Introducing the 2011 North American Ford Fiesta

By Ford Social Member

The 2011 Ford Fiesta is a small car that knows how to make a big splash. The new Ford Fiesta will deliver great looks, projected top fuel economy of any vehicle in its segment and much more when it goes on sale in North America next year. The 2011 Fiesta – available in four- and five-door body styles –will set a new small car benchmark for safety, connectivity and powertrain technology.

In fact, Fiesta will offer North American buyers a stylish new choice of 15 class-exclusive technologies and projected highway fuel economy of 40 mpg, besting the Honda Fit, Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris and Corolla.

The North American version of the car was introduced at the LA Auto Show on December 2, 2009, and we caught up with Steve Pintar, Chief Engineer for the Fiesta, at the show. He gave us an overview of the new Fiesta. Click on the video below to see and hear what Steve had to say.

Fiesta is the next milestone under the ONE Ford plan to design and develop vehicles that meet the differing needs, wants and expectations of customers around the world. More than 500,000 Fiestas have already been sold to customers in Europe and Asia.

In case you missed the reveal of the 2011 Fiesta at the LA Auto Show, you can join us via video for an insider’s look at the media-only event.

When developing the new Fiesta, Ford conducted extensive global customer research. Findings clearly indicated that the need for style topped the list of customer desires everywhere in the world. In Europe, across North America and in the Asia Pacific region, customers are looking for a distinctively designed small car that offers world-class quality, convenience, comfort and connectivity.

“Fiesta was developed with customers, not just for them,” said Derrick Kuzak, Group Vice President for Global Product Development. “Fuel economy, spirited performance and efficient use of space are universal desires, across global markets – and Fiesta delivers.”

The anticipated new Ford Fiesta arrives in North America with strong consumer awareness, thanks to the Fiesta Movement program. With 100 social media mavens chronicling their experiences of driving European-market Fiestas on American roads, Fiesta has generated more than 675,000 Flickr views and more than 5.5 million YouTube video views.

Fiesta’s flowing sculpted hood covers a 1.6-liter DOHC I-4 engine with an estimated 119 horsepower and 109 ft.-lbs. of torque. Spirited performance and fuel-efficient economy are signature attributes with the Fiesta expected to deliver best-in-class fuel economy at 40 mpg. Fiesta’s advanced 1.6-liter engine features Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) allowing the engine to be downsized for fuel economy while continuously optimizing camshaft phasing for throttle response, performance and flexibility. An available all-new North American industry-exclusive PowerShift six-speed automatic transmission combines the responsive performance and fuel economy of a manual transmission with the convenience of a traditional automatic in one advanced, dual dry-clutch package.

Fiesta safety is enhanced by an array of features including dual-stage first-row airbags, a class-exclusive driver’s knee airbag, side airbags and side curtain airbags. AdvanceTrac® ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is standard on Fiesta, along with safety belt pretensioners, rear door child safety locks and a Safety Canopy® system.

From class-exclusive automatic climate control to a standard auxiliary input, Fiesta offers customers a number of standard and available features that increase convenience and add connectivity. Among them is Ford SYNC®, integrating a driver’s Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone with Fiesta’s onboard, voice-activated communications and entertainment system. Fiesta also offers keyless entry and push-button start, a feature unique within the segment. Drivers of all sizes can adjust the tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel to suit their individual preferences. Reflecting Fiesta’s versatility and adaptability, adjustable cupholders can accommodate Red Bull cans and Big Gulps along with every container size in between. Fiesta also features Ford’s EasyFuel® Capless Fuel-Filler System, a North American industry-exclusive, as standard equipment.

