brazilian native who currently resides in Los Angeles. Joe’s November mission was to make some music using the Fiesta. Sounds simple enough, a couple of beeps on the horn and —presto—you’re done, right? Not if you know Joe. With over 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube, this filmmaker and guitarist takes things to the next level.

Joe rigged the car with PVC pipes and orange buckets and took to the steering wheel like a conductor making sweet music with the Fiesta. Joe said that the video took a whopping 699 edits!

Head over to to find out more about the agents and see all of their missions.