Live Chat with Ford of Canada Executives

By Ford Social Member

Ford is making a splash at the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) to demonstrate that the global transformation under the One Ford Plan is working. In addition to the newest Ford models being on display at the show, David Mondragon, President and CEO, and Dean Stoneley, Vice President of Marketing will participate in a live chat from the show on Thursday, February 11, 2010, at 1:30 p.m. EST.


David J. Mondragon is president and CEO of Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited, appointed to the position in August 2008. He leads Ford of Canada's extensive operations across the country, including its national headquarters, three regional offices, two branch offices, four vehicle assembly and engine manufacturing plants, and two parts distribution centers.

Ford employs more than 7,000 people in Canada, while an additional 19,000 people work in the more than 400 Ford and Ford-Lincoln dealerships across the country.

Dean Stoneley is vice president of marketing for Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited, appointed to the position in March 2008. During his 17 years at Ford, Stoneley has held a variety of leadership roles in sales and marketing in both Canada and the United States.
Kristin 02/17/2010
Dear Michael,

I'm a sales consultant with Donnelly's in Ottawa.
Although the recycle your ride program does vary slightly in some provinces, I would like to try and clarify your question.

In order to receive the Recycle your Ride Incentives from Ford you do have to be participating in the Recycle your Ride program.

If however, your vehicle is worth more than the combined incentives you can opt not to take part in the Recycle your Ride program and either sell your vehicle privately or indeed trade it in towards your new vehicle.

Who Can Participate in the Recycle Your Ride?
Eligible participants must be owners of 1995 or older model year vehicles that are in running condition and have been registered and insured in their names in Canada for the previous consecutive 6 months.

In addition to the $300 incentive from the government ,you would be eligible for the additional Ford incentives (depending on model see below)


$3,000 - TRUCK

$3,000 - LINCOLN

When you opt to join the Recycle Your Ride program your sales consultant will be able to guide you through the application.

You can choose to have your vehicle collected from your home address or you may opt to drop it off yourself.

Once the vehicle has been correctly recycled you will then be issued with a cheque for $300.

I hope this additional information clarifies your question.
If you need any further information please visit or our website

All the best
Bill 02/14/2010
I'm on my second Ranger and ready for the next one, but they are hardly being advertised anymore. Rumors say Rangers are being completely re-designed. What's up and when can I get the new one?
Michael 02/13/2010
I would like to buy a 2010 Ranger. My dealer is offering a $1000 discount if I have a vehicle that qualifies for the $300 retire your ride incentive. To get this $1000 Ford incentive do I have to actually accept the $300 government offer or just qualify for it?
Jody 02/12/2010
just a comment about the appearance of the newer ford mustangs, I owned a 1967 ford mustang in my teenage years and in comparing the differences in appearance the one thing I miss seeing on the new models is chrome. If I were to be able to afford a new mustang I would definitely customize it by adding chrome or the appearance of chrome around the tail lights , trunk lid etc. as the original models had.I think this goes for many of the new muscle cars as they appear to plastic like to me. ( hooe I didn.t offend anyone in the design sector!) Thanks for giving ability to comment.
Tovi Coates 02/10/2010
I would just like to say we are a big Ford fan , have been for a long time , and we suggest Ford to all our peeps. The best vehicle I ever drove was a 93 Turbo 1 Ton. I started out as one person courier in Calgary and that truck never let me down. I put over 500,000 km on it before I started having probems with the turbo and I couldn't find parts. We now have a 97 Superduty and it also (touch wood ) runs like a pampered work horse.
Enough of that tho. One nite my husband and I were driving through Saskatchewan when we suddenly came upon an abandoned vehicle we almost almost didn't see. So I thought maybe someone should come up with some kind of refecting lite covers or reflection in the back bumper so you can see a vehicle as you come up on it if there are no lights on. Like reflection tape built right into the back area. Just a thought.
Tovi Coates - Calgary, Alberta
davindenham 02/08/2010
They are basically giving rangers away right now. You get 6,000 dollars off the MSRP and you would be eligible for recycle your ride which would grab another 1,000 dollars off the price, and including if you had a costco card. Its a great time to buy a ranger, Ford is giving those things away, very cheap
Greg Barlow 02/07/2010
I am a long time ford Truck owner. I have always owned a Ford, and I always will. If vehicle sales are so important why don't you guys make cars and trucks more affordable? I drive a 1993 F-150, and I would like to buy a new truck but I can't afford it . Why don't we think about the little guys that need new cars and truck but can't afford them. Instead of making them smarter make them more reliable and affordable for everyone to drive. Lastly I would like to make a comment to the engineers that design the vehicles, I think you guys should have to do the repairs on the vehicles that you guys design. Like I said before I can't afford a new vehicle so that means I can't afford a mechanic either, I have to do the repairs on my vehicles, and can do most of my own repairs, but I tell ya what I have cussed you engineers for some of the weird things you guys design. It makes it impossible for people like me to work on the cars and trucks we own. So I think maybe you guys should keep everybody in mind when you guys make your cars and trucks.
A. James Godigkeit 02/06/2010
I would like to suggest ...1] linear motor drive with regenerative breaking on all 4 wheels mounted on the brake disks. a small diesel generator to charge batts. 2] A locking trunk lid with about a 1" lip and a sliding "tailgate" area that lowers to allow easy access to the trunk bed. 3] if you then make the trunk lid easy to remove, the vehicle can carry large items like a pick-up. 4] a roll bar between and behind the seats would provide attachment points for 4 removable roof panels.