Click here for more information, specifications and pricing on the 2011 Ford Fiesta.
mannes 08/18/2010
It's funny that in US there's only one engine available (the 1.6L), whereas in EU we have from 7 models to choose from (including Diesels). What happened to the big old gas-guzzling American muscle-cars? the Diesels go as low as 3.5L/100km :)
Mike 01/12/2010
Sorry Brandie,
the Ford Fiesta was completely designed and (initially) produced in Europe.
So it's not an American car.
Levi 01/11/2010
I saw these things in Chile a couple years back, and thought, dang they should bring those here. I mainly wanted to rally it, then I learned Ken Block is about to...
Tom 01/11/2010
I'd buy the diesel fiesta if you brought it here...guess I'll have to go VW. bummer, it is a nice car, too.
Chris 01/11/2010
Bring a two door to the states please. I don't care for a four door car. Would consider it for sure if a two door, but a no go for four.
Matthew 01/11/2010
I totally agree with the request for a 3 door hatchback. Not everyone has a family or a lot of friends they travel around with; just need a car to transport themselves back and forth. Remember the Dodge (turbo charged) Colt and Plymouth (8 speed) Champ?
jjpnyfan 01/08/2010
jeremy clarkson of top gear also did i hilarious review of this car.
J A Nejman 01/08/2010
My first car, 1967 Cortina GT. Our current Ford, 1994 Probe GT, bought new, Nov of 93. My wife and I are two boomers that love coupes! When will we get a modern, midsize, four seat (2+2) with all-wheel drive, decent mileage/performance, etc. in Ford or Mercury? The Mustang is for a different crowd. How about a retro look of an early 50's Bentley Continental or late 40's GM sedanette models? Don't need any more jelly beans on the road.
Brandie 01/07/2010
The Fiesta is a good looking small car. I am not a fan of cars, but I would buy one just because it is a Ford product. I happen to work at a Ford Dealership in the U.S. and am very proud to work for a company that chose not to take the bailout. My paycheck is coming directly from my sales and not from the taxpayers. And... I agree with the last guy, it is an AMERICAN CAR because it was designed by AMERICANS! Good job Ford! I will continue to work for a company that I believe in.
Lola 01/06/2010
The only car I trust -is time really go back to Ford cars- Fiesta that;s a car I wanted always.
Vin 500G 01/06/2010
I love what Ford is doing, as far as developing vehicles that the consumers are gravitating to. This is great for Ford, great for the consumer, and great for the American Auto Industry. I would rather buy American, than foreign. Except for 1 car. The FORD ECOgenic. I drove it in Europe, and love the LOOKS, TORQUE, and DIESEL engine. Now, in order for me to actually help Fords bottom line, meaning to buy it, I would only do so, if it was available in Diesel. My question to Ford is........ When??? You bring the diesel version here, and I want to be your first customer. Thanks.
Richie Racer 01/05/2010
Ford what a great job you're doing, I'm so impressed. I've had Mustangs, have a Lincoln LS V8 and went to the LA auto show to have a look at the new line up of Ford's and Lincoln's intent on coming away with a GT, Fusion Hybrid, MKZ or S Eco when I came across the new Fiesta. Nice! Like the appointments and interior quality/materials, good looking, right sized and sporty. The MPG brought it home for me. I'll be looking for mine this summer. The rest of them can have their TDI's and stuff I'll gladly buy Ford and enjoy the great reliability and quality that comes with Ford ownership. You're all American, bail out free and I'd love to support you and your good business tactics.
When you get around to it, my significant other would really enjoy an AWD, Forced induction 4 Cyl with a Twin Clutch Trans Fiesta Hatchback. Yeah, that's what she needs.
RJ 01/02/2010
I like the design of the new Fiesta overall; however, the 5 door hatch gets a bit pricey once loaded up with options. I owned a 2000 ZX3 brand new; great car, but suffered lots of recalls the first year. Hopefully the Mexican-built Fiesta won't suffer similar issues...hopefully Ford has come a long way in 10 years.

