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Veteran gamers know the souped-up Ford Fiesta rally car is only the latest in a long line of fast Fords that have starred in some of most popular racing video games for more than a decade.  YouTube sensation Ken Block’s fiery Fiesta RS WRC 2011 shreds up rallies in the hotly anticipated new video game DiRT 3 by Codemasters.

Join a live chat here Tuesday, May 24, 2011, at 1:00 p.m. EST with Paul Coleman, Lead Game Designer at Codemasters.
Live Chat With Paul Coleman, Lead Game Designer for DiRT 3 at Codemasters

Paul Coleman started in Quality Assurance at Codemasters in 2003 working on TOCA Race Driver 2 before moving on to Colin McRae Rally 2005 and working on an assortment of other projects.

He took a secondment in the External Studio as a Game Designer before getting his break in the Racing Studio at Codemasters to work on Colin McRae: DiRT.

After a brief period away from Codies, working on SEGA Rally, Paul returned to work on Colin McRae: DiRT 2.

The tradition of Ford vehicles being featured in games started in earnest in 1998 when gamers had a chance to drive the Ford Escort WRC 4WD in the first chapter of Codemasters’ racing title, Colin McRae Rally, named after the late WRC star.

The most recent arrival on gamers’ screens is the Fiesta RS WRC 2011, the muscular four-wheeled star of DiRT 3. The Ford Fiesta RS WRC is based on Ford’s successful Fiesta road car, and has been developed by Ford partner M-Sport together with Ford of Europe.

DiRT 3 makes its debut today.
Jerry Wilkinson 05/24/2011
I want the Raptor to be put in Gran Turismo 5 please It was the only car that came to my mind when I saw the dirt courses.
Steven Walsh 05/24/2011
Levi 05/24/2011
Thanks to FORD for making this live chat happen!
Devin Nieuwenhoven 05/24/2011
Yes i Want
Ford Motor Company 05/24/2011
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Join the Live Chat with DiRT 3 Game Designer
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