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It doesn’t get much more futuristic than this: As Ford increases its presence in Asia, Africa and other markets, the company is using Hollywood avatar animation technology to get a head start on virtual assembly lines.

“Ford is a leader in virtual technology,” said Allison Stephens, Ford ergonomics specialist with Vehicle Operations Manufacturing Engineering. “We combine Hollywood’s motion-capture technology with human modeling software in our Detroit labs to design jobs in Asia and around the world that are less physically stressful on workers. We adjusted the sizes of our Jack and Jill models to reflect the populations at our global plants so all our regions can benefit from what we’ve learned.”

Join Allison here on Thursday, June 2, 2011, at 2:00 p.m. EST for a live chat to discuss this technology and the impact it is having on vehicle manufacturing, safety and quality.
Live Chat With Allison Stephens, Global Technical leader in Assembly Ergonomics

The new avatar was created using size and shape population data gathered from Ford assembly plants across the globe. By customizing these data, Ford researchers have created a manikin used in ergonomic assessments that employ motion-capture technology, the same type of technology that mesmerizes filmgoers in movies such as “Mars Needs Moms” or in games such as “Mortal Kombat.” Motion capture is a technology that digitally captures movement, making nonhuman characters appear more lifelike.

As Ford has added assembly plants around the world, Allison said, it was imperative the new manikin be standardized to give clear engineering direction while continuing to raise quality.

The digital manikin’s first global assignments are for new products planned for new assembly plants in China, the new Focus being assembled in Germany and the U.S., and the global Ranger being built in Thailand and South Africa.

The new effort is expected to help Ford continue impressive quality gains around the world. In North America, Ford has matched or beaten industry leaders in many independent quality measures. Ford also is seeing significant improvements in its European and Asia Pacific and Africa operations.
anita 06/02/2011
your doug commercials are truly awful
Jamie At Ford 06/01/2011
Hey Aaron,
I’m excited to hear you like the Ford Ranger Thunder! If you have any other questions or would like additional info, contact the Customer Relationship Centre for the U.K. at: 0845-841-1111.

Ford Customer Service Division
Damian Wilhelm 05/31/2011
I like money
Ricardo Rubio 05/31/2011
Very good...
James Krauss 05/31/2011
Larry Jackson 05/31/2011
I don't care about Hollywood, hybrids or their trucks. Bring back the LTD Landau!
Aaron Logan 05/31/2011
i really like th ford ranger thunder
Benny Bennett 05/31/2011
Ford's always been top of the truckline, even with the big Hemi Ram. Ford just keeps building quality in.
Michele Kotula 05/31/2011
Or how Hollywood Technology is using Ford Motor Co.
Adianne Carter 05/31/2011
Fords amazin just got a green pickup truck a while go pretty nice like it up!!!!!!!!!!
Larry Jackson 05/31/2011
Are cool cars allowed in new Hollywood films or will it just be politically approved 'green' cars?
Join the Live Chat to Learn How Ford is Using Hollywood-inspired Avatar Technology
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