Ken Block Talks TrackSTer with Citizen Journalists

By Sean J.

If you follow the Global RallyCross Championship, or cool drifting internet videos , you’re probably very familiar with Ken Block.

Put simply, this Ford Racing driver and founder of the Hoonigan Racing Division is a legend in the motorsports community. The physics-defying moves he can pull in his specially-equipped Ford Fiesta will probably make your jaw drop.

So when Ken decided to swing by the 2013 Chicago Auto Show to show off the new Focus TrackSTer , we invited Brandon Anderson to cover the event as a citizen journalist for Ford Social. Little did Brandon know, but this was no ordinary citizen journalist assignment. Instead, he was getting the chance to talk one-on-one with Ken Block about this sweet new build and what he has in store for it on the track.

The Focus TrackSTer is no ordinary Focus ST . In fact, it’s one of three vehicles built for Ken by LA-based automotive tuner fifteen52 .

“The TrackSTer is our highest-performance vehicle of the three,” explains Ken. “It’s intended to be a nice vehicle on the street, but also hop on a track and have some very good performance.”

While this ST has been heavily customized to meet the demanding requirements of a Global RallyCross Champion, it’s not too far off from what do-it-yourself weekend rally warriors could build themselves.

“This is such a good car that you could take it from the showroom floor, do these modifications – a lot of them are available from Ford Racing – and then be able to go out and have some good performance fun,” says Ken.

Want to learn more about the TrackSTer? Stay tuned to Ford Social for a future post featuring our citizen journalists doing an in-depth walkaround with the tuners from fifteen52 that designed and built it.

In the meantime check out some of our other ST articles , and grab an ST badge while you’re at it.
Brandon A 02/20/2013
Having the opportunity to talk with Ken Block about his projects, career, and passion for all things automotive makes being an ST owner even better than it already is!
Exploration P 02/16/2013
Joshua M 02/16/2013
Patrick 8200 02/15/2013
Dude! I new how stoked you were about getting Stella, this had to just put you over the top.