I would like to comment on the Fiesta Movement. I live in NC, outside of Raleigh. I was extremely disappointed in how the Fiesta Movement played out. I saw one Fiesta on the road...was never able to find a scheduled event where I could actually see and touch a Fiesta in NC. So Ford let a number of young social-media types have the cars....I'm wondering just how many people were actually exposed to the cars in person. From my POV, the campaign was a waste.
Jason 12/27/2009
Brilliant idea, Brent. Instead of offering suggestions to make a good product great, let's just walk away and drive down sales by not offering advice. Why would we make suggestions to Ford when we could just buy something else instead? (Because we could have an awesome Fiesta next year instead of a decent Something Else.)
Andrew 12/27/2009
I live in Great Britain and have owned the new Fiesta 1.6 Titanium for the past 9 months and what a fantasic car it is. on long journeys it does over 50mpg (uk gallons) so what do you need a diesel for. Its got everything you need in a car, and you are in for a treat when this car is for sale in the USA,just go and drive one you will then know how great this car is.
Its the best selling car in the Britain this year and its easy to see why.
Dave 12/24/2009
SO.....WHAT??? It's still built by an American company. The Workers work for an American company. It's designed, engineered and built by an American company. And the Mexican plant builds the highest quality vehicles in the world... just look at Fusion. Who benefits? WE DO. People in Michigan do. An American car company does.
I'd rather support my neighbors in Mexico than some greedy fool in japan. Owned quite a few Fords that were built in Canada too, loved every one.
GO FORD.... Fiesta rocks.
Bruce 12/23/2009
You people need to get over the built in Mexico thing. A lot of companies do it! For instance, most of the Volkswagens made for the US market are built there and guess where Chrysler's Hemi engine is built? It's all well and good to want things built i nthe US, but face it, consumers don't want to pay for it and have proven it time and again. One only needs to look at the success of Honda, Toyota and Nissan in this market. UAW and other union contracts, have been the biggest cause of the increase in the costs of US goods! If you think otherwise, you've got your heads somewhere that the sun doesn't hit! If that car was built here, you would be paying at least $1,000 more for it!
Marcelo 12/23/2009
I would like to see diesel version of FIESTA, more mileage than this car I think
Matt Vacek 12/22/2009
Nice car. Well designed and looks great. All of Fords vehicles look great lately... I would like to buy the new Focus in the RS trim. I've heard plenty of rumors, but it this coming to the states? I bet you could sell them, no problem...
Kevin Long 12/21/2009
Why no Diesel ? like you sell in Europe, 65 mpg.
Guess you really serve the Oil companies
Guess I'll have to buy a VW Jetta
rmarc 12/19/2009
I purchased a Ford product 2 years ago and was disappointed to find it too had been built in Mexico.
Kevin Cesarz 12/17/2009
Might seriously be in the market for a new Ford, but seriously hate the dealership experience. Haven't been to a dealership in 12 years. Here's your chance to talk me into it. Looking for a Focus or a Fusion in the 43236 zip.
Al 12/14/2009
Yes! Diesel cars are great. Turbo diesel cars are better. I will drive a Ford car again only if i can get that diesel efficiency/torque I've grown so used with my VW.
David 12/13/2009
I really like the new fiesta...very nice car..just wish ford didnt make the hatch back version....its ugly lol
Phil 12/13/2009
From the press releases on the new Fiesta; congratulations on what will be a winner for Ford.
Do wish I could read someting on Ford planning to build the Fiesta and Fusion here in the US
Many thanks for not taking a goverment bail out money
Continue with the fine line of vehicles you
mozambu 12/12/2009
Uhh.. who cares what it looks like or how many gadgets and whiz bangs it has, it`s a car, hopefully it goes from point a to b for a few years without major issues. Everything else is meaningless. A car is transportation not a destination, so if it fails to to do it`s function style and a nice sound system will only serve to amuse as you wait for a tow. Yes there are people who just want basic transportation at a cheap price. Think about it, a car is a depreciating asset it will be essentially worthless in 7-10 years so why throw more money away than is necessary.
julio skoropada 12/12/2009
Congratulations to FORD USA for the New Fiesta 2011 I hope you will enjoy it, I live in Argentina and have a Ford Fiesta Max and is a very good car and FUEL EFFICIENCY, good for the environment and good for your own economy.
God bless all of you, Xmas and Happy New Year
mark 12/12/2009
This is an awesome little car, but bring us the Euro Diesel engine. I want the 60-70 MPG HWY with power and torque to spare. Instead of letting all Europe's car companies get a huge Diesel head start.
Bob Flinders 12/12/2009
I traded my v6 Mazda for a loaded V8 F150. 8 miles per gallon better milage alot more space and load capacity.Plus a vehicle that is a pleasure to drive.
Ron Morris 12/12/2009
Nice job Ford,,,,too bad you build it in Mexico. This is not an American car at all, just like the Fusion......that's a no sale for me. I wonder how many potential buyers think they are buying "American", only to be fooled by cons like this. We're trying to return manufacturing around in this country, not continue to destroy it.

Please do not remove this from your comments, if you show only the positive ones (notice I started this note with "Nice job Ford") what good are opinions and free speech? Are you afraid of the truth?
Bob Miller 12/11/2009
My last 3 cars have all been Burgundy FWD Hatchbacks. 1978 Honda Accord - 1988 Mercury Tracer - 2000 Ford Focus. Of the three I love the Ford Focus Hatchback the best. (even after 9 recalls the first 18 months). I was disappointed (to say the least) when you dropped the ZX3. I thought it was a BIG MISTAKE. You could have sold a ton of ZX3s and ZX5s in 2008 when gas prices hit $4 a gallon. I am looking forward to the Ford Fiesta. I want everything I have in my Ford Focus with a more QUIET PLUSH LUXURY FEEL. I know that sounds counter in a small Sub Compact but that is what I am looking for. I want 4 Wheel Disc Brakes. A Smart Display Radio like Chrysler has. And to give up weight and space, I want 25% better gas mileage. Please don't disappoint.
dan 12/11/2009
I hope they come out with the diesel. The Euro model gets phenominal mileage. The Euros don't have our EPA requirements (Yet they point their finger at US about "global warming"). We should relax ours so that the higher mileage Euro versions could be sold here. Ford is the only UAW related product I will by because Ford didn't take bailout money. I'm either buying one of there compacts or replacing my Mazda truck with a 150.
Warren Fox 12/11/2009
WHY WHY O WHY would you use a tired old box square name like (Fiesta) for a very cool car??
I can hear it now teen says; "dad did you see the new Ford Fiesta" dad says; "no but I remember the old one...snicker".
Do you really want dad to tell the teen that the Fiesta got 40 mpg in 1977; sounds a little hypocritical doesn’t it.
COME ON MAN how about something new?? I could make some recommendations, but I'd have to charge ya.
Warren Errol Fox
Yes I do need a job!!
Owner of: 2008 Edge, 2003 Focus and a 1979 Bronco
Kallie James 12/10/2009
Hey!! Ford motors is popular car company & 2011 Ford Fiesta is really amazing model which are most upcoming popular car With a peppy, economical engine, Euro-tuned road manners and features such as keyless starting and Sync, the Fiesta is cause for celebration.

Kamal Saleem 12/09/2009
Car looks nice. They did a good job retaining the look of the Euro spec headlight but in a less expensive reflector beam design. The three-bar grill looks terrible!!! I'll type that again... THE THREE BAR GRILL LOOKS TERRIBLE!!! Otherwise, great job! Can't wait to drive the Turbo!! I hope it comes with a options list that gives us americans access to Euro spec parts. (Xenon lights, suspension etc.)
jovan 12/09/2009
I think that te new Fiesta i great i give a 10
Victoria 12/09/2009
WOW absoultely beatifull. Good job Ford! It actually looks like a new vechile model wise i mean most cars out there look the same for years it get so old. And 40 MPG?! Amazing I would be willing to test this car for you as long as you need. :)
A 12/09/2009
brent 12/09/2009
stop whining,if the headlights are adequate you won`t need foglamps. i think the LED`s add style and flare something we`re not used to in the U.S.and 3-bar grille fits in with fords design theme. don`t down the car go buy something else! good job ford keep up the good work and bring us the european Kuga please
Bryce 12/09/2009
I would like to see a diesel engine model, then I would consider one
Lincoln 12/08/2009
I don't understand why they changed the fog lights from the Euro spec version. This seems like a waste of development money to change something that could and should have been left alone. From other articles i've read this more "styling" then functional . Personally, I also don't like the three bar grill on any of the models except the Taurus and still disappointed there isn't a 3-door hatchback.
Dennis Burns 12/08/2009
will certainly consider this in 2010 or 2011 once my Focus dies. Just keeps on running...